What Does a Car Wash Cost?

To keep your car looking its best, it’s wise to wash it regularly. There are many ways to clean your car. What is the cost of a car washed? Which method should I choose?

The cost of a car wash will vary depending on which service is chosen. You will not need to purchase the materials if you wash your car yourself. A full detailing could add significant cost to the car. 

The following guide will show you how to reduce the expenses associated with car washes. 

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  1. What affects the cost of car washing?
    1. 1. Types of vehicles
    2. 2. Types of car wash
    3. 3. Add-Ons
    4. 4. Tipping
  2. Auto Washing at Home: What is the Cost?
  3. Self-Service Bay: How Much Does it Cost To Wash Your Car?
  4. Wash Car At Gas Station
  5. Price for touchless car wash
  6. Automatic Car Wash Prices
  7. Car Washing Costs
  8. Prices for Full-Service Auto Wash
  9. Car Wash Vs. Car Detail
  10. Wash your car and save money

What affects the cost of car washing?

1. Types of vehicles

Cost of car washing will depend on what type of vehicle you have.

You will also notice a significant difference in detailing costs depending on how small or large the vehicle is. A sports car may be a cheaper option than a full-size SUV or truck, but you will pay more for it. 

2. Types of car wash

You can make huge savings depending on which car wash you choose. You might find that you spend less washing your car yourself, particularly if you already have the necessary supplies.

The detail, on the other hand can cost more overall but provide the best quality. In a matter of minutes, we will review every type of car washing.

3. Add-Ons

To keep costs down, you can purchase a basic car wash for very little money. The car wash only involves spraying soap and water on the vehicle. 

You will need to spend extra if you require it. Rain-X protection and undercarriage waxes are some examples. 

4. Tipping

You should consider tipping unless you go through an automatic wash that does not require attendants. Tipping is standard at all hand washes and full-service car washes. 

The type of work you did will determine the tip amount. To show appreciation for the job, tipping should average between 10-15% and 15% of the total service cost. If one of the worker’s hand dries the vehicle, you want to tip them another $2-3. 

Auto Washing at Home: What is the Cost?

Washing your car at home is the best and most cost-effective way to clean it. You can wash your car at home if you are able to spare the time of a professional detailer. 

If you have all of the supplies, there’s no upfront cost at all. Even if you have everything you need, it might still only cost $5-10 to wash your clothes. 

Self-Service Bay: How Much Does it Cost To Wash Your Car?

If you want to wash your vehicle yourself but don’t have the equipment or the space, consider visiting a local self-service establishment. You pay only for how long you spend using the equipment.

Depending on the amount of work you have to do and how long it takes, an average self-service auto wash will cost you $5-20.

The wash will allow you to clean the car and soap it. The heavy-duty sponge and pre-soak settings, as well as high-pressure jets will be available to you. 

Wash Car At Gas Station

There are many gas stations that have automatic car washers you can use to wash your vehicle. A basic wash with air drying costs $5-15.

Some gas stations have a special that can save you money. Fueling up can get you a discounted or completely free car wash. 

Price for touchless car wash

Touchless car washes are easy. You simply place your vehicle into the bay. It is then cleaned without using any sponges. They are an excellent option for those who are concerned about car scratches and damage.

The average cost of a touchless wash for a car is $10-20 This price does not include the cost of additional services such as waxing or clear coat. You will have to spend more if you need tire shine, wax or clear coat. 

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Automatic Car Wash Prices

Although the automatic car wash works in a similar way to the touchless one, it has materials that will touch your vehicle. You can still wash your car by hand, but you will be using some other equipment.

You can anticipate paying $10-30 per wash. Additional services will cost extra if you add them on. If you aren’t careful, you could find yourself spending far more on these options than if you had the vehicle detailed. Some establishments offer loyalty programs that allow you to get discounts if you come back often and pre-pay. 

Car Washing Costs

Avoid automated washing if you want your car's paint to last as long as possible. That’s where the hand wash comes in. You won’t have as many swirl marks and scratches in the paint when it is done. 

It will take more time to wash your car by hand than with the automatic options. Additionally, the employees must wash your vehicle manually. This could lead to a cost of $25-40 per wash.

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Prices for Full-Service Auto Wash

If you want the entire car washed and detailed, it’s best to visit a full-service shop. It’s going to take some time for the wash to be done, so bring along a book to read or work to do.

You could spend anywhere from $100 to $200 depending on your car and the type of service you require. Most people only wash their vehicle once a year to give it a little extra care. It’s seen as an investment, not only because it helps protect the exterior and interior of the vehicle, but it will also help you get the highest resale value possible when you go to sell. This service might be worth the investment every year or six months. 

Car Wash Vs. Car Detail

Although the terms car wash or car detailing are sometimes used interchangeably they actually refer to two distinct things. Both the procedures and cost are different. However, both methods are going to clean your car, it’s just a matter of how well.

The exterior of a car is washed and hosed off during a normal car wash. However, there are different methods. This process can be done quickly, particularly if your machine is automatic. A wax, shine, or other options can be added to your wash. 

However, the process of detailing the car will be more laborious. Detailing the car could take hours. Workers will begin by washing your car. However, they will be using advanced equipment to do the job. A vacuum, dusting, and protective agent will be used to clean the interior. 

The car will look exactly the same in the showroom after the detailing. The process takes more time and costs more. A complete inspection of the vehicle should be done at least once a year if the goal is to eventually sell it. Maintaining the vehicle will ensure that it has a greater resale potential. 

Wash your car and save money

These are some steps to help you reduce the cost of car washes.

  • You can purchase the necessary supplies to wash your car at home. While this won’t save you money at first, you won’t be paying for each car wash.
  • Subscribe to a car washing subscription. A lot of automatic and hand washing locations offer monthly subscriptions or loyalty plans. Pay a set amount and you will get unlimited wash or a discount on the next one. Talk to your local establishment to find out what’s offered. 
  • Use a coupon. Ask your establishment for coupons. Check the local directory, saving mailers, and their website for coupons. In some cases, the car wash will even accept competitors’ coupons, so be sure to ask. 

If you want to get your money’s worth out of a car wash, make sure you keep the vehicle clean. The more often you wash it, the better the service will perform because there’s less grime and dirt to remove.

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