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P0451 Lincoln MKX

As with all OBD-II Trouble Codes, P0451 The same meaning applies to all cars.  The following means: Lincoln MKX‘s EVAP system has a pressure sensor that is malfunctioning in some way. 

The most common causes of P0451 are a bad EVAP Pressure Sensor, a clogged Fuel Tank Relief Val, EVAP Lines, EVAP Wiring, or a damaged fuel cap.  You may also have other reasons.  We’ll cover those directly below.

P0451 is usually caused by either a bad EVAP pressure sensor, a clogged fuel tank relief valve, EVAP lines, EVAP wiring, or a bad fuel cap….


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  1. MKX Symptoms P0451
  2. Lincoln MKX - P0451
    1. Bad/Missing Fuel Cap
    2. EVAP Lines and Wiring
    3. Low EVAP Pressure Sensor
    4. Oil Tank Pressure Relief Valve
  3. Conclusion: P0451 Lincoln MKX

MKX Symptoms P0451

In general, the P0451 treatment will have no effect on how your MKX operates or drives.  Fuel mileage The may be affected a little, but it is not unavoidable. Service engine light will soon be on You will get one.  It is possible to also feel the slight The smell of gas

Concentrate on any other trouble codes that are EVAP-related and try to resolve them.



Lincoln MKX - P0451

These are the top causes of P0451 generally.

Lincoln MKX P0451 Diagnosis



Bad/Missing Fuel Cap

To diagnose P0451, the easiest way to begin is by looking at your fuel cap.  Since a missing, bad, or under-tightened fuel cap can make your MKX throw this code it’s a great place to start.

If you’ve gotten a “tighten fuel cap” message recently, but the cap was already tight, that’s a strong indication that there could be something wrong with the fuel cap.

The rubber seal that surrounds fuel caps is where it comes in contact with the fuel receiver.  This seal should not be missing or dry rotted.  It should be replaced if it becomes damaged. Capacity for new gasoline This could be the solution you are looking for to your problem.  Often, P0451 is misdiagnosed at the fuel cap.



EVAP Lines and Wiring

You should next check your EVAP line and hoses for P0451 issues in the MKX.  Be aware of where these connect to each other, be near the exhaust and don't touch anything else that may cause them to become damaged. 

The same principle would apply to checking the wiring harness.  It should be checked to make sure it is not damaged.  You should pay particular attention where the plug connects to the EVAP pressure sensor.  It is possible to have the harness replaced if the plug appears loose or damaged.

It is possible that the carbon canister might be dangerous.



Low EVAP Pressure Sensor

It's a perfect time to test the fuel pressure sensor.  You’ll need a good scanner.  You’ll want to test to see if it is within the specs that Lincoln requires before getting a new one.  Here’s a fantastic video on how to do just that:




Oil Tank Pressure Relief Valve

After everything is in order, I'd recommend a smoke test to check the fuel tank pressure relief valve.  It is often difficult to access them.  Here’s a link to a great video on how to Find the source of the leak if you don’t have a smoke machine.



Conclusion: P0451 Lincoln MKX

It can be difficult to find P0451.  The good news is that if that’s the only code that your MKX has, it shouldn’t really be a breakdown risk.

Please leave comments below if you have any suggestions.  You are welcome!

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