What is the best way to get cars in The Mall?

Do you remember walking around a mall to see new vehicles? It’s a common occurrence these days to see new cars on display, as well as some classic or collector vehicles, especially during a special show. What is the best way to get cars into the mall?

We show you how these vehicles make their way to the mall in this guide. You will also learn why these cars are displayed in malls. 

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  1. What is the best way to get cars into the mall?
  2. What is the point of Cars in Malls?
    1. 1. Make new models!
    2. 2. Highlight the Most Recent Features
    3. 3. Promot a relaxed shopping atmosphere
    4. 4. Special Partnerships/Contests 
    5. 5. Car shows

What is the best way to get cars into the mall?

Cars don’t drive into the mall through the same doors that you enter. For larger, more bulky or oversized objects, like cars, you will find bigger doors. The regular doors may also be used in some instances, provided they are large enough and can be opened with special hinges. 

These doors might look unusual at first, but you may not notice them. The hinges should allow for the door to be opened wider. These doors can only be opened by a select few people in the mall. After the cars have passed, they close and lock again.

The car will then be slowly driven through the shopping mall until it arrives at its destination. The person driving the car doesn’t normally work for the mall. This will be handled by employees from the dealership.

It only happens when the mall is closed. This ensures everyone's safety. This is why you can visit the mall at night without seeing any cars and return to it the next morning with a completely different display.

What is the point of Cars in Malls?

1. Make new models!

While everyone waits to view the latest vehicles, very few want to drive to the dealership. To help these people see what’s new, the dealerships will place some of the top vehicles in local malls, so you can check them out. 

The mall is the best place to test drive new cars, as automakers want people to be driving them as soon as possible. The only trouble with checking out cars this way is that there’s no way to test drive them. You will need to go to a dealership if you're interested in a second car.

Automakers will also place some futuristic or concept models in the mall to gain an understanding of the public’s perception. A spokesperson could appear at the mall to get feedback about the model, before an automaker builds it. 

2. Highlight the Most Recent Features

Maybe there’s nothing new about the design of a vehicle for the most recent model year, but there could be some updates to the features. The dealerships would like you to be informed about any changes. It is best to allow you to look at the product and then play around with it. 

The car could be parked in the shopping center, and there might be safety displays or tech demos. You might also see a demonstration of how the features work. A representative of the dealership might be available to answer any questions you may have about the technology. These features should make you want to check out the latest model before heading to the dealership. 

3. Promot a relaxed shopping atmosphere

When you go look at cars at a dealership, it’s difficult to do it alone. You will be competing with the salespeople to win the deal. High-pressure sales situations are something that most people avoid.

The dealership will allow you to view the vehicle in the showroom without any pressure. No one will stop you from taking a look at the vehicle for 30 minutes. It’s also possible to sit inside the car and enjoy the view for as long as you wish. If you'd like to learn more, you may visit the dealership. Otherwise, there’s no obligation and you can simply walk away. 

4. Special Partnerships/Contests 

In order to host special events, car dealers will work with the mall. To promote this event, you might see a car displayed. These events offer the opportunity to enter a contest and win an item from the dealer. The dealership will return your information to be able to follow-up with you.

When entering a contest, you need to remember this. If it’s a nationwide contest, your chances of winning are much lower, so be sure to read the fine print before you enter. The prize must be evaluated by you. Many of these calls can become high-pressure. 

5. Car shows

Malls may host car shows, organized by clubs nearby or even the coordinator of the mall. You can view a particular type of vehicle at these events. A Jeep event might take place with either a local club, or at an international classic car show.

You will often see more than just the cars at a car show. A few vendors may be set up at the mall to sell goods that are related to the car show. The owners of private cars will often be present at the event. You can also ask any questions about your vehicle from the owner. If you are wondering what kind of engine upgrade was performed, you won’t need to wonder. 

You should always have your smartphone or a camera with you, as you might be able to capture some great photos at these events. Sometimes, you might also see some celebrities or perform unique acts on-site.

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