Toyota Tacoma SR5 Vs. TRD – What Are The Differences?

Toyota Tacoma is an enthusiast favorite compact pickup truck. There are many trim options available, so it can be difficult to choose the right one. The Toyota Tacoma SR5 vs. the Toyota Tacoma TRD. How can you tell which Tacoma trim is best for you?

They have different engine configurations, which is one of the most notable differences between the SR5 or TRD trims. Both offer different levels of offroad performance and pricing, as well as various tech features. Both trims have the same configurations of seating, beds sizes, and hauling or towing capabilities. 

This guide will discuss the various Tacoma trims. The differences between the trims are also discussed and we suggest which one might be the most suitable for you.

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  1. Toyota Tacoma Trim levels
  2. Toyota Tacoma SR5 vs. TRD Differences
    1. 1. Modification of the Engine
    2. 2. Performance off-road
    3. 3. Interior Design Features
    4. 4. Prices
  3. Toyota Tacoma SR5 vs. TRD Similarities
    1. 1. Different seating configurations
    2. 2. Bed Length
    3. 3. Ability to Tow/Haul
  4. Which is best for you? Toyota Tacoma SR5 vs. TRD
    1. 1. Price
    2. 2. These are the features
    3. 3. Capability
    4. 4. Off-road Travel

Toyota Tacoma Trim levels

It Toyota Tacoma, the newest Six trim levels are available for the pickup truck. There are six options for truck trims.

There are two TRD-type model options from here. The TRD Sport is the most off-road-focused trim, while the TRD Off Road-Road offers the highest. Toyota also offers the Limited trim which is luxury-oriented and follows these off-road trucks. The Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is at the top of this lineup. It is capable of off-road travel but it also comes at a high price. 

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Toyota Tacoma SR5 vs. TRD Differences

1. Modification of the Engine

Standard equipment for the SR and SR5 trims is a 159-horsepower 2.7 liter four-cylinder engine. TRD models feature a 278 horsepower 3.5-liter, V6 engine. However, this more powerful V6 can be added to the  SR and SR5 trim levels, but it costs more. 

You can also choose from the manual or six-speed auto transmissions. What’s interesting is that the Tacoma is the only pickup still produced with a manual option. 

2. Performance off-road

Toyota Tacomas are a popular choice among off-roaders. However, the SR and SR5 trims don’t have the equipment you need to rip up the trails. 

To tackle challenging terrain, one of the TRD trims is better. TRD Pro and TRD Off-Road come with sophisticated equipment like off-road shocks or skid plates. Also, a locked rear differential allows for suspension tuning. 

3. Interior Design Features

The base trim level is the SR. The SR5 adds a few additional features to the standard technology features. The SR5 model includes standard Amazon Alexa and Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Android Auto as well as Bluetooth. It also has an 8-inch touchscreen. The SR5 model also features three USB ports and a leather-wrapped wheel. It also has a six speaker sound system. Fog lights, adaptive cruise controller, frontal emergency brake, forward collision warning, and forward collision warning are some of the standard safety features. 

You can choose TRD Sport to get a leather wrapped shift knob, dual zone automatic climate control, wireless charging, and a leather-wrapped shift lever. The Limited model also features leather upholstery and a premium JBL six-speaker sound system. 

4. Prices

Toyota Tacoma SR5 MSRP is $29 180, slightly more than the SR5 which starts at $26,500. These are two of the most affordable models in the lineup.

TRD models will cost more, if you choose them. The MSRP for the TRD Sport starts at $33,410 and the TRD Off-Road begins at $34,690. TRD Pro begins at $46,135, while the limited is $39,255.

Toyota Tacoma SR5 vs. TRD Similarities

1. Different seating configurations

You can choose from a wide range of seats in the Tacoma line-up, although most are compatible with the majority the trims. You can fit four people in the Access Cab. 

Double Cabs can accommodate five passengers instead. Both configurations can be chosen with any of the available trim levels. TRD Pro and Limited are only offered as Double Cabs. 

2. Bed Length

A Tacoma equipped with Access Cab will come with a 6-foot-one inch truck bed. The Double Cab is available with either the shorter or 5-foot option. With this in mind, it’s clear that every trim can be outfitted with either truck bed size.

All trucks come with a retractable tailgate. The trucks also have composite inner-bed walls and adjustable tie-downs. 

3. Ability to Tow/Haul

Toyota Tacoma has a maximum towing load of 6,800 pounds. You can choose from the SR, SR5 and TRD Sport models to reach this limit. You just have to make sure it is equipped with rear-wheel drive, the V6 engine and the automaker’s Tow Package.

If you prefer to get one of the models with the four-cylinder engine, you can still tow about 3,500 pounds, which isn’t too shabby. The four-cylinder engine offers a higher payload of 1,685 pounds.

The base SR model has superior performance in both directions. It comes with an Access Cab and V6 engine. If you add the Tow package and rear-wheel drive, you can achieve the highest level of towing but still reach a payload capacity of 1,525 pounds, which isn’t too much lower than the maximum. 

Which is best for you? Toyota Tacoma SR5 vs. TRD

1. Price

The SR5 is the best option if you are concerned about the price of your truck. While this isn’t the lowest-price option of the entire lineup, it’s cheaper than the TRD models. 

If you want to lower the cost, the base SR trim is a good choice. Although this entry-level Tacoma does not have as many features and power, it will still provide you with complete satisfaction. 

You will still get a great deal no matter what trim level you choose. You can find a Tacoma with a starting price anywhere from $26k – $46k, which is reasonable. 

2. These are the features

Every Toyota Tacoma model comes with all the most recent features and equipment. The base model has all the latest safety features and is very well equipped.

You will see that there are fewer standard features in the SR5 than the TRD model. This is primarily to lower the cost. The TRD ranks will give you more options. The Limited trim is for those who want the most luxurious of luxury. 

3. Capability

We discussed how you can get maximum towing capability with virtually any Tacoma. It’s all based on how you equip the truck. 

TRD models are standard equipped with the V6 engine, which provides greater towing power. However, you have the option of adding the SR5 powertrain to the TRD model. Evaluate what’s needed to get the tow or payload rating that you need and price out all of the trims with this in mind. 

4. Off-road Travel

While you could easily take the SR5 down a mild trail, there’s nothing compared with the TRD models. There are many TRD models to choose from. TRD Sport comes in the lowest price, with a tuned suspension.

There’s also a TRD Off-Road truck. The model comes with an off-road suspension and Bilstein shocks. It also has a locking rear differential. Active traction control is available if the model has a manual transmission. An automatic transmission with 4-wheel drive is also available with crawl and multi-terrain select.

TRD Pro is at the top of TRD's lineup. The TRD Pro model includes an LED fog light, multi-terrain monitor and a skid plate. It also has a TRD tuned exhaust system and suspension.

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