Water Coming Out Of The Exhaust Pipe? (Ought to You Fear?)

Your automobile’s inner combustion engine releases exhaust fuel as a part of its regular operation. If these gases had been to stay within the engine, it might be very harmful. Nonetheless, it's simply as alarming whenever you see one thing apart from gases popping out of the exhaust, similar to water. What are a few of the causes of water coming or dripping out of the exhaust?

In some circumstances, the water is taken into account a standard byproduct of the operation. Nonetheless, there are different occasions when it's best to take the leaking fluid severely and have it checked out. Let’s check out the attainable causes:

The commonest cause for water dripping from the exhaust pipe is simply regular water condensation. Odor or style the water from the exhaust pipe and if it doesn't odor or style candy, there's most likely nothing to fret about. If it smells candy, it’s coolant.

These causes are the quick listing of the primary causes of water dripping from the exhaust pipe. Allow us to take a extra in-depth look into the commonest causes:

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  1. Water is Dripping Out of Your Tailpipe Causes
    1. 1. Water Condensation
    2. 2. Catalytic Converter Condensation
    3. 3. Head Gasket Failure
    4. 4. Faulty EGR cooler
    5. 5. Faulty Pistons or Rings
  2. Price to Repair Water Coming from the Exhaust

Water is Dripping Out of Your Tailpipe Causes

1. Water Condensation

Smoke From Exhaust

The obvious cause you will note water coming from the exhaust is because of condensation. This course of is totally regular and occurs for a wide range of causes.

Throughout the inner combustion course of, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor are shaped. Because the gases go away the combustion chamber, gases are being blended with the water molecules. Because the engine cools, water condensation usually turns into seen, particularly from the tail pipe. 

If the water droplets cease after a couple of minutes, there’s nothing to fret about. In any other case, you might need a bigger drawback in your fingers. 

2. Catalytic Converter Condensation

Catalytic Converter 1 E1609777534665

As with the condensation coming from the engine, you might also be coping with water vapor from the catalytic converter. Bear in mind, the cat is altering the chemical make-up of the gases, thereby creating extra water molecules.

Within the conversion, water vapor could make its approach out of the tailpipe. As with the earlier condensation, this could resolve itself inside a couple of minutes and is taken into account a standard operate of the exhaust system. 

3. Head Gasket Failure

Head Gasket On Engine

Whereas the earlier causes weren’t something to get alarmed about, a head gasket failure is. If the water coming out of your exhaust is because of a blown head gasket, you have got a significant issue.

The blown head gasket usually comes with white smoke coming from the tail pipe and water droplets. You may additionally see air within the coolant reservoir or your engine would possibly start overheating. Both approach, you need to get the issue resolved rapidly earlier than you want a whole engine alternative. 

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4. Faulty EGR cooler

Volkswagen Egr Cooler

Some newer automobile engines, particularly diesel engines, use an EGR cooler to chill down the exhaust gases earlier than coming into the consumption. The coolant cools the exhaust gases, and this half can crack. If the EGR cooler cracks, it could possibly trigger coolant to come back into the exhaust pipe and drip from the tailpipe.

If the water coming from the tailpipe smells candy, it may undoubtedly be brought on by a damaged EGR cooler in case your automobile is provided with one.

5. Faulty Pistons or Rings

Piston Ring Function

Worn-out piston rings or a foul piston solely trigger water to come back from the tail pipe if the pinnacle gasket can be blown or there's already condensation within the exhaust. Moreover, dangerous pistons and rings can result in different signs.

You would possibly discover a sooty exhaust, oily residue coming from the exhaust or blue smoke. Both approach, you don’t need to proceed driving with dangerous pistons or rings.

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Price to Repair Water Coming from the Exhaust

If the water is brought on by regular condensation, there’s nothing to restore. Nonetheless, each a blown head gasket and faulty pistons or rings ought to be handled instantly.

The price to restore a blown head gasket is between $1,000 and $2,000, however not due to the elements. As a substitute, this restore takes a very long time, resulting in larger labor costs. Moreover, the price to exchange faulty pistons and rings is between $1,000 and $5,000, primarily due to how labor-intensive the job is. If both of those conditions is left unresolved, it's going to result in needing a whole engine alternative. 

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