Is it expensive to transport a truck?

If you are ready to get more height out of your truck or you want to install beefy tires, it’s time to consider a lift kit. Are you ready to spend the money?

A truck lift will cost you anywhere between $500 and $4000. The type of truck lift, the height you desire, as well as where it's installed (professionally or by yourself) can all impact how much a truck lift costs. 

These factors are discussed in this guide. Also, we will be discussing the many types of truck lifts that you have to choose from.

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  1. Factors That Affect Truck Lift Prices
    1. 1. Types of lift
    2. 2. Lift height
    3. 3. Comparison of DIY vs. Professional
  2. Different types of truck lift kits
    1. 1. Leveling Kit
    2. 2. Bodylift Kit 
    3. 3. Suspension Lift Kit
  3. Are Truck Lifting and Maintenance Worth It?

Factors That Affect Truck Lift Prices

1. Types of lift

There are many lift kits to choose from. This has the greatest impact on your price. In just a few moments, we will go into more detail about each lift. 

Until then, the cheapest option is to get a leveling kit, which doesn’t add height across the whole truck but levels it out for a little boost. A body lift is next. It is much cheaper than a suspension raise. But each has pros and cons that are worth considering.

2. Lift height

Your truck's height will also impact the price you pay. This can be done by adding only an inch and keeping the price down.

You will need to do more work the higher up you take your truck. In order to achieve your desired height, it may be necessary to replace suspension components or other parts. 

3. Comparison of DIY vs. Professional

Two options are available when you get a lift kit for your truck. Either you can do it yourself, or hire a professional to handle the task.

You can make a significant savings if you are equipped with the right skills. You might have to share a few beers with friends to save money and get more help on the job. However, if you don’t know what you are doing or are replacing vital parts, it’s best to pay the extra to have a professional handle the installation. 

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Different types of truck lift kits

1. Leveling Kit

This truck-leveling kit elevates the pickup's front by an inch. The simple front-end lift allows it to match its rear height. Although this may give you a little more ground clearance at the front, it is not significant. There are many ways to level your truck. Some kits require additional leaf springs, while others use torsion blocks or keys.

These lift kits are some of the most economical and have many other benefits. The leveling kit creates more stability for your truck. You will love this additional balance if your truck is hauling large equipment. If you are able to do it yourself, your truck can be leveled two inches. Thankfully, you shouldn’t need additional equipment or special expertise to get the job done. All you need is the ability to follow directions.

2. Bodylift Kit 

Other names for body lift kits include spacer lift kit. While it’s relatively cost-effective, it’s not as cheap as most leveling kits. You can achieve a higher height using this alternative to the leveling kit. The body lift kit can be used to increase your height by about one-to three inches. Sometimes, it’s used in conjunction with a leveling kit. 

This lift is only going to raise up the truck’s body. Your pickup’s chassis and suspension continue to keep their original height, so there’s no additional room between the truck and the ground. Without this extra clearance, you don’t gain any advantage off-road or when heading over obstacles. However, you can still install more tires and not compromise the ride quality. 

The body kit is a great option if you plan to travel down the highway without any off-road driving. Not only does it create a unique look, but it can also help you see clearer by showing you what’s beyond the traffic. You could spend anywhere from $300 to $3,000 on the kit. If you can install it at home, there’s no labor involved. Depending on the truck you have and what your needs are, it could cost anywhere from $750 up to $7,000 to install. 

3. Suspension Lift Kit

Suspension lifts are the best option, especially if you can afford it. It’s the most expensive of the three, but it ensures the best results. Depending on how high you need to go, it might be necessary to add new suspension components, whether it’s the coil springs, spacers, torsion keys, leaf springs or more. 

It’s also possible that you will need shocks, bushings or control arms to make the new lift work. However, it’s the only option if you need to raise the truck more than three inches. The suspension kit is for drivers who need more ground clearance or large tires. However, this suspension kit comes at a high price. 

Let’s say you want to add four inches to your truck. The kit can cost anywhere from $400-$5,000. The kit will require you to repair suspension components. A professional is required to do the job. It is possible to spend as much as $10,000 before you are done. 

But nothing is as impressive as a well-lifted truck. These pickup trucks are fast and dominant on the road. There is one problem: the center gravity of these pickups changes with every inch. You might not know how handling changes will affect you. If you haven’t driven a lifted truck before, it could take some getting used to. 

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Are Truck Lifting and Maintenance Worth It?

Sitting behind the wheel of a lifted truck can create a confidence boost, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Your presence on the roads will make you more famous and you'll be a talking point wherever you go. Is the cost of a lift kit worthwhile?

Your budget will determine the cost. The lift kit will give you more ground clearance if you have the funds. You can use this to better protect your truck underside if you go off-road. You can enjoy a smoother ride with an upgraded suspension system. You can spend more to get larger tires. 

However, it is important to be ready for more expenses. A drop in fuel economy could be a factor, so it is worth considering upfront. You may find it more challenging to sell your truck depending on where you live.

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