What is Overdrive? What is Overdrive? When should it be used?

Overdrive sounds cool and is a vehicle-related term. It is actually quite cool, but not exciting.

The overdrive button might make your car sound faster, or roar like a lion.

Instead, the overdrive feature found in most cars acts as an inhibitor against your car’s fuel needs. The engine is less stressed by the overdrive feature.

What is going on behind the overdrive? All the information you need is right here.

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  1. What exactly is Overdrive?
  2. What does Overdrive mean??
  3. What is Overdrive Gear for?
  4. Why not Use Overdrive
  5. Use Overdrive with a manual vs. an automatic
  6. Which cars have overdrive?
  7. Overdrive FAQ
    1. Is Overdrive a good way to save gas?
    2. Do You Allow Overdrive Towing? 
    3. Do You Think It's Bad to Use Overdrive Every Time?
    4. Do you think Overdrive makes it easier to move faster?
    5. Is O/D off a sign that Overdrive is disabled?

What exactly is Overdrive?

Overdrive, a driver technology allows for higher speeds and lower fuel consumption. Overdrive is a transmission technology that changes the ratios of the last gear to make it act like an additional gear.

You can refer to overdrive as many features. An electronic button controlled the overdrive gear in older vehicles with manual transmissions. The older automatic transmissions did this automatically, however there was often a switch to shut off the overdrive.

The transmission also includes an older unit with an extra overdrive unit. To control the overdrive gear ratio, this unit included sun, rings, and planetary gears.

What does Overdrive mean??

Car In Gear

In older vehicles, overdrive electronically engages an extra gear on a transmission's output shaft to allow you to drive at lower RPMs and higher speeds.

The older gearboxes had the highest gear at a ratio of 1:1, which made the engine rev more quickly at higher speeds. They installed an additional overdrive unit at the rear of their transmission instead of replacing the entire gearbox.

Modern vehicles often refer to the overdrive as the gears that have a ratio less than 1. This is the most powerful or highest of the three gears.

If the ratio of the gears is greater than 1:1, the output shaft will spin faster than the input shaft. The gear ratio in overdrive is between 0.6 and 0.8 to 1. The car can cruise at high speeds, but with a lower RPM. In other words, overdrive gear produces more torque than it does wheel rotations.

You don't need to accelerate constantly at highway speeds. For this, you will need torque. Highway driving is more enjoyable than city driving, so it's better to use overdrive gears.

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What is Overdrive Gear for?

Driving Highway

It is best to drive at 50-60 mph or higher depending on your vehicle model. You can consult the repair manual to learn about specific conditions and speeds that may apply to your particular car model.

That makes it perfect if you are planning to drive for a long time; otherwise, you won’t be able to feel its effects as much.

Many cities have highways, which makes it easy to try out the overdrive function. If you go into overdrive at low speeds, you will lose torque, and you wouldn’t be able to accelerate your car as you should. By using overdrive at faster speeds, you can save fuel and elongate the life of your car’s engine.

Why not Use Overdrive

Steep Road Car

We discussed that using overdrive at lower speeds would compromise your car’s performance, but you will still, in most cases, be able to drive without any worries.

There are certain circumstances where overdrive should not be used. You shouldn't use overdrive when climbing hills or traveling off-road.

This application requires high-torque. Overdrive does not allow for this. If you want to speed up, overdrive may not be the best option. Overdrive technology should be reserved for driving and not for overtaking. You can only use it in this situation.

Overdrive should not be confused with high-performance. You could end up in trouble. Cruising can help you save money on fuel.

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Use Overdrive with a manual vs. an automatic

Overdrive Off

Both manual and automatic cars can have overdrive, contrary to common belief. Overdrive works in manual as well as automatic cars. It is essentially a modern-day low-ratio gear.

It is not difficult to see the difference. A manual car has to be selected when to use the overdrive. An automatic car activates it by its ECU. Automatic vehicles may also have an overdrive button, which can be used to improve fuel efficiency.

The highest gear in manual cars is the overdrive gear. This happens because it has the best gear ratio. Modern cars have five gears, although you will find cars that have six to seven. For example, in a 6-gear transmission the sixth gear would be the overdrive. This is how more gears can result in a higher fuel economy.

A lower gear ratio means a higher number of transmission gears. Trucks have nine, ten and fourteen gears. Because they can travel very long distances using high-speed gears, fuel consumption is easy.

Which cars have overdrive?

Nearly all cars have an overdrive gear. It applies to manual as well as automatic transmissions.

If you're referring to the old overdrive gear that has a button for manual transmissions it can be referred to as an older feature.

The same type of gear was used in older automatic transmissions. It is now engaged automatically, instead of having to be pressed.

If we are not talking about the old “button” style overdrive – almost all car models have an overdrive gear, and this is referred to as the last gear (with the lowest gear ratio).

Overdrive FAQ

Is Overdrive a good way to save gas?

The overdrive function decreases engine RPMs at higher speeds, which can save you a lot on gas. However, if you drive at low RPMs it may increase your fuel consumption.

Do You Allow Overdrive Towing? 

Towing a car with overdrive gear is not recommended. When you are towing a car – you would prefer to have as much torque as possible. You get less torque from the overdrive gear.

Do You Think It's Bad to Use Overdrive Every Time?

It will put more strain on your engine, particularly if you require more torque. For highway cruising or other purposes, it is better to use it at a faster speed.

Do you think Overdrive makes it easier to move faster?

The overdrive gear in most cars is well over your maximum car speed. It will theoretically make your car go faster if it has enough power!

Is O/D off a sign that Overdrive is disabled?

O/D can be translated to overdrive. Therefore, the O/D off symbol signifies that Overdrive is disabled.

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