What is the legality of mirror tinting on a car?

There are many tint options available for windows and windshields. With its reflective surface, mirror tint can be an option. But, mirror tint is legal for cars?

We will be discussing the legality of using mirror tint in this guide. Also, we discuss the advantages of using mirror tint as well as some things to consider before you install it.

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  1. Mirror Tint on Cars Legal?
  2. Mirror Window Tint Benefits
    1. 1. Reduces Glare
    2. 2. Fashionable Appearance
    3. 3. Heat controls
    4. 4. UV Protection
    5. 5. Protects Upholstery
    6. 6. Safety - Increased
  3. Things to consider before applying mirror tint
    1. 1. Local Laws
    2. 2. Car color
    3. 3. Applying for a job is expensive

Mirror Tint on Cars Legal?

Mirror tinting isn’t legal on a car in every state, but there are some places where you can use it. The amount of light that can be passed through auto glass tint varies by state. This amount could vary based on whether you are tinting back or front windows, so it’s best to check local laws.

Mirror reflective tint is prohibited in many states. Even if mirror tint isn’t banned outright, you will need to check the laws to see how much light must pass through. You can get a ticket if you break any local laws.

Below is a listing of mirror tint laws in different states. Keep in mind that different laws apply to front and back windows tinting. These rules can also change. The information provided is only for entertainment and should not be considered legal advice.

StateMirror Tint Legality
AlabamaMaximal 20% reflection
AlaskaThis is Not Allowed
ArizonaMaximal 35% Reflective
ArkansasThis is Not Allowed
CaliforniaThis is Not Allowed
ColoradoThis is Not Allowed
ConnecticutMaximum 21% Reflective
DelawareThis is Not Allowed
FloridaMaximal 25% Reflective
GeorgiaMaximal 20% reflection
HawaiiThis is Not Allowed
IdahoMaximal 35% Reflective
IllinoisThis is Not Allowed
IndianaMaximal 25% Reflective
IowaThis is Not Allowed
KansasThis is Not Allowed
KentuckyMaximal 25% Reflective
LouisianaMaximal 20% reflection
MaineThis is Not Acceptable
MarylandNo Law
MassachusettsMaximal 35% Reflective
MichiganMaximal 35% Reflective
MinnesotaMaximal 20% reflection
MississippiMaximal 20% reflection
MissouriMaximal 35% Reflective
MontanaMaximal 35% Reflective
NebraskaMaximal 35% Reflective
NevadaNo Law
New HampshireThis is Not Allowed
New JerseyThis is Not Allowed
New MexicoNo Law
New YorkThis is Not Allowed
North CarolinaMaximal 20% reflection
North DakotaIt is not allowed
OhioIt is not allowed
OklahomaMaximal 20% reflection
OregonMaximum 13% Reflective
PennsylvaniaThis is Not Allowed
Rhode IslandNo Law
South CarolinaThis is Not Allowed
South DakotaIt is not allowed
TennesseeThis is Not Allowed
TexasMaximal 25% Reflective
UtahThis is Not Allowed
VermontThis is Not Allowed
VirginiaMaximal 20% reflection
WashingtonMaximal 35% Reflective
Washington D.C.No Law
West VirginiaMaximal 20% reflection
WisconsinNo Law
WyomingMaximal 20% reflection

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Mirror Window Tint Benefits

1. Reduces Glare

Reflective tint is great for people who are sensitive to sunlight or oncoming headlights. This film blocks less light, protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of sunlight.

While this glare protection has its daytime benefits with the sunshine, especially when it is shining off of snow, it’s also equally important at night. Reflective tints on windshields and side windows allow you to see clearly when your headlights are facing your vehicle. 

2. Fashionable Appearance

Tinted windows alone are quite stylish, but there’s something special about the reflective, mirror-like design. It creates a distinctive appearance that other tint types can’t replicate. 

Depending on how the sun hits the tint, it gives off a mirror-type feel, reflecting back what’s outside the window instead of showing what’s inside the car. However, there are some people that don’t appreciate the shiny appearance and would rather go with a traditional tint. 

3. Heat controls

You can decrease the amount of sunlight that is reflected on any window tint. This helps to keep the heat away. Because of its reflective properties, mirror tint is able to block out more sunlight and heat.

The air conditioner can perform better when the heat is low. A more effective AC system will make you more comfortable in hot weather. 

4. UV Protection

Tinting windows can reduce the amount of UV rays that seep through. It is possible to use less sunscreen.

The best mirror tint can block nearly 99% of UV radiation. This doesn’t just keep you from sunburn, it also helps to reduce your chances of skin cancer. 

5. Protects Upholstery

It will block the light from reaching your eyes. We’ve looked at the other benefits from this above, but don’t forget what it will do to your upholstery. Instead of having the sun’s rays beating on the upholstery, it will be better protected.

You will be able spend less on upholstery protectants and your vehicle will last longer. You will get more value for your car if you protect it. This can help you earn a higher return on your investment. 

6. Safety - Increased

It prevents would-be thieves easily seeing in the car's mirror reflective tint. Your possessions will be better secured.

It can be strengthened by applying any film to the windows. The film is harder to crack. You are more protected if you're in an accident. 

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Things to consider before applying mirror tint

1. Local Laws

You must check your state's laws before tinting auto glass using any kind of film. Most states have different laws regarding the back, windshield and front windows. For each window, you might have to choose different tints. 

If you choose to go with something darker than what’s permitted, you can expect to be pulled over. Local police don’t usually treat tinted windows with a warning either, but you will probably get a ticket and be forced to remove the tint. It’s much easier just to follow the rules from the beginning. 

2. Car color

It’s easy to get excited about mirror tint because of how great it normally looks. However, it’s not that stylish with every car color. You want to personally consider how it’s going to match your vehicle.

Take some of the tint with you and combine it with your vehicle to get a better idea. If that’s not possible, you can look up some pictures online of your color car with mirror tint to see what you think. 

3. Applying for a job is expensive

The mirror tint can be applied by you yourself if you want to save some cash. This is possible but it may not give you the result that you want. If you don’t have a lot of experience applying window tint, you could be left with air bubbles and an unprofessional look.

Many people would prefer having the mirror tint applied by an expert. You will get a more professional look and can also access higher-end materials. You will need to pay more if window tint is to last. To ensure that you are able to pay the final bill, you should weigh the costs before you start.

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