P0446 Code – Meaning, Causes, Symptoms (& How To Fix)

You want your car to run its best, which is why it’s so troubling when the Check Engine Light comes on. You need to be able to repair the problem immediately if you see the code P0446.

Let's get started by explaining what the trouble code P0446 means and showing you how it can cause symptoms. This article will also explain why the code is set and offer some tips to fix it. 

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  1. Definition of Code P0446
  2. What is the P0446 Codification?
  3. P0446 Trouble code Symptoms
  4. What causes the P0446 Code?
  5. What is the P0446 code?
  6. How can you fix the P0446 code?
  7. Common mistakes in diagnosing P0446
  8. How to diagnose P0446 Trouble Code
  9. The estimated repair cost of P0446
  10. The P0446 Code: Mechanics Tips

Definition of Code P0446

P0446 – Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit Malfunction

What is the P0446 Codification?

Trouble code 0446 refers to an Evaporative Electromission Control System (EVAP), Vent Control Circuit Malfunction. This code means that the car’s computer detected trouble with the EVAP system vent valve’s function. The purge valve also refers to this vent valve.

This computer monitors and controls the purge valve. If the P0446 DTC sets, it could indicate that there’s an electrical failure in the circuit or a mechanical problem with the vent valve. 

However, it seems that this generic trouble code tends to be more widespread with older vehicles. While it’s still listed with some newer domestic models, other companies, such as Toyota, don’t have it listed in modern trouble codes. 

P0446 Trouble code Symptoms

You will not notice the Check Engine Light due to this code in many cases. The P0046 DTC doesn’t normally create any type of performance trouble, making it easy for drivers to ignore. 

You can however notice the symptoms by using the P0446 troublecode.

What causes the P0446 Code?

You may find the P0446 error code easy to fix. With a few simple diagnostic steps, you can figure out what’s going on, but you should never guess. Otherwise, you won’t know what’s wrong and you could waste money throwing parts at the problem.

Below are some common problems that may be discovered during diagnosis.

What is the P0446 code?

Low – There’s nothing causing you to hurry and fix the P0446 trouble code. In many instances, the car will continue to run as usual.

Many issues are simple to solve. If there’s something major wrong, it could lead to bigger problems. You could also find yourself in trouble if the vehicle is unable to pass emissions tests. 

How can you fix the P0446 code?

Once you have completed your diagnostic, it is important to determine the exact cause of P0446. The Check Engine Light will disappear and you'll be able repair it. 

Below are some common solutions.

  • Replace EVAP canister vent control valve
  • Wiring and connector repairs
  • Repair fuel tank filler neck
  • Replace or tighten the gas cap
  • Repair leaking system hoses
  • Gasket or seal for fuel tank sender unit to be replaced
  • Replace carbon canister

Common mistakes in diagnosing P0446

Although the most common cause of the P0446 error is an electrical problem with the purge control valves, you should check first the gas cap. This is the most cost-effective fix that you can make and will save you lots of money.

It’s likely that you refilled the fuel tank and forgot to tighten the cap. This could mean that you don't need to pay anything for the DTC to be repaired. 

How to diagnose P0446 Trouble Code

This trouble code can be solved in the same manner as a mechanic. Many of the steps don’t require special expertise or tools. 

These are some suggestions that you may want to consider.

  1. You can check the engine code to find any additional problems. Multipliering codes will help to pinpoint the issue with greater clarity.
  2. Check the EVAP vent valve. Take it out of your vehicle. It’s typically connected to the charcoal canister. You can blow through these openings. If you can’t get air through, the valve is stuck and you need to replace it. Follow the instructions in the service manual to supply ground and power for the solenoid. The valve should click. You must be able to blow the valve open with its power on, otherwise it is damaged. 
  3. Examine the wires and connections. Replace anything that looks worn-out or damaged.
  4. The gas cap should be inspected. If it’s loose, tighten it. Replace the cap if you find cracks or other damage.
  5. Inspect the EVAP system for any leaks. You can pinch the vent tube at the valve to open it and pressurize the system by using a smoke machine. If there’s smoke coming from any of the seals or hoses, you need to replace these. 

Beyond this, it’s best to have your mechanic take a look at the system. Advanced knowledge and special equipment will be required to further diagnose the system. 

The estimated repair cost of P0446

The cost of repairs will depend on how much you discover through diagnostics. These are the possible repairs, with an estimate of labor and parts cost. 

  • Replace EVAP canister vent control valve – $75-$200
  • Repair electrical connectors or wiring – $50-$550
  • Repair fuel tank filler neck – $150-$450
  • Tighten or replace gas cap – $0-$25
  • Replace evaporated system hoses – $100-$350
  • Replace fuel tank sending unit seal or gasket – $175-$650
  • Replace carbon canister – $150-$600

The P0446 Code: Mechanics Tips

Many codes deal with the EVAP program. These codes can be used in combination with the P0446 DTC.

If you notice multiple codes, you might have an easier time diagnosing what’s wrong. Take the code and combine them to find out what issues they are.

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