Is It Secure To Drive With The Airbag Gentle On? (& Why Not)

Airbags are a standard staple in trendy autos. They're designed to maintain you secure and guarded throughout a collision, however what does it imply when the airbag mild comes on? Is it secure to drive with the airbag mild on?

On this article, we look at what the SRS airbag mild is and what causes it to return on. We additionally discuss why it’s not secure to drive with this warning mild illuminated. 

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  1. Is It Secure to Drive with the Airbag Gentle On?
  2. What's the SRS Airbag Gentle?
  3. Is it Unlawful to Drive with the Airbag Gentle On?
  4. Will the Airbag Deploy with the SRS Gentle On?
  5. Widespread Causes Airbag Gentle is On
    1. 1. Lifeless Backup Battery
    2. 2. Defective Sensor
    3. 3. Broken Clock Spring
    4. 4. Water Harm
  6. Value to Restore Airbag Gentle

Is It Secure to Drive with the Airbag Gentle On?

When the airbag mild illuminates, it means that there's a downside with the system. Almost certainly, the airbag is not going to deploy in an accident due to this fault. Subsequently, it isn't really useful that you simply drive the car till you've gotten the system repaired. 

You need to by no means ignore the very important warning. Whereas it doesn’t imply the automotive is unsafe to drive, there’s no cause to take probabilities with it. 

Nevertheless, the sunshine does point out that the SRS parts should not working as they need to. This might additionally imply that the airbags gained’t deploy if an accident happens. You don’t need to wait till you might be in an accident to seek out out if the airbags will shield you. 

What's the SRS Airbag Gentle?

The Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) controls the automotive’s airbags. It’s designed to work with the seatbelts to offer one other degree of in-vehicle security. The SRS sensors monitor all the airbags in your car, which might whole ten or extra within the latest fashions.

The job of the sensors is to detect when a collision happens, so the airbags can deploy and scale back the affect. Nevertheless, the sensors additionally decide if there's a fault within the system, which causes the airbag mild to light up on the dashboard. 

Is it Unlawful to Drive with the Airbag Gentle On?

Whereas it isn’t smart to drive with the airbag mild on, you possibly can’t get into felony bother for doing so. Native and state legal guidelines haven't any bearing on whether or not you drive with dashboard lights in your automotive.

Nevertheless, you might need bother getting the automotive to cross a state inspection with these lights on. Actually, many states will fail a car for having the SRS mild, Examine Engine Gentle or ABS mild illuminated. 

Will the Airbag Deploy with the SRS Gentle On?

When the airbag warning mild is on, it’s secure to imagine that the airbags should not going to deploy in an accident. When the system detects a fault, it deactivates the airbags on your safety. 

For that reason, you gained’t have to fret in regards to the airbags deploying spontaneously due to the failure. To make sure your on-road safety, it’s important that you've the sunshine checked out straight away.

Widespread Causes Airbag Gentle is On

Deployed Airbags

1. Lifeless Backup Battery

The airbag operates with the assistance of a backup battery. In case your automotive battery died lately, it’s additionally attainable that the facility to the backup battery is lifeless.

When you cost the automotive battery, the backup may begin working once more, inflicting the sunshine to go off. In any other case, it must be changed and the sensors must be reset. 

2. Defective Sensor

The sensors are wanted to find out if a crash is happening, so the airbags can deploy. Nevertheless, these sensors also can fail due to previous age or put on. 

When the sensors cease working appropriately, the system detects a fault and the sunshine comes on. You will have to have the sensors checked and the system wants a reset to work correctly once more.

3. Broken Clock Spring

There's a clock spring with the airbag that maintains the continuity of the driving force’s aspect airbag with {the electrical} wiring. The clock spring is constructed into the steering wheel and strikes with the turns. 

Over time, it may possibly turn into worn out, resulting in a foul connection and airbag failure. To restore it, the clock spring have to be changed and the SRS must be reset. 

4. Water Harm

In case your car has turn into the sufferer of water injury, something electrical might be broken, together with the airbag module. This precious half is positioned under your seats.

When it turns into shorted or corroded, it is going to cease working, resulting in the sunshine approaching. Whilst you can change the broken half, it is going to solely occur once more except you cease water from infiltrating the car. 

Value to Restore Airbag Gentle

The fee to restore the airbag mild relies on what fault has occurred. If the airbag within the steering wheel must be changed for some cause, you could possibly spend $1,100 to $1,500, primarily for the labor concerned. Nevertheless, changing the clock spring ought to solely price $250 to $350, or much less when you can restore it your self.

The common price to switch an airbag sensor is between $350 and $450, with the components averaging round $300. As a result of the codes will must be reset, it’s finest to have a mechanic carry out the repair except you've gotten a complicated code scanner.

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