Toyota Camry: P0562 – System Voltage Low

P0562 is a typical OBD-II hassle code.  It’s a normal code, which signifies that it means the identical factor for any car, together with the Toyota Camry.  P0562 signifies that the system voltage is under 10 volts for a strong minute.  With the engine operating, the system voltage needs to be 14.1-14.4 volts, and it’s usually brought on by a foul alternator.  It’s quite common to get the battery mild with P0562.

P0562 Toyota Camry


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  1. P0562 Fast Info
  2. P0562 Signs:  Toyota Camry
  3. P0562 Causes + Prognosis:  Toyota Camry
    1. 1. Alternator
    2. 2. Voltage Regulator
    3. 3. Battery Wiring
    4. 4. Unhealthy Battery
    5. 5. Huge Battery Drain
  4. Conclusion:  P0562 Toyota Camry

P0562 Fast Info

  • P0562 is triggered every time your Camry’s voltage drops under 10 volts for over a minute straight.
  • Very best voltage needs to be round 14 volts with the engine operating.
  • There are normally no noticeable signs.
  • It's mostly brought on by a foul alternator.


P0562 Signs:  Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry P0562 Symptoms

If P0562 is the one code your Camry has, there usually aren’t any noticeable signs.(apart from the test engine/battery mild).  Signs can and can seem if the battery voltage drops too far.

In the event you do expertise signs, it’s because of battery drain.  it is rather possible that your Camry wouldn’t even flip again on if you happen to tried.  The battery could have drained an excessive amount of to have interaction the starter once more.


Listed below are the most typical P0562 Signs:

  • Test Engine Light– That is the most typical symptom, and infrequently the one symptom.
  • Low Battery Gentle/Warning–  You’ll greater than possible get the battery mild with this code.
  • Poor Gasoline Economic system–  This could happen when your Camry’s engine and pc are usually not getting sufficient voltage.  It could not be capable of right the ignition timing or air/gas combination in actual time anymore.  Or, the spark shall be too weak.
  • Misfiring– With out sufficient voltage to fireplace the spark plugs correctly, the motor will sputter and cough.  The test engine mild could even start to flash if the misfire is unhealthy sufficient.
  • Issues Shifting– At this time’s trendy computerized transmissions are pc managed.  With out sufficient voltage attending to them, they received’t be capable of reply to the engine RPM and car pace in a well timed method.
  • Received’t Begin– A quite common state of affairs with P0562 is operating the car and all the things is working high quality, and the test engine mild comes on (battery mild too, normally).  You get the car residence and while you go to drive it once more it received’t begin.  This strongly signifies a foul alternator.  


P0562 Causes + Prognosis:  Toyota Camry

Listed below are the most typical causes of P0562:


1. Alternator

Camry P0562 Diagnosis
A typical alternator

The alternator provides voltage to the battery and to your entire Camry’s electrical system whereas it's operating.  If it goes unhealthy, then it might probably trigger P0562.  If it goes all the way in which unhealthy that’s make diagnosing the code comparatively simple.  The car received’t begin if it runs too lengthy with a foul alternator.  How lengthy it might take to empty the battery all the way in which goes to rely on the battery’s age and driving circumstances.

It’s when the alternator begins to intermittently fail it may be tough to diagnose.  Most auto components shops will be capable of check your alternator totally free.  In the event you do find yourself needing a brand new alternator, they're considerably inexpensive.  Make sure that to alter the serpentine belt if you are at it.

Toyota Camry Alternator Prognosis


2. Voltage Regulator

The voltage regulator ensures {that a} sure degree of voltage passes to the charging system to maintain it from overloading.  It could possibly maintain an excessive amount of voltage from passing and throw P0562.


3. Battery Wiring

There’s plenty of wiring related together with your Camry’s charging system.  You'll want to test for corrosion, fraying, and poor connections across the following wiring:

  • Battery Terminals– The battery terminals, if left alone lengthy sufficient, will corrode on any car.  When this occurs it’s tough for the charging system to operate correctly.
  • Alternator to Battery Wiring– Check out the wiring from the alternator to the battery.  Look to see if it has been broken or frayed in any means.  Pay specific discover to any half which may be making contact with some other a part of the engine.
  • Floor Wire– The bottom wire that bolts to the detrimental battery terminal will bolt to the chassis or engine block.  Be sure that the connection is robust and corrosion free.
  • PCM Connection to Alternator– Test to see if the wiring going from the alternator straight to the PCM appears to be like good.  It has a protracted distance to journey, and whereas nicely protected, can nonetheless get broken.  Search for fraying the place the wiring harness connects to the PCM.  That is the least possible wiring difficulty on this record, so solely pursue it if all the things else results in a lifeless finish.


4. Unhealthy Battery

Whereas a foul battery can throw P0562, it’s not almost as possible as an alternator or wiring difficulty.  It's best to have it examined earlier than changing anyway.


5. Huge Battery Drain

In case your car has aftermarket gear corresponding to a really excessive watt stereo system, winch, or one thing else, it might be putting such a heavy load on the charging system that you just’re getting P0562.  Bear in mind, it must be not less than a minute to throw the code.

There may also be a serious energy drain if one thing goes flawed as nicely.  This could occur if one thing shorts out and begins pulling means an excessive amount of voltage.

Toyota Camry Battery Drain Prognosis


Conclusion:  P0562 Toyota Camry

Monitoring down P0562 may be powerful.  It’s normally the alternator that's at fault.  If there may be something that you just wish to add, please depart a remark under.  Good luck fixing your Camry!


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