What is the P0740 Code? Meanings, Causes and How Do You Fix It?

When there's a problem in the torque converter clutch circuit, the P0740 code will be displayed.

This could have many reasons. In this guide you'll learn everything about P0740 codes.

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  1. Definition of code P0740
  2. What is the meaning of P0740?
  3. P0740 Trouble code symptoms
  4. The P0740 Code: Causes
  5. Is the P0740 code serious?
  6. How can you fix P0740?
  7. Common P0740 Diagnosis mistakes
  8. Recommendations for Diagnosis
  9. How to Diagnose the P0740 Trouble Code
  10. Calculated Cost for Repair
    1. Similar P0740 Trouble codes
  11. Common Questions Related to P0740
    1. What is the best way to solve P0740 code
    2. Why is code P0740 so common?
    3. What does the P0740 stand for?
    4. How do I clear the code P0740

Definition of code P0740

P0740: Torque Converter Clutch – Circuit Malfunction

What is the meaning of P0740?

This code signifies that the transmission control module detects an issue with torque converter clutch circuit.

A converter is used to transmit power from the engine to the transmission in automatic cars. Actually, the torque converter is made up of transmission fluid. This helps the engine move forward.

A torque converter solenoid controls the activation of the torque converter. The p0740 Code may be saved if the solenoid circuit fails.

P0740 Trouble code symptoms

A check engine or gearbox lamp on the dashboard is probably the most obvious sign that you have a P0740. Most often, you won't notice any shifting problems or other issues with your vehicle's driving ability. However, it may be evident in certain cases.

The following symptoms are included in the P0740 code:

  • Check engine light illuminates
  • An indicator light for the gearbox appears
  • Drivability and shifting issues

The P0740 Code: Causes

If there's a fault in the Torque conversion clutch circuit (TCC solenoid), then the error code P0740 is activated.

You can get the error code P0740 for any one of the following reasons:

  • Faulty Torque conversion clutch solenoid (TCC).
  • Torque converter clutch solenoid (TCC), Faulty wiring
  • Torque converter clutch (TCC solenoid) wiring corrosion
  • Transmission control module (TCM), fault

Is the P0740 code serious?

Medium – In some cases, it happens that you will not notice any problems at all with the trouble code stored.

This trouble code can lead to shifting and driveability issues that could leave you stranded. If you don't fix the P0740 error code, it could lead to other transmission issues in the future.

How can you fix P0740?

  • Solenoid for Torque converter clutch (TCC solenoid) to be replaced
  • Fix Faulty Wirings for Torque converter clutch solenoid (TCC).
  • Replace or Clean the Connector Plugs for the Torque Converter Clutch (TCC), solenoid
  • Change Transmission control module (TCM).

Common P0740 Diagnosis mistakes

P0740's most frequent mistake is thinking there is an issue with the torque converter.

It is clear that the p0740 code indicates a fault with the solenoid of the electric circuit for the torque converter, and not with the torque convert itself.

Recommendations for Diagnosis

How to Diagnose the P0740 Trouble Code

It is usually easy to diagnose the P0740. However, you will need some measurements for the specific model of your car and transmission. These values will be found in your vehicle's repair manual.

  1. Check for related codes by connecting an OBD2 scanner.
  2. Take out the plug at the transmission.
  3. What two pins connect to the Torque converter clutch solenoid (TCC). These two pins should be measured using the instructions in the repair manual.
  4. If the value of the specifications is not being met, or there's an open circuit in the transmission plug, remove the transmission pan to locate the clutch solenoid. You should measure the exact same distance as the clutch solenoid to locate it. If the solenoid is faulty, replace it.
  5. If they are consistent, take a scan of the output control unit and test it to make sure that the voltages and ground are in line with specifications. If it is not – it may be a wiring problem or a faulty transmission control module.

Calculated Cost for Repair

Below are examples of repairs common to the code P0442. Prices include labor and parts. The prices do not include diagnostic costs.

  • Torque converter clutch (TCC) solenoid Replacement – 100$ to 300$
  • Transmission Wiring repair – 50$ to 150$

Similar P0740 Trouble codes

P0700 Transmission Control System TCS Failure

What is the best way to solve P0740 code

You must diagnose the cause of the error P0740. You can find our diagnostic guide here.

Why is code P0740 so common?

The most common cause of the P0740 error is a faulty clutch solenoid. However, in rare cases it may also be due to bad wiring or a defective transmission control module.

What does the P0740 stand for?

If the code p0740 is displayed, it means there are problems in the connection between the transmission control unit and the torque conversion clutch solenoid. This can be caused by a faulty solenoid, or poor wiring.

How do I clear the code P0740

You will need an OBD2 scanner that can read your car's transmission control module to remove the P0740 code. It is unlikely that the problem can be fixed by simply clearing the trouble code.

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