The P0110 code - Definition, Causes, and Symptoms (& How to Fix It)

The P0110 code occurs in the engine control units trouble code memory when it finds a problem with the circuit’s intake air temperature sensor.

This could happen for a number of different reasons. We will cover all the details in this article about the trouble code P0110.

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  1. Definition of the code P0110.
  2. What is the P0110 Code?
  3. P0110 Trouble code Symptoms
  4. The P0110 code: Causes
  5. What is the severity of the P0110 Code Code?
  6. Which repairs are possible to fix P0110 codes?
  7. Common P0110 Diagnosis mistakes
  8. Recommendations for Diagnosis
  9. How do you diagnose P0110 trouble code?
  10. Calculated Cost for Repair
    1. Similar P0110 Trouble codes

Definition of the code P0110.

Intake Air Temperature Sensor – Circuit Malfunction

What is the P0110 Code?

This code signifies that the engine control unit has detected a problem with the intake temperature sensor.

The problem could either be the sensor being defective or the wiring. It refers to an issue with an electrical circuit and not to an air temperature problem.

The MAF sensor often incorporates the air intake temperature sensor.

P0110 Trouble code Symptoms

In most cases, the only sign you might experience with regard to the code P0110 is a check engine listing. Performance problems such as poor idle performance or rough idle can occur in some cases.

Any of the following symptoms may be present with P0110.

The P0110 code: Causes

P0110 codes indicate that something is wrong with the sensor's circuit. However, it doesn't mean that everything can be blamed.

These are some of the leading causes for the P0110 Code:

  • The Temperature Sensor of Faulty Air Intake
  • Faulty air intake temperature sensor connector plug (Corrosion).
  • Shorted or broken wiring to the sensor of air intake temperature
  • A bad engine control unit

What is the severity of the P0110 Code Code?

Low – If the P0110 error code is encountered, the engine will no longer read the air intake temperature and will instead use estimates. It is quite easy to correct the temperature with fuel.

The P0110 code will not make your car stop after the road, and it will not cause any further engine damages – if we are not talking about the very long term. The P0110 code should be repaired as quickly as possible.

Which repairs are possible to fix P0110 codes?

  • Change the Air Intake Temperature Sensor
  • Rewire the Air Intake Temperature Sensor Wirings
  • Connector for clean air intake temperature sensor
  • If IAT sensor has been integrated, replace MAF sensor
  • Replace engine control unit

Common P0110 Diagnosis mistakes

It is a common error in diagnosing the P0110 problem to simply replace the sensor with a new one without first checking the wiring and connectors.

It is also a mistake to look for items that increase intake temperature, without realizing this is an electrical trouble code that tells you that something is wrong with the circuit.

Recommendations for Diagnosis

How do you diagnose P0110 trouble code?

The P0110 code can be diagnosed in a few easy steps. The following is the way a professional diagnoses it. To follow this guide, you may require some tools.

  1. Use an OBD2 scanner to check for trouble codes.
  2. Take out the IAT connector plug, and inspect for signs of corrosion.
  3. Take a look at the wires and use a multimeter to check for shorts.
  4. The ohm value between the pins of your intake air temperature sensor is measured. To determine which pins are connected to the MAF sensor's IAT sensor, you will need a diagram. For the correct resistance for your vehicle model, you may want to consult your manual. At 68 F (20 C), the resistance should be around 37K Ohms. Reset codes and replace the sensor in case it is damaged.
  5. Take out the connector plug for the engine control unit and take the measurement from the sensor. You can repair the wirings and then reset your code if you find any other values.
  6. Replace intake temperature sensor even if you got the right values—reset codes.
  7. If you have tried all other options, replace the engine control module and verify that the wiring and sensor are working properly.

Calculated Cost for Repair

Below are common repair expenses associated with P0110 error code. These prices are for labor and parts only. They do not reflect diagnostic costs.

  • Air intake temperature sensor replacement cost – 20$ to 60$
  • MAF sensor replacement cost (If IAT sensor is integrated) – 200$ to 400$
  • Repair Air intake temperature wirings – 30$ to 80$

Similar P0110 Trouble codes

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