The 10 best double DIN head units of 2022

Smartphones go beyond texting and phone calls to become entertainment devices that can be connected via GPS. But it can be challenging to navigate your vehicle while simultaneously scrolling through your phone.

This is where the double din head unit comes in. An easy-to use touchscreen replaces the traditional knobs that control volume and radio frequency. The unit is both functional and has modern connectivity options such as Bluetooth and satellite navigation.

Planning on upgrading your car’s entertainment system? You won't regret it if you consult our complete buying guide for the most popular double din head units available.

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  1. Best Double Din Headunit in 2022
    1. 1. Boss Audio System BVCP9675A Doppel DIN Head Unit
    2. 2. Sony XAV-AX100 Doppel DIN Head Unit
    3. 3. Power Acoustik PDN 626B Double Din Unit
    4. 4. JVC KW-830BT Doppel DIN Head Unit
    5. 5. Kenwood DDXX774BH Doppel DIN Head Unit
    6. 6. Jensen VX7020 Doppel DIN Head Unit
    7. 7. Alpine ILX-107 Doppel DIN Head Unit
    8. 8. Pyle PLRVST400 Double-DIN Head Unit
    9. 9. Boss Audio Double Din head unit
    10. 10. Speedton Double Din 7-Inch
  2. There are many factors to take into consideration when buying the top double din headunit
    1. Different types ofUnits
    2. Peak Power
    3. Connectivity
    4. Friendly interface
    5. Budget
  3. Double-Din FAQ    
    1. Where does double “DIN” head unit mean?
    2. Is there a difference in single DIN and double DIN units
    3. What is the best way to upgrade from a single DIN unit to a two-DIN one?
    4. What exactly is a dashkit?
    5. What is the cost of installing a double-din head unit?
    6. Is the head unit affecting the sound quality?
  4. Conclusion

Best Double Din Headunit in 2022

1. Boss Audio System BVCP9675A Doppel DIN Head Unit

Boss Audio System

Double din units on the market may come with pre-bundled software. Boss chose Apple CarPlay. It means the device can easily sync with your iPhone. You have lots of options for apps. Unfortunately, there are very few things you can do on your Android smartphone.

After you've synced your smartphone, you can watch and play videos as well as music from the headunit. You can also listen to radio stations on the AM/FM receiver. This device can output 200 watts which will power the internal speakers. The internal software is compatible with iPhone but the head unit does not have a satellite navigation function. This will be used on the iPhone.

Boss Audio plays digital media such as MP3/USB/WMA from mobile phones, but it does not support CDs and DVDs. You can also use it as a steering wheel control and rear camera input.

These are the features

  • Apple CarPlay works well
  • Built-in charging port
  • Multiple input connections are possible

There are pros

  • Integrate seamlessly with
  • You can play a wide variety of digital games
  • Bluetooth connectivity is possible
    Access a range of apps

2. Sony XAV-AX100 Doppel DIN Head Unit

Sony Xav Ax100

Although the 6.4 inches feel small,
Comparable to the other models on the market, Sony XAV offers a higher-quality double.
Head unit. It supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can do this by clicking here
Users have the freedom to use any type of phone. This is what really makes the difference
The Sony XAV makes it simple to use various functions on the phone
Use knobs that are easy to operate for volume control and track seek.

The majority of smartphones on the market today are
You can now use your voice to make commands. Google recommends the Sony XAV to navigate
Functions like making calls and sending messages, accessing music, or satellite navigation
Navigation among other things. This allows you to drive the car without any distractions.
Interference to the screen It is sensitive enough that even the smallest objects can be displayed on the touchscreen.
Touch while protecting against dirt, fingerprints and dust. Accessibility is even possible
You can adjust the equalizer setting from your touchscreen.

These are the features

  • High responsive screen
  • Launch Apple CarPlay and Android Auto software
  • All things under control

There are pros

  • A headset is simple to use
  • Volume and search tracks access
  • Quality video output

3. Power Acoustik PDN 626B Double Din Unit

Power Acoustik Pdn 626B Double Din Unit

For those looking for sound clarity at an affordable price, the Power Acoustik can be a great option. You can connect it to any type of phone. But, it has the disadvantage that you can’t download any apps. Apps like Android Auto or Apple CarPlay cannot be downloaded via the double-din unit. However, you can still view all your phone’s functionalities on the screen.

Bluetooth, CD, DVD and USB flash are supported. The Satellite Navigation system uses your vehicle’s GPS antennae. For easy driving access, you also get volume knobs. It is still a good option, even if you don't have the budget for a second din unit.

These are the features

  • 6.2” touchscreen
  • Satellite navigation system
  • 800X480 resolution

There are pros

  • It is simple to use
  • Sat Nav doesn't drain your battery
    cell phone data
  • Accessible volume knobs

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4. JVC KW-830BT Doppel DIN Head Unit

Jvc Kw V830Bt

Most people opt for this because they are happy with their lives.
Double din headphones are the best option if you're looking for superior sound quality.
You have access to the majority of apps available on your phone. Both are offered by the JVC KW-830BT. There are two options:
It can be connected to your Android Auto/Apple CarPlay. You may also download essentials
Google Maps is one example of such an app. The 24-bit DAC produces impressive sound quality.

The device lets you connect to two Bluetooth phones at once, so there's no need to get into an argument about who controls which playlist. Each connected device will appear on the dashboard. It is easy to receive calls and play music on one device. It is now easy to install the device without the help of a sound technician.

These are the features

  • Both Android and iPhone integration
  • Two phones can be connected to Bluetooth
  • Accessible large display for ease of use

There are pros

  • Quality assurance
  • It is easy to set up
  • Listen to different internet radio stations

5. Kenwood DDXX774BH Doppel DIN Head Unit

Kenwood Double Din Head Unit

Kenwood is a premium accessory that makes it difficult to create a list. The device allows you to access your phone's music and satellite navigation stations. The device supports Bluetooth connectivity up to five phones. All of your passengers will be able to listen to their favourite tracks. Your music can be played from the CD/DVD or connected to a USB drive.

Kenwood speakers are well-known. Kenwood DDXX774BH includes a built-in equalizer with 13 bands. You can adjust the music to suit your preferences and tastes. Through the high-resolution 6.95 inch touchscreen, you can view all your car’s important readings like tire pressure, gauges, climate controls, and temperature controls.

Important Features

  • You can control up to 5 smartphones
  • SiriusXM Compatible
  • Large 6.5-inch screen
  • 6-step electronic angle adjustment

There are pros

  • Amazing sound quality
  • All phones compatible
  • You can access important information about your car

6. Jensen VX7020 Doppel DIN Head Unit

Jensen Double Din Head Unit

Are you a lover of the open road?
The best place to look for the perfect satellite navigation system for your car is the
Jensen VX7020. Jensen VX7020.
It will alert you when you have made a mistake. Additionally, it will notify you if there is a wrong turn.
More than 1 million points of interests are available to you. That’s not all. It's possible to play all you want.
You can listen to your favorite songs from your phone, CD/DVD player, or other devices.
Satellite stations

The device's 10-band configurable Equalizers allow you to adjust the quality of your sound. Your double unit can be transformed into an advanced music system with this feature. MHL and HDMI are the best options for mobile connectivity. This allows you to have all your most important dials on the dashboard.

Imagine watching a movie while you drive.
Use the Jensen Video Playback function. These videos will appear in
WVGA Resolution and in 16:9 Format

Important Features

  • High-resolution LCD Screen 6.2 inches
  • iGO Primo navigation allows for access to over 11 million points-of-interest
  • Bluetooth device connectivity via HDMI/MHL

There are pros

  • Communication is hands-free
  • Video and audio streaming
  • Extensive maps database

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7. Alpine ILX-107 Doppel DIN Head Unit

Alphine Double Din Head Unit

Siri takes smart voice commands to the next level. It will help you focus on the road as enjoy your car’s entertainment system. It is easy to use and responsive thanks to its large, high resolution screen (7 inches). You can access Siri and the home button. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to access a variety of functions by simply pairing your smartphone with it.

It is easy to use the touchscreen interface, which allows you to rank your apps according their usage. You don't have to scroll down in order to find the most frequently used apps. This Alpine GPS antenna has a stronger signal than many other similar devices. You can still find your way even if you are lost. Apple CarPlay software is a great tool for sending navigation data to your phone.

Important Features

  • An amplifier is built-in and produces 18 WMS
  • You can connect with Spotify, Pandora, or iHeartRadio by connecting to these apps.
  • Digital media receiver allows AM/FM tuner to be used

There are pros

  • Remote control for steering control
  • Add a backup camera
  • Sensitive microphone for voice commands

8. Pyle PLRVST400 Double-DIN Head Unit

Pyle Double Din Head

The inboard car stereo system can be remote controlled. It supports your alarm system, CD/DVD and AM/FM receiver. You can connect it to your smartphone for additional functionality. Bluetooth connectivity is used to do this. You can use Bluetooth connectivity to allow you to communicate with your friends all around the world while driving your car.

Like most units, the Pyle PLRVST400 doesn't have a large touchscreen. However, it does not lack functionality. This unit has a 200-watt power supply. You can listen to your music loud and have no problems with sound quality. It is easy to use and allows you to access most important stereo functions. The Pyle includes a 3-zone stereo audio source to enhance your speakers' sound quality. The A, B, and C buttons allow you to personalize the sound quality of your stereo speakers.

Important Features

  • It comes with an AM/FM radio and alarm function.
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3-zone audio control

There are pros

  • It is easy to set up
  • A large screen allows for greater visibility
  • Remote Control for Easy Access

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9. Boss Audio Double Din head unit

Boss Audio Double Din Head

You can control almost everything with the screen
Remote control of stereo function This is done through wireless remote  and steering control functions. Large
The touchscreen comes loaded with features. It also has a visual graphic interface.
That improves visibility. You aren't the only one who is concerned about your music source.
There are so many options that you have, it is not necessary to limit yourself to one.
Included SD, radio, Smartphone Bluetooth connectivity and CD/DVD playingback.

Reverse cameras can also be linked to your computer.
This gives you greater control over the vehicle when it is in reverse. This gives you more control.
You can find them on your steering wheel controls. Also, the screen
Supports over 64 characters, which makes it easy to read text, songs and other documents.

Important Features

  • You can listen to your songs or movies via CD/DVD, USB, SD, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth
  • Stereo functions can be controlled hands-free
  • This allows inputs to rear view camera, AUX and other functions

There are pros

  • Affordable
  • Powerful output
  • Remote control wireless

10. Speedton Double Din 7-Inch

Sppedton Double Din Head

This stereo system has been added to our product.
It is a great investment because of its value. The stereo system can be purchased for as low as $99
Below $100 You won't find this feature in higher-end models.
You can play CD/DVD. These are almost all obsolete, so it is important to keep them in mind.
You won't be bothered. Bluetooth provides connectivity. Bluetooth is the most common way to connect.
You can listen to most of your favourite tracks directly from your phone.
device. Speedton allows you to access your favourite radio stations.
The device doesn't support GPS, which is an issue for travelers who frequent the area.
Remote locations. Although the stereo lacks some features, it still offers basic functionality.
Features at an affordable price

Important Features

  • 7” TFT touch screen offering a resolution of 800 X 480
  • Bluetooth hands-free for phone calls
  • You can control your remote with digital lights, which flicker while you listen to songs

There are pros

  • Bluetooth support
  • Rear view camera
  • Video input support

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There are many factors to take into consideration when buying the top double din headunit

Double Head Unit Pic

The majority of products on the market today are
They are almost identical, however there are certain features you should be aware of if.
A device should stand out. Many of the most recognizable brands in car manufacturing are listed here.
The accessories market is unique in that they have double din head units. But we do have
have seen remarkable new products from their competitors. You will be able to save time with this guide
You would be wasting your time searching for the perfect double-din head unit to fit in your car.

Different types of

Most of the units in the market have the same dimensions – 178mm by 100mm. These units will fit into almost any car. If you have to replace a unit, there is no need for you to modify your vehicle. The units will also come with a touchscreen, from where you can access most of the unit’s functions. Virtually every double din head unit will include a connectivity feature to allow for communication between your phone and the unit. Bluetooth can also be used. Some users use Android Auto, while others use Apple CarPlay. Before purchasing, you need to verify that the unit will work with your device.

Peak Power

You will want to update your factory car stereo with an upgraded unit. To do this, check out the peak power ratings for your double din headunit. The RMS indicates these ratings. For louder music, choose devices that have in-built amplifiers and RCA inputs. You can crank the volume up a bit higher with this feature. You can play music at higher volumes without sound distortions thanks to higher peak power ratings. You should look for peak wattage. You should aim for a maximum of 20 RMS Watts.


This double-din head unit has a huge size.
It's a touch screen with connectivity.
car entertainment. You can also connect your smartphone to this device.
Bluetooth allows you the possibility to receive calls and play your music.
You can add, delete, or send important messages to the head units. Some units have a head unit that will allow you to:
Allows you to connect to up to five phones. It ensures everyone on the screen is connected.
Gets to hear their favourite tunes. The head units are more sophisticated, so the higher the quality.
Connectivity options. There are also USB and AUX connectivity options.

Friendly interface

What’s the point of getting a complex
You cannot control the double din headunit because of its complexity
controls. A unit must be able to access and download multiple applications.
Modern units often come equipped with voice command software such as Siri.
This allows you to keep your eyes on the road while you still control the car’s
audio system using voice Because of the advantages, bigger screens are more popular.
Accessibility to controls and visibility is made easy. You can sync tools with voice commands.
There are measures in place to stop you being distracted from driving.


You want a screen that is both affordable and has lots of features. The type of device you choose will depend on your budget. Additional features like theft protection, steering wheel controls, remote control, or Wi-Fi come  in handy but they do increase the price of the device. It is often a big unit that takes up most of the dashboard. In this regards, you need something that compliments the car’s interior design. You want something beautiful and with easy access buttons. It is important to find a head unit for your car that can support the pre-amplifier systems.

Double-Din FAQ    

Where does double “DIN” head unit mean?

This term is German and has roots in Germany.
stands for “Duetch Industri Normen”. It is a reference to the time when German was not as common in the 1980s.
Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, and BMW cars were the first to be fitted with 2X8 inch.
screens. Screens have evolved to become a part of every car's standard stereo system. Your car stereo system may have a screen.
car does not have one, you can purchase a unit and install it where your car’s
Radio was. Radio was.
You can make phone calls, access your favorite phones and sync them to the device.

Is there a difference in single DIN and double DIN units

There is one main difference:
Size of the units Single units are generally smaller than double units. There are two types of units:
Double units can also be equipped with Bluetooth and CD/DVD playback.
Satellite Navigation. It is easy to set up most cars on the market.
The single DIN unit.

What is the best way to upgrade from a single DIN unit to a two-DIN one?

Your single DIN-unit takes up space
Comparable to the double DIN unit, its footprint is smaller. You can see the difference.
You will have to bring your vehicle to a professional to expand the space.
so that it can accommodate the double DIN-unit. An expert will help you to free up space.
The dashboard to do this.

What exactly is a dashkit?

It is visible on the dashboard.
In most cases it is the part of the car’s interior that attracts you to
Purchase a certain car model. The car designers invest a lot time trying to make cars more appealing.
design sleek dash boards. But they must be both stylish and functional.

What is the cost of installing a double-din head unit?

Prices can vary depending upon the type of brand and product.
Prices for the unit. You can expect prices starting at $60 and going up to $200. Most
The double din head units can be installed by anyone, but professionals are required to do so.
Speaker installation will cost between $25 and $80, while full-car car costs more than that.
stereo installation.

Is the head unit affecting the sound quality?

You could have your car equipped with a pair of speakers.
If you are looking for amps, then look into a head unit with amps.
speakers. Head units can have an impact on the speaker's sound quality. Make sure you have the correct settings.
You should look for units with a higher peak rating in watts. Anything over 20
They will do fine.


Double Din units come with a lot of functionality to turn your car stereo in to a powerful entertainment system. You don't have to be distracted by receiving or making phone calls via your smartphone. Instead, connect your double din head unit to it and you will be able access all functions from the comfort of your steering wheel. This will help reduce the number of accidents by keeping your eyes focused on driving. We found that the Sony XAVAX100 is the most popular double-din head unit on the market. This device supports connectivity to both Android apps and iPhone apps. You will also enjoy a superior sound quality.

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