P0010 Code – Meaning, Causes, Symptoms (& How To Fix)

Once you start having trouble with your car engine, you naturally want to avoid dealing with it for fear of what’s to come. However, with a code scanner, it’s simple to get the DTC and fix it, especially if you find the P0010 code. 

We will discuss the P0010 troublecode and explain what may have led to it. You will also find solutions to the problem. 

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  1. Definition of the code P0010
  2. What does the P0010 code mean?
  3. P0010 Trouble Code Symptoms
  4. The P0010 code: Causes
  5. What is the P0010 code?
  6. How can you fix the code P0010
  7. Common mistakes in diagnosing P0010
  8. How do you diagnose the P0010 trouble code?
  9. Projected Repair Costs of P0010
  10. The P0010 Code: Mechanics Tips

Definition of the code P0010

P0010 – “A” Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit (Bank 1)

What does the P0010 code mean?

P0010 refers to a general powertrain code that indicates the PCM or computer spotted an issue in one of the VVT solenoids. The fault is found on Bank 1, which is the side of cylinder 1 and “A” which is the intake camshaft.

Dual Overhead Cams (DOHC) are more common. The problem is often found in the intake camshaft. Otherwise, if you have a “V” engine, it’s found at the intake camshaft for the first cylinder. 

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P0010 Trouble Code Symptoms

If the Check Engine Light goes on, this is the first indication that there's something wrong. This trouble code is also common for performance problems.

These are only a few possible conditions.

The P0010 code: Causes

There’s no clear-cut explanation for what causes the P0010 trouble code. You may have multiple problems. That is why diagnostics are necessary.

These are just a handful of common causes.

What is the P0010 code?

Medium – It can be tempting to continue driving the vehicle, especially if there aren’t too many noticeable signs occurring. There are real issues you need to be aware of.

Your engine will perform poorly, which means you'll use more fuel and emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. You should have your system checked before anything serious happens.

How can you fix the code P0010

You can only figure out what repair you need by following the steps below. Once you’ve been through these steps, you will know precisely what needs to be fixed.

These are the easiest fixes to the P0010 problem code.

  • Oil and filter changes
  • Replacing the VVT solenoid, oil control valve
  • Bad connection or repair wiring
  • Replace or update the PCM

Common mistakes in diagnosing P0010

You may not have the experience necessary to know what you are doing. This could lead to you overlooking something minor, such as a simple oil change.

You could end up spending too much and still be in the same boat. That’s why you must walk through the diagnostic steps before trying to fix the problem. 

How do you diagnose the P0010 trouble code?

You must follow these steps to understand the essence of the P0010 Code. We’ve outlined a few generic steps that will put you on the right track.

You can find out more about the reason for the code by following these steps.

  1. Keep track of the trouble codes displayed in your scanner. Clear any excess codes and start the engine until the light turns on again. You can find the latest trouble codes by running the car until it turns on again.
  2. Begin by inspecting the oil. If it’s old and contaminated, you should always start with an oil and filter change. Even if it’s not the issue causing the code, you will avoid other trouble in the future.
  3. Check the bank 1 VVT solenoid. You should inspect the bank 1 VVT control solenoid for frayed wires or defective connectors. 
  4. As per your manual, check the resistance of VVT solenoid for intake camshaft. If it’s not falling in line with the specifications, replace the solenoid.

If you can’t get to the bottom of the issue, you could be dealing with a PCM problem. This is a problem that should be left to professionals. We recommend getting it looked at. 

Projected Repair Costs of P0010

Once you've followed the troubleshooting procedures and discovered the problem, then you will know what to do. We have compiled a list of estimated repairs costs including labor to help you plan your budget. 

  • Engine oil and filter change – $45-$125
  • Replace VVT solenoid (oil control valve) – $300-$650
  • Bad connection or repair wiring -$50 -$550
  • Update or replace PCM – $300-$2,500

The P0010 Code: Mechanics Tips

The timing of the engine must be correct in order to make it run correctly. To ensure that the engine runs as intended, timing between camshafts and crankshafts must be correct. The timing of the engine's crankshaft and camshaft affects its performance. If this code is not set correctly, the engine will have issues. You can also expect the engine to make adjustments in an attempt to improve performance. 

Most often, the code can be found in Subaru, Chevy and BMWs, but it’s possible in other makes too. The code may be found on a car with high mileage. This could indicate that the oil level or buildup of sludge is the problem. If the mileage is lower, it could indicate an issue with either the wiring or the computer monitor.

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