These are the 50 best car blogs you should read in 2022

Follow the best automotive blogs online if you're passionate about automobiles. Although there are many auto blogs that can be found on Google, not all of them have current information and are regularly updated.

That’s why we’ve researched and created a list of the top 50 automotive blogs for you to follow and subscribe to get the best information and updates from the automotive world.

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  1. 1. YourMechanic
  2. 2. Motor Verso
  3. 3. Motor Trend
  4. 4. ReviewJam
  5. 5. Edmunds
  6. 6. Driver and Car
  7. 7. Kelly Blue Book
  8. 8. Car talk
  9. 9. TopSpeed
  10. 10. Girls Auto Clinic Blog
  11. 11. Bibles for Cars
  12. 12. Autoblog
  13. 13. MotorAuthority
  14. 14. IHS Markit
  15. 15. Corvette Blogger
  16. 16. The Throttle is Off
  17. 17. Autoextremist
  18. 18. Paul Tan’s Automotive News
  19. 19. Get Auto Repair Help
  20. 20. Left Lane News
  21. 21. Cars that are good and bad
  22. 22. Be Car Chic
  23. 23. The Torque Report
  24. 24. From zero to 60
  25. 25. Chris on Cars
  26. 26. List of Exotic Cars
  27. 27. Popular Mechanics
  28. 28. The safe driver
  29. 29. Celectrity Cars Blog
  30. 30. BMW Blog
  31. 31. Denlors tools
  32. 32. Car Scoops
  33. 33. Green Car Congress
  34. 34. Bang Shift
  35. 35. Master Tech Mark
  36. 36. Steward Auto Repair
  37. 37. Ask Patty
  38. 38. Car Connection
  39. 39. Car Throttle
  40. 40. Quattro World
  41. 41. Motor1
  42. 42. Automobile addicts
  43. 43. Complaints About Cars
  44. 44. Hybrid Cars
  45. 45. Repair Pal
  46. 46. The Smoking Tire
  47. 47. MPGoMatic
  48. 48. Classic Car
  49. 49. Speed Hunters
  50. 50. Kia World Blog
  51. Best Car Blog Submission

1. YourMechanic


Visit: YourMechanic
Need help maintaining your car or fixing it? YourMechanic will be your best friend. You will find a wide range of automotive repair information, from diagnostics to fault codes to replacement parts. If you have a question about your car that’s not working properly, just contact YourMechanic.

2. Motor Verso

Motor Verso Logo 100

Visit: Motor Verso
Motor Verso is a blog that focuses on performance and luxury vehicles, as well as unique limited-edition cars. You will find a variety of reviews and product, gadget, or accessory reviews on the blog. You can also find road trips on the blog to help you plan your next luxury vehicle journey.

3. Motor Trend

Motor Trend

Visit: Motor Trend
Motor Trend's history dates back to 1949, when the first issue was published by Petersen-Verlag. Motor Trend covers all things automotive, from industry news to reviews and even vintage car buying. If you’re planning on buying a new car, be sure to visit the Motor Trend Buyer’s Guide.

4. ReviewJam

Review Jam

Visit: ReviewJam
ReviewJam is an online marketplace that reviews products for garden and automotive tools. You can rest assured that the articles have been thoroughly researched and will give you the most relevant options. In 2020, the website will be relaunched and it continues to grow.

5. Edmunds

Edmunds Logo

Visit: Edmunds
Edmunds was founded in 1966 as a publishing business. Edmunds Blog includes information regarding vehicle pricing, vehicle specifications, dealer inventories, vehicle price lists, car buying tips, vehicle comparisons, as well as vehicle reviews. Edmunds’ goal is to provide all the necessary information before buying a new or used car.

6. Driver and Car

Car And Driver Logo

Visit: Car and driver
Car and Driver is another name you can trust in the auto industry. This blog provides a wide range of information, including car reviews, news, buying advice and road tests. You should visit Car and Driver if you are considering buying a vehicle.

7. Kelly Blue Book

Visit: Kelly Blue Book
The Kelly Blue Book is a must-read for anyone who purchases a used or new vehicle. This blog contains all the information you need about dealers and prices for cars. KBB has a reputation for accurately assessing the market value of used vehicles and offering expert consumer opinions.

8. Car talk

Visit: Talk about cars
Car Talk, the place for automotive fans interested in racing videos, aftermarket products and exotic muscle cars and industry news is where you should go. This blog also links to another site where you will find interesting podcasts regarding car selling, buying, driving, and many other topics.

9. TopSpeed

Visit: TopSpeed
TopSpeed has comprehensive auto information, organized in categories. It is possible to search topics that are related to specific countries, models or auto shows. TopSpeed's archive includes everything you could need, including car reviews and industry news. The blog also has a section dedicated to car games.

10. Girls Auto Clinic Blog

Visit: Girls Auto Clinic Blog
Who says women don’t like cars? Girls who love cars will find the Girls Auto Clinic Blog helpful. This blog provides all sorts of guides and information to help educate women on car maintenance and buying, as well as home improvements and other topics. This blog includes information about auto repair shops as well as car dealerships.

11. Bibles for Cars

Visit: Bibles for Cars
Chris started the Car Bibles blog back in 2005. The site has many informative guides and reviews of cars, as well as reviews of parts, reviews of vehicles, and more. Car Bibles has a relaxed, friendly tone that allows newcomers to easily understand important information.

12. Autoblog

Visit: Autoblog
Oath Inc. owns Autoblog, the largest American Internet-based auto blog. The blog attracts more than 9.2 million people per month, and it has over 1.4million Facebook fans. It publishes approximately 84 posts per semaine, which include automotive industry news and reviews as well as vehicle buying tools.

13. MotorAuthority

Visit: MotorAuthority
The MotorAuthority blog has all you need to know about automobiles, whether your a consumer or an enthusiast. You will also find articles about luxury cars and spy shots.

14. IHS Markit

Visit: IHS Markit Blog
IHS Automotive's blog discusses a range of automotive topics, including sales, marketing and strategies. It also covers the most recent technologies and up-to-date information. Daily articles are posted on politics and government in relation to the automotive industry. You will also find articles about the latest news and revelations regarding new cars.

15. Corvette Blogger

Visit: Corvette Blogger
Corvette enthusiasts will find the Corvette Blogger dedicated. You will find all information regarding the Corvette models and prices as well reviews. This blog is for Corvette owners and future Corvette buyers.

16. The Throttle is Off

Visit: The Throttle is Off
The excellent Off the Throttle blog has tons of content for new and experienced motor enthusiasts. Scott is the blogger, YouTuber, journalist, writer and car enthusiast who runs it. Scott's content has appeared on Yahoo!, Business Insider, GT Spirit and GT Spirit. A YouTube channel is also available on the blog that features car reviews and humorous videos as well as stories about cars.

17. Autoextremist

Visit: Autoextremist
Peter M. DeLorenzo manages Autoextremist, a man with more than 22 year experience in the field of automotive advertising and marketing. It provides an in-depth look at the auto industry, and also publishes news and comments about the automobile world.

18. Paul Tan’s Automotive News

Visit: Paul Tan’s Automotive News
Paul Tan is referred to as ‘Malaysia’s No. 1 source for automotive news’. The blog offers the latest news and updates on Malaysia’s automotive industry as well as articles on car and motorcycle tips, test reports, truck reviews, and more.

19. Get Auto Repair Help

Visit: Get Auto Repair Help
My Auto Repair Advice offers car repair tips in a highly informative blog. This blog contains advice from professional mechanics, who are eager to help people repair their cars at home. There are many articles on how to fix your car and what the cost of repairs.

20. Left Lane News

Visit: Left Lane News
Left Lane News, a leading blog in automotive news is one. This blog is known as one of the most prominent places to publish news. Other content on Left Lane News includes vehicle reviews, buyer’s guides, technical information, pricing, and vehicle specifications.

21. Cars that are good and bad

Visit: Cars that are good and bad
Good Car Bad Car specialises in monitoring car sales. They have a special section which allows you to view sales segments. You can also find information about the top-selling vehicles in the UK and US.

22. Be Car Chic

Visit: Be Car Chic
Melanie Batenchuk created Be Car Chic in 2009 Melanie Batenchuk set out to empower and educate women in the auto industry. There is a section on the blog that features profiles of female drivers as well as information about their driving habits. You will also find articles about industry news and car reviews as well as analyses of the automotive market.

23. The Torque Report

Visit: The Torque Report
You will find all information regarding news in the auto industry such as car debuts, car shows or prototype spy photos, new cars and eco-cars on the Torque Report. Daily updates include green reports, reviews and model specifics.

24. From zero to 60

Visit: Zero to 60 Times
Would you love to know how fast certain cars are? Then the blog ‘Zero to 60 Times’ is just the right thing for you. This blog provides information on the statistics between 0 and 60 times for almost all cars. You’ll also find other entertaining posts about car reviews, comparisons, top 10 articles, and more.

25. Chris on Cars

Visit: Chris on Cars
If you are quickly attracted to pictures, ‘Chris on Cars’ is the blog you should follow. Here you’ll find some of the best car photography as well as fascinating articles on test drives, reviews, product reviews, and more. This blog allows guest posting and contains some Hollywood-related articles.

26. List of Exotic Cars

Visit: List blog Exotic Cars
Exotic Car List is the place to go if you love exotic cars. Visit this blog before you decide to buy an exotic vehicle. There you'll find tons of information, such as reviews and comparisons on prices, about each car.

Visit: Popular Mechanics
Popular Mechanics has a reputation for sharing informative articles on the automobile industry, science and technology. This blog keeps you informed about the most recent news in the auto industry and automotive culture.

28. The safe driver

Visit: The safe driver
Many automotive blogs concentrate on reviews and buying guides. The Safe Driver, however, is an informative blog that aims to teach readers how to safely drive on the roads. You will find articles on how to properly handle your car and parallel park, as well as tips for using the side mirrors. The blog also offers driving quizzes, surveys, and a Q&A section.

29. Celectrity Cars Blog

Visit: Celebrity Cars Blog
Would you like to know which car Pink Floyd’s drummer Nick Mason drives? It’s a Blue LaFerrari. The Celebrity Cars Blog contains all information you need about which car your favourite actor/singer drives. Simply select the star you wish to view all cars owned or driven by that celebrity. There are also other interesting sections like ‘Top 5 Celebrities that drive pink cars’.

30. BMW Blog

Visit: BMW Blog
This blog hosts the largest group of BMW fans anywhere. There are many BMW lovers around the world that have registered to this blog. They love reading about BMW rumors and reviews. Join the BMW Blog, whether you're a BMW owner or plan on buying one.

31. Denlors tools

Visit: Denlors tools
Denlors Tools is a great resource for those who don't like going to car dealers to purchase components. The blog was established in 2005. They offer everything: air conditioner tools, power tools (including suspension systems), diagnostic tools, measurement tools, power tools, as well as tools for diagnosing and measuring. Denlors Tools offers frequent customers discounts as well.

32. Car Scoops

Visit: Car Scoops
John Halas founded Car Scoops and it is a fantastic source for news, updates and reviews on cars. You can also find spy photos, info about future cars, and fancy articles on the blog. You can also publish articles on this website if you're an automotive writer.

33. Green Car Congress

Visit: Green Car Congress
Green Car Congress is a daily update on eco-friendly cars, issues related to clean transport technology, as well as discussions on policies for sustainable mobility. The goal of the Green Car Congress is to educate and inspire visitors on zero emission transport.

34. Bang Shift

Visit: Bang Shift
Bang Shift's focus is on hot rods, muscle cars, and other motor vehicles. Chad Reynolds, Brian Lohnes, and Chad Reynolds have been running it since 2008. They offer daily news, reviews of muscle cars, videos, as well updates about news from the muscle car world.

35. Master Tech Mark

Visit: Master Tech Mark
Master Tech Mark's leader is Mark Gittleman who is a qualified automotive technician and is eager to share his expertise on cars through this blog. This site contains a variety of articles about car repair and DIY, along with manuals and tips for fixing motorcycles. Master Tech Mark is a great place to start if you are looking for more information about car repair.

36. Steward Auto Repair

Visit: Steward Auto Repair Blog
Steward Auto Repair Blog is dedicated to car repair and troubleshooting. This blog is full of helpful articles and videos that will help you fix any car problems. There are also testimonials of people who have used the methods described in this blog.

37. Ask Patty

Visit: Ask Patty
Ask Patty had one main purpose: to educate women on car sales, repairs and maintenance. The blog has seen rapid growth and many people now use it to get real, trustworthy information about car dealers and car parts.

38. Car Connection

Visit: Car Connection
Car Connection, a top automotive blog provides all the latest information and updates. The Car Connection features exclusive car reviews, spy images, reviews of car shows, and details about the newest cars.

39. Car Throttle

Visit: Car Throttle
Dubbed as “Buzzfeed for Cars”, this blog was created by Adnan Ebrahim for young automotive enthusiasts like himself. This blog features articles on the latest automotive developments, videos and information about Formula 1 and retro- and vintage cars. A large number of people are classified by the vehicles they own.

40. Quattro World

Visit: Quattro World
Magnusua Decker created the Quattro world in 2009 for Audi fans. You will find everything you need to know about Audi vehicles and updates. If you love Audis, make sure you bookmark Quattro World.

41. Motor1

Visit: Motor1
Motor1 is ideal both for new and old car buyers and enthusiasts. You will find daily updates on the auto industry, news about supercars and sedans, as well as auto reviews. Access the blog and view their buying guide in nine languages.

42. Automobile addicts

Visit: Automobile addicts
Malcolm Hogan founded Automotive Addicts in 2004, and it contains informative news articles, including vehicle reviews and test drives.

43. Complaints About Cars

Visit: Complaints About Cars
Car Complaints makes use of authentic information submitted by users to create detailed reports about vehicle malfunctions. The blog is completely free and allows visitors to view all the car problems and solutions as well the costs and mileage. It also features stories from car owners.

44. Hybrid Cars

Visit: Hybrid Cars
This blog is dedicated to hybrid cars and provides extensive knowledge. You will find a number of articles on the environment, hybrid engines, and environmentally-friendly vehicles.

45. Repair Pal

Visit: Repair Pal
Repair Pal has everything you need when it comes to auto repairs. You will find a wide range of guides and stories about car repairs, as well as tips from other owners. You can even find the closest garage to get a price quote.

46. The Smoking Tire

Visit: The Smoking Tire
Matt Farah, Tom Morningstar and others created The Smoking Tire in 2009. The podcast features a weekly, 90 minute podcast that includes guests from entertainment, Hollywood and the automotive industry. Engineers, racers and other drivers share their experiences. A YouTube channel is also featured on this blog, featuring videos of sports cars, supercars, drifts, hot rods and more.

47. MPGoMatic

Visit: MPGoMatic
Daniel Gray created the MPGoMatic blog and provides all information about vehicle mileage. Interesting articles will be found about new cars, fuel efficiency, as well as reviews and comments. There is also a separate section for ‘best petrol car’, ‘best petrol SUV’, ‘best petrol van’, and more. MPGoMatic's best feature is its mileage calculator. This allows you to see how your vehicle compares with others on the site.

48. Classic Car

Visit: Classic Car
Classic Car News has the perfect place for those who are passionate about vintage or classic cars. It’s the largest community of classic car enthusiasts, and you’ll find tons of articles on car market analysis, auctions, future classic cars, commentaries, celebrity cars, car shows and more. Recently, the site was listed among America's fastest-growing private companies.

49. Speed Hunters

Visit: Speed Hunters
Speed Hunters is an international group of writers and photographers who have a shared interest in the automobile industry. Here you will find interesting articles about cars culture, cars stories, muscle cars and classic cars as well as concept cars. You can also shop online for exclusive clothing, accessories, stickers and other related items.

50. Kia World Blog

Visit: Kia World Blog
Kia World's blog is designed for Kia fans who wish to share their knowledge and get more information about Kia vehicles. You will find a lot of information here about the upcoming Kia cars as well as reviews and awards for them, Kia concept car designs, spy photos, rumors, and other details. The blog also contains information on local Kia dealerships throughout America.

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