The Manual Transmission is a Jumper from Gear

There’s nothing quite as fun as driving a vehicle with a stick shift. Although the manual transmission car is a great option, it offers less choice. These transmissions are also less well-maintained, which can leave you wondering what to do if something goes wrong. What causes the manual transmission's jump from one gear to another?

Broken mounts, loose linkage or worn gears can lead to the manual transmission jumping out of gear. It’s also caused by bad shifter bearings or a weak spring in the shift rail. Worst-case is a transmission problem that requires rework or replacement. 

This guide will examine some of the most common causes. You will learn how to fix your manual transmission. We'll also help you calculate the cost of repair. 

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  1. Causes: Manual Transmission jumps out of gear
    1. 1. Mounts to Worn
    2. 2. Weak Linkage
    3. 3. Bearing for Bad Shifter
    4. 4. Shift Rail: Weak spring
    5. 5. Internal failure
  2. How to adjust a manual transmission
  3. Manual Transmission Jumping from Gear Repair Cost

Causes: Manual Transmission jumps out of gear

1. Mounts to Worn

Transmission Mount

As time goes by, your transmission mounts may wear. The transmission may move when the car accelerates.

The transmission can cause excessive movement of the shifter linkage, which could lead to the stretching of the cable. In this situation, it would cause the transmission to go out of gear.

2. Weak Linkage

The linkage rods may become looser as the vehicle ages. They are required to link the transmission and gear shifter. It is more challenging to lock the transmission in gear if the rods become loose.

When the transmission mount gets worn, it can cause stretched-out linkage. Sometimes you may be able to adjust the linkage. In most cases though, it must be replaced. 

3. Bearing for Bad Shifter

The bearings that surround the gear shifter may become worn. This will cause the gear lever not to be able to fully engage the gear. Wearing bearings may cause a shifter to feel loose.

When the gears aren’t pressed together securely, they can slip. The car can slip if they aren't pressed together securely.

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4. Shift Rail: Weak spring

Inside the shift rail of internal linkage, there’s a spring that locks the transmission into gear. This spring can become weaker or break, and you may notice problems.

If the spring breaks, the shifter balls can slide out of their place. The transmission may slip out if it moves suddenly. 

5. Internal failure

There are many internal components in the manual transmission that could fail due to age or abuse. You may need to replace the shift lever assembly or the synchroizer if the transmission is constantly popping out of its gear.

A bad synchronizer can cause the transmission to only pull out of some gears. You might have trouble downshifting to those gears. The gears could also be responsible. The gears will need to be replaced if they have become worn. 

How to adjust a manual transmission

In some cases, it’s possible to adjust the manual transmission for better performance. This can be tricky because the instructions may vary depending on the model. You should always refer to the manual when you are servicing your transmission.

The length of the shift linkage can be adjusted in most cases. When the transmission is set to Neutral, the adjustment nuts in the middle can be used to adjust the length the tube. The clocking can be adjusted by using the adjustment nuts located in the middle of the tube. It is a good idea to bring a friend or aide and to be patient. You will need to secure the nuts by using wrenches while you keep the shifter in the first gear. 

After you have continued through the gears, it’s time to check them. You should be able to locate the gears by looking around, but not forcing the shifter. Once they're all located, it is time to get rolling. You will need to adjust them again if they are not. If the adjustments don’t make a difference, you need to have the defective transmission parts repaired or replaced. 

Manual Transmission Jumping from Gear Repair Cost

You may need to replace your manual transmission in an emergency. A manual transmission replacement cost could range from $1,000 up to $5,000 depending on your car's make and model. A rebuilt or remanufactured manual transmission can be installed to save you money.

Thankfully, there are plenty of repairs that can be performed that won’t require a replacement. A transmission mount replacement can cost between $250 and $600. The parts will run $50 to $150. You can also replace other parts of the transmission instead of replacing it, like the linkage, bearings and springs.

It depends on the issue, you may be able perform repairs by yourself. You will need to have a lot knowledge and a lot equipment in order to swap a transmission. It’s best to leave this task to transmission professionals.

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