What Color Should You Choose? (Pros & Cons)

When choosing the right color for your car, it is important to choose carefully. It might seem fun to select a vibrant color that makes people smile but white and black are the most preferred options. But how can you make the right choice between white and black? Make sure you weigh all the factors before making a choice about the vehicle that will be your future car.

A white car looks fashionable, is easy to wash, and can be sold easily. It also keeps the temperatures cool. However, white cars don’t hide dirt well, show rust and there’s an abundance of them. While black cars look elegant, hide rust and are more difficult to maintain, they attract birds and are easier to clean. 

This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. You should now be able decide which option is right for you by the end of this guide.

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  1. A White Car: The Advantages
    1. 1. Fashionable
    2. 2. Simple to Clean
    3. 3. Selling is easy
    4. 4. Below-average Temperature
    5. 5. Visible
  2. The Cons of a White Car
    1. 1. Doesn’t Hide Dirt
    2. 2. Traffic overload
    3. 3. It's easy to see Rust
  3. Black Cars: The Benefits
    1. 1. Elegance
    2. 2. Hides Rust
  4. The Cons of Owning a Black Car
    1. 1. It is difficult to clean
    2. 2. Bird Droppings:
    3. 3. This is Hot
  5. Black Car or White Car? Which Car is Best?

A White Car: The Advantages

1. Fashionable

White cars are still very popular. Many automakers offer the color free of charge. It’s universal and looks good in any setting.

Blending in can be a good thing, especially if you don’t want to excite the senses of cops as you drive by. If you are looking for the most practical option, you can’t go wrong with white. 

2. Simple to Clean

White is one the easiest colors for car cleaning. You won’t see smudges and water spots as easily, making washing and waxing an easier job.

You will be able to see scratches in paint if there is a lot of them. Although you may need some paint to fix scratches, it will be less expensive than buying a similar color in black. It is hard to spot small defects in white cars, which is why car makers often use them at car shows.

3. Selling is easy

Because white cars are so popular, you won’t have any trouble selling them either. You will find many buyers for white cars.

If you don’t want to search for the right buyer, white is a great option. Plus, you won’t have trouble getting a dealership to take it off of your hands. 

4. Below-average Temperature

If you've ever visited a hot country you will have seen that most cars there are white. Because whites reflect light, they keep the interior of your car cool. There’s nothing cooler than a white car in the summer, ensuring you don’t have to overwork the air conditioning system. 

You will be grateful for any assistance you get if your area is hot and humid. It might not be as important to you, if your home is in the northern hemisphere. In hot areas, white paint is preferred because it will not be as affected by the sun.

5. Visible

It’s easier to see a white car than it is a black one. This protection is essential if you drive in low light conditions a lot.

The right lighting will make sure that any color car is visible. Heavy snow can make it difficult for white cars to be seen. 

The Cons of a White Car

1. Doesn’t Hide Dirt

You won’t have trouble hiding the dust on a white car, but dirt and mud are very noticeable. It may be necessary to wash your car more frequently. 

Thankfully, it’s easy to get clean. The only downside is you really can’t tell the car is clean once it’s done. You don’t get the same shocking appeal after a car wash that comes with a black car.

If you are in cold countries with salt roads, it is likely that the white paint will turn yellowish or orange. It will also be more difficult to maintain. You need to first consider your country's conditions!

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2. Traffic overload

You can easily get lost in the sea of white cars as you drive down the street. Sometimes it can be hard to make a statement.

This may not sound like an issue until you're trying to locate your car in a congested parking lot. You have to be careful you don’t choose the wrong white car. 

3. It's easy to see Rust

Rust can be seen as a car age. A white vehicle is less likely to have rust than other colors. 

White paint isn’t as forgiving with rust. It is important to fix any signs of rust, particularly if you are trying to sell the item. 

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Black Cars: The Benefits

1. Elegance

There’s no other color as elegant as the black car. That’s why many luxury cars are driving down the street with a black finish. 

A black car looks more assertive and powerful than a white one. The car looks better when it is kept clean. A black car is also one of the most popular colors for resale. This may be due to its elegant design and high popularity.

2. Hides Rust

There may not be a lot you can hide on a black car, but rust can’t be seen. When a black car starts to corrode, it’s very difficult to notice.

You should also be able match black paint to fix any damaged spots. There’s much more leeway when working with black paint than many others. 

The Cons of Owning a Black Car

1. It is difficult to clean

It looks stunning when kept clean. However, it’s so difficult to get it looking its best and it never lasts for long.

The biggest problem with black cars is the fact that every water spot will be visible after you wash it. This means that you need to dry it properly. High-quality wax and polish are required because swirl marks and scratches on car paint can be easily seen from car washes. Black cars are very vulnerable to dents.

2. Bird Droppings:

The black car is a collector of dirt. However, that’s not all that likes to build up on darker cars. The black car attracts birds for some strange reason. 

White poop spots are common in areas where there are birds. These don’t just look horrible, but they mean you must clean the car again, otherwise, the car paint can get damaged.

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3. This is Hot

Black colors, unlike white cars, retain heat. It will become very hot inside the car after just a few minutes spent in sunlight.

The air conditioner will need to be pushed harder. The car may also be miserable until the air conditioner cools down. In hot places, the sun can cause damage to black paint.

Black Car or White Car? Which Car is Best?

Which of these car colors is the most appealing? You have many options to choose between white or black car colors. The most in-demand colors are white and black. Not only do you need to think about the look you are going for, but it’s important to consider your climate.

A white car is a good choice if you're looking for something practical, clean, and stylish. However, if you want something elegant and don’t mind spending more time on maintenance, the black car is a better option.

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