What is the cost to powder coat wheels?

Powder coating wheels might be a good option if your goal is to make your vehicle stand out. Before you decide to move forward, it’s helpful to ask a few questions first. How much is it to powdercoat wheels?

This guide will examine what causes the high price and the average cost. Also, we will discuss the basic principles of powder coating wheels. We also discuss how to maintain powder coated wheels so they look the same as when they were first applied. 

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  1. What is the cost to powder coat rims and wheels?
  2. What exactly is powder coating?
  3. Powder Coated Wheels: Why they are so Expensive
    1. 1. Great for those who are hard workers
    2. 2. You can prepare for long periods of time
    3. 3. Higher Quality Materials
    4. 4. Qualified Technician
  4. Powder Coating DIY or Professional Wheels
  5. Keep your powder coated rims in good condition

What is the cost to powder coat rims and wheels?

You can expect to spend between $75-$125 per rim when it is powder coated. The price will vary depending on how big the wheels are and what powder coating is used. It also depends on whether they have to be professionally or manually applied. 

Different types of powder coating can have an impact on the final price. However, if you have the extra money, it’s always best to choose a better powder coating material than a cheaper one, especially if you want it to last. 

What exactly is powder coating?

A powder coating is a dry coat that's applied to a surface. It’s applied to the surface electrostatically. It is then heat-cured. Powdered material made of a polymer basis, infused with a curative combination, pigments and leveling agents, and modified with modifiers. 

Because it resists flaking and chips, powder coating is more durable than regular paint. Powder coating is a better choice for wheels because it bonds with metallic surfaces more effectively. 

With today’s options, you can choose a powder coating in almost any hue you can dream of. For this reason, it’s also simple to customize your vehicle just the way you want it. 

Powder Coated Wheels: Why they are so Expensive

1. Great for those who are hard workers

It’s not easy to work with car rims, especially if they are large in size. Rims can be bulky and they aren’t easy to move around. 

Special hooks are required to attach rims that exceed 18 inches. It is possible that you will need help moving them. 

2. You can prepare for long periods of time

There’s a lot of preparation that must occur when you powder coat the wheels if you want them to last. Due to all the preparation required, labor costs will be higher.

The metal that is used to prepare wheels must be handled according to its material. Aluminum is more aggressive than steel, so the powder coating adheres to it differently. Additionally, all of the parts that aren’t metal must be removed before the powder coating is applied. Otherwise, you will be dealing with residue that’s difficult to get off. 

Sandblasting is next. The wheels will need to heat overnight depending on the type of metal they are made from. A high-quality primer can be costly and will also make it more expensive. If you don’t use a good primer, the metal underneath could easily corrode. 

3. Higher Quality Materials

You have many choices when it comes to the quality of your auto body work. You will need to spend more money for better materials if you want your job to last. Although powder coatings can be found at a bargain price in some shops, how many times will they need to be refinished each time?

Powder coatings that are cheap can chip in a matter of days. Avoid the hassle and make an investment early. You should also consider purchasing a top-quality protective layer to help prevent any damage. 

The color is another important factor. A simple, black powder coating will cost you less than someone who wants a more unique and custom-made color. It is possible to expect to pay more for a color or material if more work goes into it. 

4. Qualified Technician

Some people are not qualified to powder coat a set or wheels. Even if your cousin’s best friend says he can do it, it’s best to choose a professional to handle the task. If the job isn’t done properly, a serious scratch or damage is sure to follow. 

As you search where to take your vehicle, get multiple quotes but don’t choose who you want to work with based on the price alone. Look at previous work and request a list. It’s worth paying more to get a shop that’s experienced and has a long history of customer satisfaction. 

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Powder Coating DIY or Professional Wheels

Powder coating can be done by anyone who believes they are competent. This could help you save significant money. But there are some important things to remember. You will first need specialized tools. A special tool is required to bake the wheels in an oven. A regular oven should never be used because you don’t want to accidentally ingest the powder with your food. Supplies to help you get started can easily run up to $5,000. 

While taking the vehicle to a professional is going to cost more for the job itself, it’s often worth the savings over the equipment you would need. You can still do the job if your tools are already in hand. 

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Keep your powder coated rims in good condition

If you want the powder coated wheels to last as long as possible, it’s critical to maintain them. While maintaining these rims will take a little more time than normal, it’s not a complicated procedure. Below are some suggestions to help get you started. 

  • Clean the Wheels: It’s important that the wheels remain clean and dry. Don’t use harsh chemicals and make sure any debris is removed as soon as possible. You can use water and mild soap for daily cleaning. However, a wheel cleaner is useful in an occasional situation. 
  • Protect your rims with sealant A product should repel brake dust. This can cause powder coatings to become brittle over time. It will protect the finish and make it easy to clean.
  • Park in Shade. Powder coatings can fade over time if they are exposed to sunlight. This is the best way to park your car in shade. You can also protect the paint and wheels by purchasing a car cover. 

Spending less on your tires if you spend the time to properly maintain them will result in a lower overall cost. You don't have to spend a lot of money on wheels that need to be refinished. Instead, keep the wheel care simple and affordable.

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