Mitsubishi Lancer P0453: Gas Tank Strain Sensor/Change Too Excessive

Your Mitsubishi Lancer makes use of an evaporative emissions management (EVAP) system emigrate gas vapors from the fuel tank and gas filler neck, and sends them to the engine to be burned off.  When the stress within the gas tank is simply too excessive, P0453, is thrown and the verify engine mild comes on.

If the one bother code that you've got is P0453, your Lancer is in no danger of breaking down.  The EVAP system is liable for migrating gas vapor.  Whether or not it's doing that or not, has no impact on the way in which your engine runs.  Though, we're not endorsing ignoring this code.

P0453 Mitsubishi Lancer


The EVAP system isn't all the time working.  It makes use of a  valve to open and shut the system to launch gas vapor into the engine to be burned off.

The gas tank stress sensor is what detects that the stress within the system is simply too excessive.  This can be a measure of air stress within the tank, not gas stress.  As soon as it does, P0453 is thrown.  The gas tank stress sensor is often on the highest of the fuel tank, gas pump, or gas degree sending unit.

The other of this code is P0452, which is thrown at any time when the system stress is simply too low.

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P0453 Signs:  Mitsubishi Lancer

P0453 Check Engine

Usually, there aren't any signs related to this code.  The verify engine mild will illuminate (that’s why you’re right here).

The one factor that you could be discover is the odor of gas.  If the EVAP system isn't correctly purging the gas vapor, it's going to discover different methods to flee.


Listed below are the extra widespread causes of P0453:

  • Charcoal canister (vent valve or clogged)
  • Broken gas tank stress sensor (sensor itself or the wiring)
  • Broken Gas Tank
  • PCM/ECM (extremely unlikely)

Diagnosing P0453 within the Mitsubishi Lancer

Diagnosing P0453 in your Lancer may be difficult if you happen to don’t have a scan device that's able to studying the gas stress sensor knowledge or able to commanding the vent valve to open and shut.


What You possibly can Do at House

  • Should you occur to note the sound of air escaping once you take your Lancer’s fuel cap off, that could be a telltale signal that the vent valve is unhealthy, or the charcoal canister is unhealthy(it’s stress leaving the fuel tank).  After driving for some time, open the fuel cap someplace quiet.  It’s onerous to note the sound once you’re at a loud fuel station.
  • Examine the wiring to the gas tank stress sensor and see if it seems frayed or broken in any method.  If it isn’t then the one method to actually diagnose it's with knowledgeable mechanic’s scanner.  Even that is difficult, because you usually have to drop the tank to even have a look at it.

What a Mechanic Will Do

  • A mechanic will seize the gas stress sensor knowledge, to see whether it is detecting vacuum within the gas tank.
  • They may also command the vent valve to open and shut.  Relying on the mannequin and 12 months of auto in query, you'll be able to hear this occurring with the engine off.


If the gas tank stress knowledge is out of spec, a mechanic will examine the wiring going to the gas stress sensor.  If that checks out, the gas stress sensor will want substitute.

If the vent valve comes on, and the stress sensor is ok, then the charcoal canister will want substitute.  If the vent valve doesn’t come on, it's going to want substitute with a purpose to clear P0453.

If every little thing seems like its is on the up and up, there might be a bent line working from the charcoal canister to the engine, or the PCM is unhealthy.

Mitsubishi Lancer: P0453 Conclusion

That’s just about it.  Whereas there are solely a few widespread issues that’ll trigger P0453, there it may be robust to diagnose it with out the appropriate gear.  It’s not going to depart you stranded on the aspect of the street both.  Good luck fixing your Lancer!

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