The P0102 code - Definition, Causes, and Symptoms (and How to Fix It)

Engine trouble codes can be challenging to figure out, especially if the error isn’t something familiar. You might be confused by the various causes of the P0102 code. 

In this guide, we discuss what the P0102 trouble code means, so there’s no confusion. You will also find possible solutions and an estimate of the cost. 

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  1. Definition of Code P0102
  2. What does the Code P0102 Mean?
  3. Trouble Code P0102: Symptoms
  4. What causes the P0102 code?
  5. What is the P0102 code?
  6. How can you fix the code P0102?
  7. Common errors in P0102 diagnosis
  8. How do you diagnose the P0102 trouble code?
  9. The estimated cost of repair
  10. Tip for Mechanics

Definition of Code P0102

P0102 – Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low Input

What does the Code P0102 Mean?

A P0102 DTC is not always present on every vehicle. If it is present with your vehicle it indicates that the MAF circuit readings low voltage. This code sets if the ECM or PCM determines there’s a problem with the performance of the mass airflow sensor, which is found between the throttle body and air filter.

When it’s working as intended, the MAF sends out a signal used by the engine control module to determine how much fuel is needed to mix with the air entering the combustion chamber. If the input or output signal isn’t right or it’s low for a specified amount of time, this code will set. 

Because they are all closely connected to the MAF sensor, the P0102 trouble code can be often seen alongside the P0101 and P0103 codes.

Trouble Code P0102: Symptoms

Check Engine Lights are the most prevalent symptom of P0102. While no other symptoms may occur, there could be performance issues that arise, indicating that something isn’t right. 

These are some of the most frequent symptoms drivers experience:

What causes the P0102 code?

P0102 Trouble code refers to the MAF sensor, or to the connector. However, it’s not uncommon to deal with some sort of leak or electrical short as well. 

These are some of the most frequent symptoms.

What is the P0102 code?

Very low – Usually the P0102 trouble code isn’t stopping you from getting anywhere. You might experience minor issues with your driving, or the Check Engine Light. It is possible to experience reduced fuel economy or rough operations.

You may need to take immediate action if the problem causes difficulty starting the engine. After all, you don’t want to get stranded somewhere.

The code needs to be addressed immediately. Otherwise, you could allow further damage to be done as the engine isn’t running in optimal condition. 

How can you fix the code P0102?

It’s important to complete a full diagnostics check before deciding what needs to be repaired. Otherwise, you could be throwing money at something that won’t resolve the issue. Below are some of the repairs that you may be interested in:

  • Low voltage or electrical short repair
  • Airflow sensor for mass cleaning
  • Change the MAF sensor
  • Mounting connectors MAF clean
  • Repair intake manifold air leak
  • Replace air filter

Common errors in P0102 diagnosis

It is a common error to simply replace the MAF sensors without diagnosing the issue. The code may indicate that something is not right with the MAF sensors, but it might also be reading incorrectly due to other conditions.

It’s also possible the MAF sensor simply needs to be cleaned. It is possible to clean it if it's covered in dirt and corrosion. You can clean the MAF sensors by removing it. Then, clean the head of the sensor with an electric cleaner or special MAF cleaner. Dry it. This part is very sensitive and you can easily damage it, so do it very carefully and don’t touch it!

How do you diagnose the P0102 trouble code?

These are the steps that professionals use to diagnose P0102. This is the exact same method used by professional mechanics to diagnose P0102.

  1. All trouble codes are removed from your system.
  2. Test drive the car and find out what codes it has.
  3. Learn the latest codes to get data on freeze frames
  4. The voltage and ground of the MAF sensor should be measured. To determine if the MAF sensor wiring is damaged, inspect it. If the ECU produces low voltage or has bad ground, repair wiring.
  5. You can inspect the head of your MAF sensor and clean any corrosion or dirt off it with a MAF cleaner. 
  6. You should inspect the system for air leaks. 
  7. The air filter should be checked. Replace it if it's dirty.
  8. Use real-time data to inspect for vacuum leaks
  9. You can replace the MAF sensors if you find no other problems. 

The estimated cost of repair

The parts will be replaced by a shop if you want to. Below are some estimated costs for repairs. 

  • Clean dirty mass airflow sensor – $10-$75
  • Replace MAF sensor – $250-$400
  • Repair electrical short or wiring harness – $50-$500
  • Repair intake air leak – $100-$650
  • Replace air filter – $15-$85

Tip for Mechanics

Because the MAF sensor is reading the level of air that’s coming in, there’s always the possibility that the air filter is clogged or contaminated, thereby causing an inaccurate reading. It is the most cost-effective solution, and should not be ignored during diagnosis.

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