What is the average time it takes to align a wheel?

You should ensure that your wheels are aligned regularly as part of routine car maintenance. This simple process doesn’t normally take long unless there are special circumstances. What is the average time it takes to align tires?

We will be discussing what alignment of wheels is, and how it can take. The time it takes to align your wheels is also considered and shown how frequently you need to have them done. We also discuss the estimated cost of tire alignment so that you can budget appropriately.

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  1. How long does a wheel alignment take?
  2. What does Wheel Alignment mean?
  3. Factors That Affect Wheel Alignment Times
    1. 1. Types of alignment
    2. 2. Type of Vehicle
    3. 3. Component Condition
    4. 4. Technical Experience
  4. How often is wheel alignment needed?
  5. How much does a tire alignment cost?

How long does a wheel alignment take?

After the vehicle has been taken to the shop, an average wheel alignment will take between 30 and 60 minutes. Your vehicle's type, vehicle type, and experience can impact the time your vehicle spends in the shop. 

Also, consider the time it will take to get your wheels aligned. You will have to wait if other customers are waiting.

What does Wheel Alignment mean?

It is the process of aligning the tires to ensure that they are parallel with one another and the road surface. Advanced calibration is used to align the wheels so that the tires are in the correct position. You can’t perform a proper wheel alignment without a special alignment machine, making it difficult to do at home.

The alignment of the wheels involves adjusting the suspension angles and changing the position until it all aligns. The specific type of alignment you need will depend on the vehicle. The principles of car alignment remain the same regardless how many tires have been replaced.

Factors That Affect Wheel Alignment Times

1. Types of alignment

You can choose from different wheel alignments. Some take more time than others. A four-wheel alignment is required for all vehicles, whether they are four-wheel-drives or four-wheel-drives.

It is obvious that the more you have your tires aligned the longer it will take to get back in the shop. You may not need to align the rear wheels of a vehicle with either front or rear wheel drive. This isn’t just the cheaper option, but it’s also the fastest. 

There’s also the option to get a Toe-n-Go alignment. A shop can adjust the toe angle of your front wheels quickly. This is the most common issue and can be fixed in a matter of minutes. However, the high-quality shop won’t offer this type of alignment because it’s not seen as the proper way to handle the tires, according to top professionals.

This is mainly because a wheel misalignment of the camber angle and the caster angle – which are not adjusted for this type of service, can also cause wear and tear.

2. Type of Vehicle

You wouldn’t think that the vehicle type would affect how long you are at the shop, but not every car is easy to align. If you drive a compact sedan with 15” wheels, you are going to be at the shop for less time than the heavy-duty pickup with 33” wheels will be a longer wheel alignment process. 

The shop must also be able to access all suspension systems components underneath the car to properly align them. With some vehicles, it’s easier to get to the tie rods and other components when compared with others. Ask the shop to tell you how hard it is to fix your car. 

3. Component Condition

To determine the time it might take to align your car, first consider its model year. It might take you less to align a vehicle that is 2020 than one made of 2002. If the suspension components have been on the vehicle for a longer time, it is more likely that the nuts or bolts will be worn or damaged. This can make alignment more difficult. 

If the technician finds that any suspension parts are defective, it might be necessary to repair or replace them before an alignment can occur. There’s no sense doing a wheel alignment on a car with a bad suspension system. 

4. Technical Experience

It might take longer to align a vehicle if you go to a shop that employs entry-level technicians. The technicians will need to learn how to operate the complex machinery. You must evaluate whether these rates are worthwhile. 

You will also get the most efficient wheel alignment if your shop has ASE-certified mechanics. These mechanics are skilled in aligning the brakes and locking them quickly for an excellent result. This level of expertise is not cheap, so be ready to fork out a lot. It’s worth paying more if your time is money, keeping you from working by being at the shop.

How often is wheel alignment needed?

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive and the manufacturer’s recommendations, you might need a wheel alignment every 6,000 miles. However, you should be sure to get one at least annually, especially if you know you’ve been driving over a pothole or a large bump a little too fast.

If you have any of the following symptoms, it is important to get your wheel alignment checked.

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How much does a tire alignment cost?

There are many shops that charge flat rates for wheel alignment depending on the type of vehicle. The cost to align your four wheels would be around $200. The cost of your repair depends on where you live and the type of shop that you visit. 

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A package deal may be an option. This will allow you to receive a cheaper rate. These packages are often available at shops selling new tires. Services such as alignment, rotation, and balancing can be paid in advance. Pre-paying for these services is a smart move considering the number of times that you'll visit your tire shop over its life. Look at the plan as a type of insurance policy for your car’s tire health.

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