What is the best time to repair, rebuild or replace a transmission?

You know the importance of having your transmission looked into immediately. Simple problems can often be fixed. You could end up needing a replacement or rebuild for your transmission if the problem goes unresolved. What type of service should you get? Should you repair, rebuild or replace your car’s transmission?

For smaller problems, transmission repairs should be reserved. If the problem is not on the transmission's surface, it can be repaired. It involves the replacement of all worn out parts and rebuilding the transmission. 

There’s a time and a place for each option. This article will help you decide whether to repair, rebuild, or replace your transmission. It also discusses signs of a problem with your transmission. 

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  1. How to Repair a Transmission
  2. A Transmission Rebuild is Required
  3. What to do if your transmission needs replacing
  4. Top Transmission Problems
    1. 1. Trouble shifting gears
    2. 2. Gears to grind
    3. 3. Loud Whining Noise
    4. 4. Leaking Fluid
    5. 5. Burning Smell
  5. Cost of Transmission Repair Vs. Rebuild vs. Rebuild vs.

How to Repair a Transmission

Many components make up the transmission of a car. Some are large while others are small. Every component of the car transmission is important to ensure that it runs properly. Transmission repair only replaces the broken part.

Repairs are more effective if they can be done at the site of the problem. Technicians don’t want to disassemble the transmission and spend hours trying to get inside for a repair. This could make the cost of repair just as expensive as other alternatives. 

On the other hand, a transmission repair won’t always solve the problem. It is possible to replace an item thinking it will fix the problem, but in reality, there are other problems. It is possible for your transmission to fail if you have put a lot of miles on the vehicle. 

A Transmission Rebuild is Required

The transmission is dismantled by the technician. After the transmission has been disassembled, every part can be examined for damage and wear. If there are any problems, they will be replaced or repaired. All components are also cleaned.

The technician then rebuilds your transmission, putting it back in the vehicle once everything is in working order. The process takes many hours and must be done with care. Sometimes, the transmission may have too many problems to rebuild. However, this can only be determined after the inspection. It is better to replace it in this situation.

What to do if your transmission needs replacing

It may sound scary but there are times when changing the transmission is the best option. However, you have more options. There are three options available: a brand new transmission, one that has been remanufactured, or one that is refurbished for your vehicle.

New transmissions can be hard to come by and aren’t usually needed. Additionally, they will cost more than any other option. Transmission shops can refurbish salvaged parts and restore them to their original condition. This transmission won’t have issues and should provide you with many more miles of service. 

Top Transmission Problems

1. Trouble shifting gears

For you to enjoy the smooth shifting between gears, your transmission should be able to do so. When the gears aren’t shifting correctly, you might notice some hesitation or jerking during gear changes.

Sometimes, transmissions are able to be repaired. A replacement is required if there are too many damaged components. 

2. Gears to grind

Manual transmissions can be manually operated by you. Unless you are doing something wrong, there shouldn’t be noises during gear changes. 

The clutch can be replaced if the gears grind. The clutch could also fail in automatic transmissions, causing a shaken sensation. 

3. Loud Whining Noise

Failing transmissions can be characterized by loud noises. If you hear a loud, whining noise, it’s a sign of trouble. You might also hear clunking or buzzing sounds. 

It is important to get your transmission examined immediately if you hear a lot while the vehicle is in Neutral. However, it's important to not ignore any sounds, particularly if they can be fixed before something more serious happens. 

4. Leaking Fluid

It’s not difficult to tell when the transmission fluid is leaking because it is bright red. Transmission fluid leaks can be repaired in some cases.

If you leave the fluid low, it can cause transmission damage. A simple fix can quickly become a costly replacement. 

5. Burning Smell

If you are driving down the road and smell something burning, it’s a clear sign that something is wrong. It could be your clutch. However, there may also have been other problems. 

To check for any fluid leakage, look under the vehicle. The gears can overheat if there is not enough fluid. This will cause more friction. 

Cost of Transmission Repair Vs. Rebuild vs. Rebuild vs.

The cost of transmission repairs can differ depending on which part is needed. The cost of repair can range from $300 to $1,500. The cost of rebuilding a transmission can range from $300 to $3,500. 

It is the most costly option to replace your transmission. You might spend as little as $1,500 for a new transmission, while a rebuilt transmission could easily run $4,000 to $4,000 depending on what vehicle you have. 

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