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The Check Engine Light will turn on and your heart sinks. Thankfully, with an ELM327 Bluetooth scan tool, you can quickly pinpoint what’s wrong and get it repaired. 

This article will take you on a deeper look at the ELM327. You will also learn how to quickly pair the ELM327 device with your key code.

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  1. What does the ELM327 Bluetooth Scantool do?
  2. How to find ELM327's key code
  3. How to pair ELM327 device
    1. 1. OBDII Compatibility Check
    2. 2. Setup Device
    3. 3. Connect to your Device
  4. Bluetooth compatibility with ELM327
  5. ELM327 Pairing Fails – What to Do Next
  6. ELM327 Bluetooth Sccanner Alternatives

What does the ELM327 Bluetooth Scantool do?

The ELM327 Bluetooth scan tool connects to your vehicle’s OBDII system to determine what’s wrong. It uses your compatible device to read the trouble codes from your engine’s computer. Bluetooth is used to send this data to your mobile device.

It is cheaper than the conventional code scanner, and it works well. However, it isn’t going to read as many codes as the professional scanner does. The device appears also to be of limited capabilities. 

How to find ELM327's key code

The instructions for connecting your ELM327 Bluetooth equipment include a pairing code and an instruction manual. A generic pairing option is available if the code cannot be found. 1234 is the most common code used for ELM327 devices. Other key codes are also commonly used:

If you can’t get the codes to work, you might need to reach out to support. Another option is to try different sequential numbers. 

How to pair ELM327 device

1. OBDII Compatibility Check

OBD2 compatibility is not available for all cars. This standard is only applicable to vehicles manufactured after 1996.

You will need to locate the OBDII diagnostic port if your vehicle is compatible. It can be found on the left hand side of the steering wheel. 

2. Setup Device

Connect the ELM327 scan tool to the diagnostic port. It won’t work with the car ignition off, so you need to turn it on.

To turn the ignition on, hold the key until the 2http://nd. spot. The OBDII port provides power for the accessory ports, but the engine is still turned off. 

3. Connect to your Device

You will need to pair your Android phone to the ELM327. Choose “Settings” and “Wireless & Networks.” From here, you will click on “Bluetooth Settings.” After you turn on the Bluetooth compatibility, the system will scan for any nearby devices.

Pair your scanner with it. Simply search for the scanner's name in the list, and then connect. The key code you discussed previously will be required at this stage. The key code should be 1234. However, there may be times when it's different. You can read trouble codes on your device and begin diagnosing it once the device is connected.

Bluetooth compatibility with ELM327

ELM327 devices aren’t compatible with all devices. It should work on most Android phones, tablets, and laptops. However, the Bluetooth scanners aren’t normally compatible with Apple iOS devices, such as the iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone.

Apple uses Bluetooth stack in a different way than Android, which makes it harder to use ELM327. These ELM327-compatible devices are unlikely to work with Apple products. You might be able to use the USB ELM327 or Wi-Fi scanners if you own an Apple product.

If you are still having trouble getting the Bluetooth connected with what should be a compatible device, there’s an issue with the microcontroller. Some devices contain an unauthorized and cloned microcontroller that doesn’t exhibit an updated code. 

ELM327 Pairing Fails – What to Do Next

There are many reasons why the ELM327 Bluetooth Bluetooth device does not pair with your phone. Sometimes, it might still be possible to pair the device.

Try another pairing code. If you are having trouble with the codes we have listed, you can reach out to us.

If that’s not the problem, you want to try a different device to pair it with. If you can pair it with another device, the ELM327 scanner isn’t the problem. A faulty or cloned ELM327 scanner may not connect to certain devices. It’s common to have the device connected to a laptop but not a phone.

Another issue is the time that your Bluetooth scanner takes to be recognized by your device. It will show up on your device's list when it is plugged in for the first time. It will not be visible for longer than that. It might be difficult to find it again if you try pairing it after a certain time. It is simple to fix this issue by simply unplugging the OBDII port from your computer and reconnecting. You can try it again right after you have plugged it into the port.  

If you still can’t get the devices paired to one another, your ELM327 scanner might be faulty. Remember, the device is on the inexpensive side, so it’s not uncommon for things to go wrong. This is why some choose to purchase a professional scanner. You might return the scanner if it causes you problems and get something better. 

ELM327 Bluetooth Sccanner Alternatives

If you aren’t happy with the ELM327 Bluetooth scanner or it doesn’t work with your device, there are other options available to you. You can choose from either USB or WiFi connectivity for your ELM327 scanner.

The advanced technology will mean that you'll spend more for the Wi-Fi scanner. If you own an Apple device, however, these scanners are best. An ELM327USB device might be better for you, but it may not work with your Apple product. You might still be able use the dock connector for a strong signal. 

However, upgrading to a more advanced device is possible. You should consider using a professional code scanner for regular repairs to your vehicle's engine and system.

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