Which color rim is better for a white car?

White cars are among the most popular car choice on the road today, so it’s easy to pick one the next time you buy a vehicle. However, deciding on the appropriate rim color isn’t always as simple. Which rim color is best for a white vehicle? How do you improve the appearance of your vehicle's rims?

Many rim color options look nice on white cars. You can choose from bronze or black, as well as silver, gunmetal or copper, or even two-tone options. Red rims are a great way to make your car stand out from the crowd.

We will be discussing the pros and cons of each colour in this guide. You can also paint your rims. 

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  1. The Best Rim Color For A White Car
    1. 1. Bronze
    2. 2. Black
    3. 3. Gunmetal
    4. 4. Silver
    5. 5. Copper 
    6. 6. Two-Tone
    7. 7. Red
  2. Can You Paint Car Rims?

The Best Rim Color For A White Car

1. Bronze

Bronze is a beautiful choice and may not be the most popular. What’s great about it is that not many people are using it, so you can help your car stand out.

On a white sedan, the bronze rim looks great. A coupe such as the BMW M5 and Nissan GTR can have a bronze rim that is eye-catching.

2. Black

You might be tempted to think black rims are too big for a white car at first. After second consideration, you see this makes a great choice, one that’s very complementary.

Cars with black wheels have a more stylish appearance. Your car should reflect your personality. 

3. Gunmetal

You don’t want to overlook the sleek style of gunmetal rims. They are strong but elegant. 

It hides stains and keeps your car looking great. While gunmetal is a great choice on white coupes, it’s also a top choice with black cars. 

4. Silver

You can rely on silver rims if you're unsure about the right color. This is an easy choice because silver can be used with almost everything.

Some cars are equipped with silver rims right out of the box. You can save time while keeping your car in great condition. 

5. Copper 

Cars with copper rims aren’t seen that frequently. However, you can’t beat the unique appearance of the combination with a white car. 

Combining white and copper will make you stand out. Your vehicle should reflect your individual style. 

6. Two-Tone

These rims are becoming increasingly popular. The best options are silver with gunmetal, or silver with silver and black.

You can also add color to your design if desired. This next color is great for some fun!

7. Red

If your white car seems boring, it’s time to make a statement. Brighten up your car's rims with bright colors. 

Because it gives your car a sporty look, we suggest red rims. You car will immediately look fierce and aggressive. 

Can You Paint Car Rims?

If there is nothing wrong with the rims you have and you don’t want to get rid of them, you might consider painting them. If you aren’t versed in this work yourself, you should pay someone to do it for you. You can spend anywhere from $125 to $300 on paint for your car's wheels. This is a lot cheaper than buying brand new wheels. 

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These are the steps that you should follow if your goal is to complete this job on your own.

  1. Position the vehicle on stands by lifting it. 
  2. Take off the wheels.
  3. Smoothen the surface and clean the rims. Use a wire brush for removing rust, grime, and contaminants. Steel wool or sandpaper can be used to remove stubborn spots. 
  4. Protect the tire rubber once the surface has been cleaned. Use painter’s tape and a drop cloth to cover up the tire. 
  5. Protective gear should be worn while you are painting. To protect yourself from harm, wear a mask and old clothes.
  6. Primer paint should be used first to spray the rims. 
  7. Once the primer has dried, you can spray your wheels in the desired color.
  8. Once the paint is dry, apply a clear coat to the rims. 

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When choosing spray paint for your rims, make sure it’s compatible with the material. Some spray paints cannot be used with steel or alloy wheels. 

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