Symptoms Of A Bad Airbag Sensor (& Replacement Cost)

Airbags are one of your car’s most important safety features, and one should always ensure that they are in fully working condition.

Many drivers complain that their airbag lights in cars start to flicker without warning. This is usually ignored.

The driver is at grave risk of being involved in a crash if their airbags don't deploy.

You should always read the instructions before you attempt to repair your airbag system. If your airbag system fails, it can lead to death. Do not attempt to repair airbag systems without first discharging the engine. Do not measure airbags using multimeters, or any other device. They might explode.

This article will cover some of the symptoms that can occur when your airbag sensor fails or starts malfunctioning.

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  1. Bad Airbag Sensor Symptoms
  2. What's an Airbag Sensor, and How Does it Work?
  3. Where can I find the Airbag Sensor for Crash?
  4. Airbag Crash Sensor Replacement cost
  5. Test an impact sensor for airbags

Bad Airbag Sensor Symptoms

Airbag Light On

You can experience two distinct symptoms when your sensor for an airbag is defective.

A bad sensor for your airbag will cause the dashboard to light up with an Airbag Light. The other symptom is something you never want to happen, and that is your airbag won’t deploy in an accident.

What's an Airbag Sensor, and How Does it Work?

Airbag Sensors

The sensor acts as an detecting device and can detect rapid acceleration of the vehicle.

It's primary function is to communicate electronically the information to the electronic controller unit and to all other equipment that are related to the airbag systems.

It is important to note the intensity of collisions. This information is used for determining whether the airbag should be inflated.

Where can I find the Airbag Sensor for Crash?

Side Airbag Impact Sensor Location

You will usually find two sensors for airbags in your car's front, behind the bumper. You will often find one sensor inside each of the doors of your vehicle.

You will find several types of airbag sensors on a car. In order to locate the correct one, specify the model you are looking for.

The best way to go about finding the airbag sensor’s location in your vehicle is to refer to the service manual provided by your manufacturer.

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Airbag Crash Sensor Replacement cost

Depending on your car's make and model, the average cost of replacing an airbag sensor is $100 to $600. A $50-$300 airbag sensor and $50-$300 labor costs are typical.

Airbag sensors are sensitive components, so it is important to replace them. It can take up to 2 hours for professionals to diagnose the problem and then install it.

You can usually get an airbag sensor for as low as $50 or $300. You should always buy an OEM original genuine and never buy aftermarket sensors – do not take the risk!

You can save money by replacing the sensor yourself if you are very confident in repairing vehicles and following all the instructions.

A professional can replace the item if there is any doubt.

You must remember that this is an integral part, and it should be done correctly. There is also a risk that you will deploy all airbags in the car if you do something wrong – which will cost several thousands of dollars to restore.

Test an impact sensor for airbags

Car Diagnostics

It is possible to test an airbag sensor, but it shouldn't be done.

The only way you safely should test an airbag sensor is to use an automotive diagnostic tool to read the airbag control unit’s trouble codes and live data.

Inspect your tool for measurement values. Also, if the trouble code is on the sensor. Measure the wiring between the sensor and airbag.

If the airbag sensor’s wirings and connector are fine and the airbag control module says there is a problem with the airbag sensor, replace it!

You don't want to spend a lot of money on these parts.

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