What's a quick-release steering wheel? What's the safety of this steering wheel?

If you haven’t heard of the quick-release steering wheel, you are missing out on a fun accessory. The performance aftermarket part is versatile and attractive.

This guide will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of quick-release steering wheels. The pros and cons are discussed, as well as whether or not it is safe. 

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  1. What exactly is a Quick Release Steering Wheel?
  2. The Pros of Quick-Release Steering wheels
    1. 1. You can race a car
    2. 2. Increased Aesthetic Appeal
    3. 3. Quick Escape
    4. 4. Additional Security
  3. The Quick-Release Steering Handle
    1. 1. Loosen Over Time
    2. 2. Additional Components
    3. 3. Parameters Legal
  4. Are quick-release steering wheels safe?

What exactly is a Quick Release Steering Wheel?

This performance part is quick to release from your steering column. Instead of being secured with a hidden nuts, quick-release wheels are attached using pins and push/pull rings. Most of these steering wheels work on any type of car.

The quick-release wheel can be used in an emergency situation. In an emergency the quick-release wheel is easily detached so the driver can exit the vehicle. It is important to remember that many drivers must deal with helmets and race suits. Anything that can make it easier for them to escape the vehicle is an advantage. 

But, everyday drivers are also increasingly using the quick-release wheels. This aftermarket part is popular for many reasons. 

The Pros of Quick-Release Steering wheels

1. You can race a car

While these wheels are popular among race car drivers, you don’t have to be one to enjoy the benefits. Quick-release would make a huge difference in performance cars.

Gearheads might want their car to be race-ready. This is why every detail matters. Think about how powerful your Honda Civic and WRX would be. 

2. Increased Aesthetic Appeal

Even if you don’t drive a performance automobile, the steering wheel upgrade can still add some curb appeal. With various designs to choose from, it’s easy to add this to the list of aftermarket equipment you use for a new look.

You may be able increase your vehicle's value by adding accessories such as a shift lever or a gearbox. Although acceleration is not noticeable, lighter weight can mean slightly faster acceleration. 

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3. Quick Escape

It is hard to imagine what might happen in an accident. If you were to get into an accident, you wouldn’t want something as simple as the steering wheel keeping you trapped in the car.

You can avoid these problems by using the detachable steering wheels. You may be able push a button to quickly detach the steering wheel if you are willing to pay more. 

4. Additional Security

A steering wheel is essential for every car to be able to drive. Therefore, if there’s no steering wheel, it would be nearly impossible to steal the vehicle.

For starters, anyone looking in the car to determine if it’s a good candidate is going to move on to the next vehicle. They aren’t going to want to invest the time in figuring out what’s going on. It is important to keep the pin safe when taking off the wheel. Otherwise, it will be difficult to reattach the wheel. 

The Quick-Release Steering Handle

1. Loosen Over Time

The steering wheel may become less reliable as it is manufactured differently. Parts may loosen after repeated disconnections and reconnections.

What you might notice is a ride that’s not as precise. This could cause you to be more frustrated and cost you even more. 

2. Additional Components

Quick-release steering wheels are made up of many parts. For example, there’s a hub with this steering wheel that is located beneath it. It’s heavy and is prone to becoming loose over time. There’s also the quick-release apparatus to contend with. Different styles are available, with each having its pros and disadvantages.

It is also important to take into account the connectors you are using. The parts may be more loose depending on the type of connector you select. 

These are the reasons why you will pay higher repairs if your steering wheel is damaged or needs to be replaced. You must be able to handle these steering wheels. Therefore, if you can’t do it yourself, you will pay a premium price for the labor. Additional charges will be applied if it takes longer to fix any issues that may arise.

Quick-release wheels might be growing in popularity, but that doesn’t make them legal everywhere you drive. If you are in California or New York you might have to upgrade to quick-release wheels. 

It’s best to check your local laws and talk to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles before making any aftermarket modifications such as this one. You could face a heavy fine and all of your money and hard work could be lost. 

Are quick-release steering wheels safe?

Installing a quick-release steering knob means that you remove the OEM airbag from your wheel. For this reason, it’s considered unsafe to use the aftermarket wheel. If you were to get into an accident, it’s possible that you could bang your head off of the steering wheel, which is what the air bag is supposed to prevent.

But many who use a removable wheel to drive their cars daily say they are in accidents but have not touched the wheel. The driver was not far enough away from the wheel in these cases and the seatbelt performed its function. 

You should also consider the possibility that your wheel might come loose while driving. This could happen if you have defective parts. While this might be humorous in cartoons, it’s nothing to joke about on a busy highway. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to buy a reliable quick-release wheel and have a professional install it.

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