Steering Wheel Laborious To Flip? (Here is What Causes It)

Ever since energy steering methods began to turn into commonplace within the Sixties, drivers have turn into used to show their steering wheel with out giving it a thought.

It’s turn into so frequent that most individuals have by no means pushed a automobile with out energy steering. This makes it all of the extra regarding when these methods fail, and it turns into arduous to show the steering wheel once more.

When you’re discovering it arduous to show your steering wheel, don’t freak out, all it takes is just a few fast repairs to get your automobile again on the highway. Let’s start with the commonest causes:

The most typical purpose a steering wheel is tough to show is because of a defective energy steering pump or a damaged serpentine belt. Low energy steering fluid might additionally trigger it, so it’s necessary to make sure the extent is OK. Low tire strain might additionally lead to more durable steering.

There are few issues extra regarding than the shortcoming to show your steering wheel. So, when you’re experiencing this drawback, you’re going to wish to repair it as shortly as attainable.

Under we’ve highlighted a extra detailed checklist of the six most typical causes for a hard-to-turn steering wheel.

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  1. 6 Causes of Steering Wheel Laborious To Flip
    1. 1. A Defective Energy Steering Pump
    2. 2. A Damaged Serpentine Belt
    3. 3. Low Energy Steering Fluid
    4. 4. Broken Steering Parts
    5. 5. Low Tire Strain
    6. 6. Outdated Energy Steering Fluid
  2. The Fundamental Mechanical Breakdown
  3. Conclusion

6 Causes of Steering Wheel Laborious To Flip

1. A Defective Energy Steering Pump

Power Steering Pump

Your energy steering pump is what makes all the pieces simple to show to start with, so it is sensible that if it’s not working correctly, you’ll have a tough time turning the steering wheel. If the ability steering pump is the problem, you’ll doubtless hear many loud engine noises.

Energy steering pumps can both break down slowly or fail fully. When you suspect that your energy steering pump is beginning to break, it is best to exchange it as quickly as attainable, so it doesn’t fail fully whilst you’re driving!

In trendy automobiles, you most frequently have an electrical energy steering pump, which may additionally fail.

2. A Damaged Serpentine Belt

Serpentine Belt Location

The ability steering pump is belt-driven in most automotive fashions, so if the belt snaps, then the motor received’t work. With no functioning energy steering pump, it’s going to be arduous to show the steering wheel.

Nonetheless, if a damaged serpentine belt is the issue, you’ll have extra issues than only a arduous to show the steering wheel. That’s as a result of the serpentine belt additionally controls the air-con, the engine fan, the water pump, the alternator, and extra!

Nonetheless, the very first thing you would possibly discover is that’s it’s extraordinarily arduous to steer.

3. Low Energy Steering Fluid

Power Steering Fluid Check

Your energy steering pump wants fluid to function. Whereas it’s a sealed system, if the system leaks, you’re going to run into issues sooner relatively than later. Similar to with a damaged energy steering pump, when you’re low on energy steering fluid, you’ll doubtless hear some noises coming from the engine bay – particularly as you attempt to flip.

If you're low on fluid, you possibly can’t simply add fluid and name it good although, there's a leak someplace, and you should restore it. Take into account that when you run your energy steering pump for too lengthy with out sufficient fluid, you’ll wind up damaging the pump!

4. Broken Steering Parts

Car Steering E1609778849321

When all the pieces is working the way in which it ought to, each part has area to maneuver, and it’s simple to show the wheel. However when you have a snapped or broken part, you must pressure these elements previous the broken space.

This places a ton of additional stress on the whole system and may make it arduous to show the wheel. Even worse, when you do pressure the part, it'd break different system elements like the ability steering pump.

5. Low Tire Strain

Low Air Pressure Tires E1609807654698

In case you have low tire strain, you would possibly discover it more durable to show the steering wheel. The decrease the air strain, the more durable it is going to be to show. Nonetheless, earlier than you begin feeling something, your tires are prone to be extraordinarily low.

Moreover, even when your tires are extraordinarily low, together with a flat tire, it's going to nonetheless be simpler to show the steering wheel than it might be with a damaged serpentine belt or a totaled energy steering pump.

6. Outdated Energy Steering Fluid

Old Power Steering Fluid

Energy steering fluid is rather like each different fluid in your engine. Because it will get older, it breaks down, and you should swap it out. Energy steering fluid normally is nice for 70,000 to 100,000 miles, however you doubtless received’t discover vital impacts to how arduous it's to show the steering wheel till lengthy after that.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t imply it is best to neglect to alter your fluids. That’s as a result of previous energy steering fluid could cause your energy steering pump and different steering elements to put on prematurely and may result in further upkeep prices.

The Fundamental Mechanical Breakdown

Power Steering Function

Whenever you flip the steering wheel, it begins a mechanical course of that turns your wheels the way in which you’re attempting to go. When all the pieces is working the way in which, it do you have to don’t have to fret about the rest, and it runs like magic.

However what’s actually occurring includes much more work. Most autos have a steering column that the steering wheel is connected to, and while you flip the wheel, what you’re really turning is that this steering column.

This steering column connects your steering wheel to the rack and pinion. As you flip, the rack and pinion push in some way, which turns your wheels. Included into that system is your energy steering pump, which helps you push the rack and pinion.

With out the ability steering pump, you must present all the mandatory pressure to show the wheel. When you’re not shifting, that’s not simple. Older automobiles used to have a lot bigger steering wheels that can assist you with this, however trendy autos have turn into depending on this energy steering system, and the steering wheels have shrunk because of this.


Whenever you go to show the steering wheel, you need it to be simple. As quickly because it turns into tough, you should get it addressed. Whilst you would possibly have the ability to muscle previous it for some time, when catastrophe strikes and you should get out of the way in which, you want to have the ability to do it as shortly as attainable. 

Moreover, the longer you wait, the extra doubtless it's that you just’ll break extra elements in your system. Fixing your steering system doesn’t should be arduous. You simply have to know the place to look!

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