Lincolns: Are they good cars? Can They Be Reliable?

Lincoln was once the market leader in luxury. This was before many other automakers came on the scene. Lincoln is no longer in the limelight, but people still want to know if they are decent. Is Lincoln a reliable car?

The high-tech features of Lincoln SUVs and cars are top-notch and they consistently score well in safety tests. However, because the brand shares many parts with Ford, it’s natural that the cars wouldn’t be as reliable as some other luxury automakers’ lineups are. 

We go into detail about Lincoln to help you understand what to expect. Also, we discuss the most popular complaints as well as some models to look at. 

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  1. Lincolns: Are they good cars?
    1. 1. Safety
    2. 2. Engine
    3. 3. Rust and the Body
    4. 4. Technology and Features
    5. 5. Performance
    6. 6. Affordability
    7. 7. The cost of ownership
    8. 8. Repair & Maintenance Costs
  2. Is Lincoln reliable?
  3. Lincoln History
  4. What are Common Lincoln Problems
    1. 1. Electrical Malfunctions
    2. 2. Faulty Transmissions
    3. 3. Brake recalls
  5. Most Reliable Lincoln Models
    1. 2020 Lincoln Navigator
    2. 2019 Lincoln MKZ
    3. 2016 Lincoln MKS
  6. Models by Lincoln are least reliable
    1. 2020 Lincoln Aviator
    2. 2007 Lincoln MKX
  7. Lincoln - Is it a Good Used Car?

Lincolns: Are they good cars?

1. Safety

Lincoln cars often receive top honors from such organizations as the NHTSA IIHS. Complete safety is assured by the vehicle's structural integrity. 

For added security, newer models are packed with advanced safety features. Ford MyKey includes the ability to control driving conditions for teenagers. 

2. Engine

Customers have had to deal with a variety of problems over the years. There are downsides to owning Lincoln, from stalling and poor performance to it.

Not all engines are bad. Do your homework to find the most reliable engines. 

3. Rust and the Body

For most years, Lincoln cars haven’t been known for rusting. It seems, however that some 2011-2016 Lincoln models were subject to premature corrosion.

It’s unclear whether the rust occurred because of a lack of undercoating or the company changed how they did it. On the bright side, it’s not difficult to find the supplies needed to perform bodywork on a Lincoln. 

4. Technology and Features

Lincoln is the leader in features. This lineup is updated regularly by Lincoln, which also includes new technology and features.

You can also enjoy many luxury amenities as standard when you buy a Lincoln. With complete comfort and connectivity, it’s no one wonder customers continue to choose this brand. 

5. Performance

Lincoln doesn’t boast about being a performance-driven brand. The company’s focus is more on comfort and prestige.

For that reason, you aren’t going to find a multitude of high-powered engines that blow your mind. An engine with a high-powered, smooth motor will provide you with a comfortable, silent drive. 

6. Affordability

In the general scheme of car ownership, the Lincoln lineup isn’t considered affordable. They will be more costly than similar Ford models.

However, when looking at other luxury brands, it’s clear that Lincoln’s prices are generally better. It's possible to spend less on top-of-the-line automakers while still getting a luxurious vehicle. 

7. The cost of ownership

The Lincoln range holds its worth better than other Ford vehicles. You can also save on fuel costs by buying many of the Lincoln models.

The insurance premiums for Lincoln brands will likely be higher. Because it’s a luxury car with a higher price tag, you can expect to spend more on your monthly insurance bill.

8. Repair & Maintenance Costs

RepairPal ranks the Lincoln brand as having average reliability at 24th place out of 32. It is more expensive than average to repair.

Also, issues are often more serious than other brands. Good news is that there are fewer visits than in other brands.

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Is Lincoln reliable?

According to J.D. Power, Just above average in reliability, the Lincoln vehicle brand is just. While it tends to perform better than Acura, BMW, Audi, Buick and Mercedes-Benz, it doesn’t get as good of rankings compared to Lexus, Porsche or Cadillac.

In addition, the Lincoln MKZ received excellent ratings in the Compact Premium Car Segment. A spot was also awarded to the Lincoln MKC in the Compact Premium UAV category. Some Lincoln models have issues regarding reliability that can cause high repair costs.

Lincoln History

Lincoln History

Henry Leland established Cadillac in 1902 and managed it through its acquisition by GM (1908). Leland, along with his son Wilfred quit Cadillac's management in 1917 to form the Lincoln Motor Company. It was named for the first president Leland could vote for. 

The Lelands made a luxurious motorcar after World War I. They created the first model in 1920. The company was in serious financial difficulties a year later. Ford Motor Company purchased the automaker in 1922. 

Edsel Ford, Henry’s son, became the president of the company. He worked with Lincoln for the remainder of his life and can be credited with many of the company’s achievements. Lincoln had already been acknowledged as one the most important motorcars in the world by the middle of his 20s. 

Lincoln was still able to maintain a presence in this segment, even as the luxury segment started disappearing by the 1930s. Edsel Ford created the Lincoln-Zephyr Coupe-sedan, which was a middle-priced model, to counter this problem. The Lincoln-Zephyr Coupe-sedan was a huge success. 

The Lincoln Continental, which Edsel only saw as an ad-hoc release in 1939, was made available. It quickly became a hit and was named the iconic vehicle. 

Lincoln went through a major redesign in 1950s trying to maintain the Cadillac style. Lincoln produced many top-selling models during these years that are still considered to be among the finest, including the Capri and Mark II Series, Cosmopolitans, Lincoln Sport, Premiere, Custom, and Lincoln Sport. 

Lincoln continued to be a leader in the luxury vehicle market for years. In 1981, Lincoln released the Lincoln Town Car, which was the biggest American-made vehicle. This car was almost 18 feet tall. Lincoln's LS was also available at the start of the new century. The Navigator, LT or MKZ were closely following. 

Lincoln's lineup today has something for everyone. The Lincoln brand is known for producing quality SUVs and crossovers for a low price, which makes it an American luxury brand. 

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What are Common Lincoln Problems

1. Electrical Malfunctions

Considering Lincolns are meant to be filled with the top features, it’s interesting how electrical glitches tend to run rampant. Many people complain about flickering screens and bright displays that won’t dim at night.

Even a blank dashboard might be a problem, especially if you are on a long trip. These same issues are common with Ford cars.

2. Faulty Transmissions

It seems that the Lincoln Nautilus has been the worst affected by transmission issues. Also, many of the same problems were found in the MKX.

Customers reported weird transmission behaviors such as loud and erratic shifting. You can even shift it into Neutral at will. 

3. Brake recalls

While the brakes haven’t been as defective as the electrical system, there have been some notable recalls. The occupants of vehicles with defective brakes run a high risk. 

The 2020 Lincoln Aviator was the vehicle with most brake problems. The driver could press the brake pedal, but not receive any response. 

Most Reliable Lincoln Models

2020 Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln's Navigator is a well-known model. The Lincoln Navigator is a versatile vehicle that offers exceptional acceleration and towing capabilities.

The 450 horsepower twin-turbocharged V6 engine is what grabs your attention. Plus, it’s filled with some of the best amenities, including a head-up display. 

2019 Lincoln MKZ

It has a striking design that will make heads turn. This model also offers many powertrain options that can be customized to your liking.

You can choose from a 2.0-liter turbofour with 245 horses, or the 350-horsepower and 400-horsepower versions of the 3.0-liter V6 engines. You will also find some unique features such as an eight inch display and retractable roof. 

2016 Lincoln MKS

Although this luxury vehicle was inspired by the Ford Taurus's design, it offers many more features. With the long wheelbase design, there’s plenty of room for occupants to sit comfortably in the back seat. 

It is large enough to store your entire luggage. There are two engines available: the EcoBoost turbo V6 and front-wheel drive, or the V6 with 340 horsepower. 

Models by Lincoln are least reliable

2020 Lincoln Aviator

The Aviator is certainly one of the most dangerous. It was not only plagued by terrible brake problems, but also ranked the worst Lincoln SUV ever.

Another problem is the loss of body integrity. Other issues include drive problems, electronic malfunctions, and difficulties with climate control. 

2007 Lincoln MKX

Even though this model shares a platform with Mazda, it’s terrible to drive and extremely heavy. The style is not appreciated by anyone.

Inside the cabin, the materials appeared cheap, which isn’t common with luxury cars. If that wasn’t bad enough, Lincoln priced this model far too high. 

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Lincoln - Is it a Good Used Car?

The Lincoln brand offers many good quality used cars. Luxury cars can be purchased without paying a high price.

But you need to be cautious about which model you purchase. You don’t want to end up with one of the lemons riddled with mechanical trouble.

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