What is the cost of a tire rotation? How Much Does a Tire Rotation Cost?

Your on-road safety is dependent upon tire maintenance. Tire rotation is a maintenance job that must be performed regularly. However, this job leaves many people wondering – how much does a tire rotation cost?

This guide will cover tire rotation costs. Also, we discuss the benefits of having your tires rotated. We also discuss how the spare tire can affect the rotation of the other tires. 

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  1. Tire Rotation Cost
  2. What does Tire Rotation mean?
  3. There are signs that tire rotation is required
    1. 1. Wear that isn't even
    2. 2. Vibration
    3. 3. Persisting under Pressure
  4. What is the best time to have your tires rotated?
    1. Do the tires need to be rotated?
  5. Is Spare Tire Rotation Required?

Tire Rotation Cost

A tire rotation should cost less than $50. The cost of your service will vary depending on the location and whether you have any other tasks. In some cases, it’s possible to bundle it with other maintenance, such as an oil change. 

Also, some repair shops offer complimentary rotation services for customers who have bought tires. Some tire shops offer packages which include a lifetime of rotation for each set. 

You can perform tire rotation yourself at home, if necessary. A solid car jack and some jack stands are all you will need. 

What does Tire Rotation mean?

Each tire rotates by being removed from the vehicle and placed somewhere else. Each tire experiences different forces as you drive. When you brake, the car is braking and each tire experiences a different level of pressure. 

Rotating the tires ensures that even though there are different tread locations, they wear evenly. The service life of your tires will be extended if they are worn uniformly. 

Different methods can be used to rotate the tires. For vehicles with directional tires that are the same size as the front, the tires in the rear move to the back while the tires in the rear go forward. Rear- and four-wheel-drive vehicles, however, require a slightly different arrangement. The rear tires move in a forward direction, but the front tires travel to the rear. It is possible to include the spare tire within the rotation. 

There are signs that tire rotation is required

1. Wear that isn't even

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Tire rotation should be done when tread wears in a different way. As pressure is applied differently, wear is going to be affected in a pattern that isn’t uniform.

You can prolong the life of your tires by rotating them before they get too worn. If you wait for the tire wear to become too severe, it might be necessary to replace the tires. 

2. Vibration

As you drive down a smooth road, you shouldn’t feel an excessive amount of vibration. You could have uneven tire wear if you feel vibrations.

Uneven tire wear is often most apparent when driving at 40 MPH. Vibration can also be due to other problems. It’s also possible that your vehicle requires a wheel alignment or there are suspension parts failing. 

3. Persisting under Pressure

It is possible that the tire may have been punctured recently. Uneven tire wear can also be caused by tires that are not properly inflated. 

If the wear isn’t too severe, you could rotate the tires to correct it. You must fix the cause of the loss in air pressure. If you don't, it will lead to the same fate. 

What is the best time to have your tires rotated?

Different guidelines can be used to determine when the tire should be rotated. Most manufacturers agree it should take place between 5,000 to 8,000 miles. However, it’s always best to confirm this with the tire manufacturer.

There are some times when tire rotation isn’t possible at all, such as when you run different sizes between the front and back.

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Do the tires need to be rotated?

If a tire rotation is possible, you don’t want to prolong the vital service. It should be less expensive than $50 to rotate your tires. However, there are many benefits. Regular tire rotation extends the service life, ensuring you don’t have to purchase new tires frequently. You may have recently priced tires. 

Plus, tire rotation doesn’t take long, so you aren’t giving up a lot of time to have the service performed. You can save time by combining the service with any other maintenance tasks. 

Is Spare Tire Rotation Required?

It might seem odd that your vehicle may have a spare tire. It is possible to rotate the spare tire in some situations. You should only do this if your spare has the same dimensions and capabilities as the rest of your tires.

If your spare tire has a “T” marking on the sidewall, this tire is only designed to be used temporarily. You don’t want to put this tire on your wheels for regular use. This spare tire is smaller than normal and is sometimes called a "donut". This spare tire should only be used in emergency situations when it is necessary to transport to a local tire shop. 

A smaller spare is preferred by many because it takes up less room and is more compact. A smaller spare is lighter and will allow you to get maximum vehicle space. If your car has a large spare tire, it could be placed in rotation. You need the tire to carry the same weight and have the same speed rating. You must have the exact same size. You can rotate the spare tire to prolong the life of all five and decrease the number of times you have to buy new tires.

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