Subaru BRZ P0505: Idle Air Management System- Malfunction

P0505 is an OBDII code that offers with the idle air management system within the Subaru BRZ.  It’s a generic code, which signifies that it has the identical that means for the BRZ as it could some other car (BRZ or not).

P0505:  Idle Air Management System:  Malfunction

When P0505 is triggered, it's sometimes brought on by a caught idle air management valve, a clogged idle air management valve, or a vacuum leak.  There might be different causes as effectively.  Though, they aren’t as prevalent.

P0505 Subaru BRZ


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  2. BRZ P0505 Causes
    1. Idle Air Management Valve
    2. Vacuum Leak
    3. Carbon Buildup
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P0505 Signs:  Subaru BRZ

This explicit bother code lets you realize that there's something unsuitable with the idle air management system, however that’s about it.  Because of this the signs can fluctuate.

Listed below are a number of the most typical signs of P0505:

  • Service engine quickly gentle
  • Tough idle
  • Stalling
  • Excessive idle velocity 


BRZ P0505 Causes

Sometimes, P0505 goes to be brought on by both a vacuum leak, or an issue with the idle air management valve.  Whereas changing the idle air management valve looks like a good suggestion, it’s price your time to test for a vacuum leak first.

Subaru BRZ P0505 Diagnosis

Idle Air Management Valve

The idle air management valve’s major job is to manage the idle velocity of your engine.  It does this by letting in simply the correct amount of air to get the idle velocity the place it must be.

The IAC valve can get both soiled or caught.  Chances are you'll want a brand new one, otherwise you could possibly get away with cleansing it.  Right here’s a fantastic YouTube video on how one can clear a idle air management valve.  

If you happen to decide that you simply want a brand new idle air management valve, they're comparatively reasonably priced.


Vacuum Leak

Whereas the idle air management valve is commonly the reason for P0505, it’s a fantastic thought to start out diagnosing it by in search of a vacuum leak.  Examine the vacuum tubes across the IAC.  If they appear cracked or dry rotted it could be time to switch.

Consumption manifold leaks, and leaks across the throttle physique may also code your BRZ to throw this code.  Right here’s a fantastic article from Widespread Mechanics on how one can discover a vacuum leak.


Carbon Buildup

The IAC inlet space can get carbon buildup on it.  Inspecting the world across the IAC for passages blocked with carbon can typically repair the issue.

If the throttle physique will get soiled sufficient, it will probably change the quantity of air in a position to get into the engine.  It could possibly throw P0505.  Typically, when that is the case, you’ll really feel the engine stall for a second earlier than it recovers when slowing down.  

This occurs as a result of the engine can’t modify to this downside quick sufficient.  Cleansing it across the throttle blades will resolve the issue on this case (more often than not).



Good luck diagnosing P0505 in your BRZ.  More often than not it’s a vacuum leak or the idle air management valve.  If you happen to really feel like there’s something you can add, please be happy to go away a remark beneath.

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