The P0445 code - Definition, Causes, and Symptoms (& How to Fix It)

A P0445 Code appears in the engine control unit’s memory when it recognizes something wrong with the Purge control valve.

P0445 Trouble code can be caused by a variety of reasons, which are discussed here.

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  1. Definition of P0445
  2. What is the P0445?
  3. P0445 Symptoms
  4. Is the P0445 Code serious?
  5. The P0445 code: Causes
  6. How can you fix P0445?
  7. Common diagnostic errors
  8. Recommendations for Diagnosis
  9. How do I diagnose the P0445 Code?
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Definition of P0445

Evaporative Emission Control System – Purge Control Valve Circuit Shorted

What is the P0445?

A short circuit is a problem in the EVAP Systems purge valve.

The EVAP control valve regulates fuel vapors between engine and fuel tank. This solenoid is usually a one-pin design with one 12v+ or one ground.

P0445 Symptoms

Most likely, you won't see any symptoms from the P445 codes. The code can result in a decrease in fuel consumption and a reduced fuel smell, if left open.

  • Turn on the engine light
  • Fuel Smell
  • Probably, a slight decline in fuel efficiency.
  • The gas tank is under pressure.

Is the P0445 Code serious?

Very Low – The P0445 code will allow your car to function perfectly.

The only things that could happen are that your fuel consumption gets lower and that it is a little bit bad for the environment – because the fuel vapors will get released into the air.

The P0445 code: Causes

  • Solenoid for EVAP purge controller malfunction
  • Connecting to EVAP purge solenoid
  • Fried ECU/ECM

How can you fix P0445?

  • Reinstall the EVAP Purge valve
  • Rewire the EVAP purge valve.
  • Replace Engine control unit

Common diagnostic errors

It is a common error to begin looking for leaks in an EVAP's system. The P0442 Code could indicate this. P0445 Code indicates that there is an electrical problem with the circuit connecting to the EVAP purge valve, and not a leak within the EVAP system.

Recommendations for Diagnosis

How do I diagnose the P0445 Code?

  1. Ohm is the EVAP Purge Control Valve. Use a multimeter to measure between the pins. You need to replace your valve if you see 0 Ohms.
  2. The connector should be removed from the EVAP purge valve. A diagnostic tool capable of testing output can be connected. Turn the ECU on and test for 12v+ at one pin and Ground at the other. Also, it could be fluctuating output. This can best be seen using a test light.
  3. Take the connector out of the engine control device and remove it from the valve. You should measure both the wires to determine if they are connected or not. Any of these signs indicate that there may be a wiring issue.
  4. When activating the ECU with a diagnostic instrument, measure the ground and 12v+ outputs directly. If nothing happens – replace the ECU. However, ensure that your diagnostic tool is capable of performing this function.

Other Trouble Codes

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