Is it possible to fail the driving test multiple times?

You might be nervous or anxious about taking your driving exam. After all, there’s no guarantee you will pass, especially if the instructor is difficult to work with. You can fail the driving test once and get your licence again.

There are different laws regarding test taking depending on which state you reside in. Most states permit you to take the test up to three more times before you have to apply for a permit again. There are exceptions to that, which is why you should check your state’s laws before taking the driving test. 

In this article, we will look at the testing limits of some of the country’s largest states. These tips will help you pass the driving examination. 

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  1. How Many Times Can You Fail a Driving Test in Each State
    1. 1. California
    2. 2. Texas
    3. 3. Florida
    4. 4. New York
    5. 5. Pennsylvania
  2. Avoid these common mistakes when taking your driving test.
    1. 1. Vehicle Failure
    2. 2. Make a mistake with parallel parking
    3. 3. You Forget to Check Mirrors
    4. 4. Speed limit exceeded
    5. 5. Improper Lane Changes
  3. What percentage of people fail a driving test?
  4. There are many errors you can make before passing a driving exam.
  5. How to pass a driving exam

How Many Times Can You Fail a Driving Test in Each State

1. California

In California, you can take your driving test three times before you need to fill out the driver’s license application again. For each test, you will need to pay $7. 

You will need to wait at least two weeks to retake the driving test if your age is under 18 You won’t be allowed to schedule until that two weeks is over. 

2. Texas

Texas permits drivers to submit a failed application up to three more times. The fee is only one and you can test as many times as necessary. 

The second test must be taken within the 90-day period. You can also reschedule the retest after a failure. 

3. Florida

You can take your test five times in Florida before you need to reapply for a learner’s permit. For a skills test retest, you will need to pay $20. 

You won’t be able to schedule your retest at the failure. You will need to wait for 24 hours before you can reschedule. 

4. New York

With your first application fee, you receive two free driving tests in this state. You must pass both driving tests if you fail them. 

You can keep taking the road exam until passing. However, you can’t take the driving test once your learner’s permit expires. You will need to apply again. 

5. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania gives you three chances to pass your driving exam. After that, you need to renew the learner’s permit.

There are no extra fees to retest. You must wait 7 days if you're under 18 and fail to test again. You can test again if you're an adult. 

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Avoid these common mistakes when taking your driving test.

1. Vehicle Failure

You will have to inspect your vehicle before you can drive with the instructor. You must ensure that your car complies with all local safety regulations. Otherwise, the instructor may not take you on the road for the test. 

You want to ensure the windshield isn’t cracked and that the seat belts work. You must also make sure that all exterior lighting is working. Before you take the test, make sure your windshield wipers and lights are working properly. An instructor might also inspect the horn. 

For good measure, clean out the vehicle to ensure it’s not cluttered or dirty. This won't make you fail but it can cause discomfort for the instructor. 

2. Make a mistake with parallel parking

You will have to be able to park parallel if you are in an area that has such requirements. Mainly, you don’t want to hit any other car or slam into the curb.

You may be allowed to gently touch curbs in some states, however this is not recommended. In fact, you may be able to pass the exam if you don’t do the best parallel parking job, as long as the vehicle never touches anything else. 

3. You Forget to Check Mirrors

You must be able see clearly through your mirrors when driving. You should make use of your mirrors more than when you are driving on your own during your road test. 

You wouldn’t believe how many drivers forget the need to use mirrors. Make sure to check your mirrors several times before backing up. Don’t forget to use the side mirrors when making lane changes and merging. Also, remember to check your blind spot. 

4. Speed limit exceeded

If you wish to pass your driving test, it is important that you keep an eye on how fast you drive. Even if you are passing other vehicles, your speed should not exceed that posted limit. It is important to pay attention to the speed limit changes as they occur in school zones or work areas. 

Although you are allowed to travel at the posted speed limit for the driving exam, you might want to be more cautious. You might be able to go slower if the weather is poor. When driving in the rain, fog, or snow you must remain safe. 

However, there’s never a reason to go excessively slow. If you are driving far below the speed limit, the instructor won’t feel you are equipped to handle the road. By maintaining a reasonable speed, you must show confidence. 

5. Improper Lane Changes

You should feel comfortable with lane changing by the time your driving test is over. Signal the change in lanes and notify other drivers. From there, check your mirrors and examine your blind spots. 

Even though it may sound simple, pressure can cause people to forget important steps. You can go over the steps repeatedly in your mind every time you want to change lane. It is difficult to remember the important steps if you run through your mental checklist. It is important to keep an eye out for traffic. 

What percentage of people fail a driving test?

You might think you're alone when you fail your driving test. However, you aren’t the only one failing your driving test. Many other drivers are facing similar challenges.

According to studies, almost half of all new drivers fail the first driving test. Additionally, nearly half of those who fail the written permit test are not licensed drivers. These numbers show how easy it is for someone to get into trouble. 

There are many errors you can make before passing a driving exam.

It’s difficult to determine how many mistakes can be made before you will fail the driving test. You should carefully study the regulations for each state before you take your driving test. 

However, it’s important to note that errors are all judged differently. While you can make minor errors and pass the driving test without failing, a major error like the one above may cause your failure. 

The most serious immediate mistakes are those that could lead to your death. These mistakes will cause you to immediately fail and send you back to work. There are also critical errors that aren’t quite as serious. While they aren’t considered life-threatening, they could still take a good chunk off of your score. Driving tests can be failed if there are too many mistakes. 

Before you go to the test, determine what score is required. You will be able to assess your performance during the test. The information should be available on the DMV's website, or within the test booklet. 

How to pass a driving exam

If you want to pass the driver’s test on the first try, we have a few tips to help you out.

  1. Following SMOG principles is important. For every maneuver, signal, mirror and over-shoulder the other side.
  2. Your hands should be at 9, 3 and 9 on the wheel. When turning, use hand-overhand techniques.
  3. Make sure you stop where it is most convenient.
  4. Keep an eye on your speed, and adjust it to the conditions.
  5. You should leave enough space between yourself and other vehicles.
  6. Don’t roll through stops. Completely stop to ensure that the coast remains clear. 

Keep your confidence high throughout the test. Deepen your breaths, and you will see that the practice is paying off.

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