What is the P0339 Code? What are its Causes and How Do You Fix Them?

If there's a problem with circuit A to crankshaft position sensor B, P0339 is stored in engine control module trouble memory.

There are a couple of things that can cause this. In this article we'll go over everything about the P0339 sensor.

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  1. Definition of the code P0339
  2. What is the meaning of P0339?
  3. Trouble Code P0339: Symptoms
  4. The P0339 Code: Causes
  5. Is the P0339 Code serious?
  6. How can you fix P0339?
  7. Common P0339 Diagnosis mistakes
  8. Recommendations for Diagnosis
  9. How do you diagnose P0339 trouble code?
  10. Calculated Cost for Repair
    1. Similar P0339 Trouble codes

Definition of the code P0339

Crankshaft Position Sensor A – Circuit Intermittent

What is the meaning of P0339?

Trouble code P0339 is triggered when the engine control unit receives an intermittent high signal (voltage) or an error signal from the crankshaft sensor ‘A.’

It is used to locate the crankshaft in the course of the engine's rotation. This sensor is also used to determine when ignition coils and injectors should be turned on. A crankshaft sensor will display the RPM on your dashboard.

Trouble Code P0339: Symptoms

No start condition, no check engine light and sudden engine stall are the most frequent symptoms of P0339 codes.

The following are additional symptoms that the P0339 code can cause:

  • Very difficult starting condition
  • Sudden engine stall
  • Verify Engine Light
  • Engine Performance Problems
  • While cranking, the dead RPM meter is displayed on your dashboard

The P0339 Code: Causes

Faulty crankshaft sensors are the main cause of P0339. Problems with wiring or connectors could also cause the P0339 code.

Any of these issues could cause Code P0339:

  • Most common: Faulty, damaged or defective crankshaft position sensor
  • Problem with the wiring between crankshaft sensor & engine control unit. Shorted or open-circuit
  • Failure of the connector connecting to crankshaft sensor. Corrosion
  • Faulty engine control unit (rare).

Is the P0339 Code serious?

Serios – The car engine needs the crankshaft sensor for the engine to run. Failing crankshaft sensor sensors can cause your car's to stop or stall completely.

It is recommended that the P0339 code be fixed as quickly as possible. Repairing this code can often be done quickly and cost-effectively.

How can you fix P0339?

  • Make sure to clean the connection between the crankshaft sensor and the connector
  • Fix the connections between ECM and crankshaft sensor.
  • Replacing the crankshaft sensor
  • Replace engine control unit
  • Replace or charge your car's battery

Common P0339 Diagnosis mistakes

Common mistake with P0339 codes is to think there's a problem in the timing of the camshaft and begin troubleshooting. The P0339 code states that there is an electrical problem in the crankshaft sensor, not a timing issue.

A common issue is to simply replace the crankshaft sensor, without first checking the wiring or plugs.

Recommendations for Diagnosis

How do you diagnose P0339 trouble code?

Below is an easy guide for diagnosing the P0339 error code. This diagnostic procedure may require some additional tools.

  1. Connect an OBD2 code scanner and check for other related trouble codes.
  2. Check the sensor at the crankshaft. Verify for corrosion and unplug the connector.
  3. Locate the ohm values for crankshaft sensors in your manual. Replace the sensor if it is damaged or defective.
  4. If you have an oscilloscope, it is possible to also inspect the signal from crankshaft position sensor with one.
  5. Remove the connector plug from the engine control unit and measure the same values to the crankshaft position sensor from the engine control unit’s connector plug. Fix any wiring problems.
  6. Even if you passed all tests, the crankshaft sensor should be replaced. The intermittent trouble code can be a sign that the problem does not exist right now.
  7. If everything seems to be working, replace the engine control module.

Calculated Cost for Repair

Below are the most common repairs for P0339. These prices do not include diagnostic costs. They include labor costs and parts costs.

  • Crankshaft position sensor replacement – 50$ to 150$
  • Crankshaft position sensor wiring repair – 20$ to 70$

Similar P0339 Trouble codes

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