The 10 Steps to Clean a Throttle Bodily (10 DIY Projects)

The throttle body is an essential part of the car, which plays a key role in your car’s performance.

The valve regulates the air flow to the ignition chamber. It blocks air from the ignition chamber by turning a small or large valve depending on whether you are pressing down hard.

Therefore, the throttle body should be in perfect condition. It can cause your car to not function properly if the throttle body is damaged.

The cost of a new throttle is high, but it's not uncommon for these parts to become dirty. It might be worthwhile trying cleaning the body. This is how you can clean your throttle body.

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  1. How to clean a throttle body
    1. Find Throttle Body
    2. Eliminate the big intake hose
    3. Optional: Remove throttle body
    4. Lift the throttle body flap
    5. Body cleaner Spray Throttle
    6. The throttle body should be cleaned
    7. Reinstall throttle body (Optional).
    8. Make sure to install the intake valve again
    9. The throttle body calibration
    10. Check for trouble codes, then test drive
  2. Which Throttle Body Cleaner is best?

How to clean a throttle body

Done Throttle Body

It is cheaper to clean a throttle body than replace it. In just 10 simple steps, here's how to clean your throttle body.

Total time: 20 minutes

  1. Find Throttle Body

    Throttle Body Locate

    Locate the throttle body first. You will find the throttle body on your intake manifold. It is often located on the intake manifold.

  2. Eliminate the big intake hose

    Throttle Body Close

    Once you have located the throttle body you will need to loosen the clamp on the large hose. The clamp can be removed so that you can see and access the throttle body. You should see something like the image.

  3. Optional: Remove throttle body

    Remove Throttle Body

    It is an optional part. The throttle body can be removed and cleaned. Or you can leave the throttle body in place and wash it. You can make that decision. If you do decide to take it out, be careful not to put anything in the intake.
    You can usually remove it by removing the screws that hold it in place and the connector. You may need to disconnect coolant and vacuum lines that are attached to the device.

  4. Lift the throttle body flap

    Open Throttle Body Flap

    You can open the flap with either a screwdriver, or your finger as shown in the image. This will allow you to access the proper cleaning. It might take a little longer to get rid of the throttle body if you don't want it.

  5. Body cleaner Spray Throttle

    Spray Throttle Body

    Take out your throttle body cleaner (or any other cleaner like brake cleaner) and open it. Spray the throttle body flap on both sides and allow it to sit for five minutes or according to the instructions.

  6. The throttle body should be cleaned

    Clean Throttle Body

    Once you have waited, get a piece of paper or a cloth and begin to clean the throttle body. Clean both the flap valve, as well the throttle body sides. You should clean the flap valve at its edges.

  7. Reinstall throttle body (Optional).

    Install Throttle Body

    Once you're satisfied with the cleaning, it's time to install your throttle body. Make sure you have all the hoses installed correctly. Then, tighten the bolts according to the torque specifications in your repair manual. If coolant has dripped a lot, refill it.

  8. Make sure to install the intake valve again

    Install Hose

    Reinstall the intake hose and tighten it again. Make sure the throttle body is free of grease or dirt if your turbo engine has it. If the throttle body has grease, oil, and dirt, then the throttle will pop out because of turbo pressure.

  9. The throttle body calibration

    Car Diagnostic

    The majority of cars will require calibration of their throttle bodies after cleaning. Some models of cars do it automatically, so you may need to try the recycling several times to make sure the engine calibrates. If your car is running really badly after cleaning it, an OBD2 scanner might be required to calibrate it.

  10. Check for trouble codes, then test drive

    Test Drive

    After calibrating the throttle body, it is time to clear any trouble codes that may be present if your diagnostic scanner has been activated. Go for a drive in your car and check the dashboard for warning signs or problems. If everything seems fine – you have made a successful throttle body cleaning and saved some money!

Which Throttle Body Cleaner is best?

It is hard to know which throttle cleaner you should use. There are so many on the market. CRC Throttle body cleaner is my favorite, and you can get it on Amazon.

Crc 05078 Throttle Body And Air-Intake...

CRC 02078 Throttle Body & Air-Intake

  • Remove varnish and gum from the throttle
  • You can start your engine easier and have a smoother ride.
  • Cleans the air intakes and throttle valves
  • Use with coated throttle bodies

CRC is a very well-known brand among car lovers. CRC produces top-quality throttle body cleaners. This is why there's no doubt that their products perform well.

Professional mechanics use the cleaner as well and love it. CRC throttle cleaner quickly works once it's sprayed. Your engine will be given a fresh lease of life when you use the CRC throttle cleaner.

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