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While going green seems like an idea that is gaining traction in recent years, it has been a long-standing trend, with many active activists, especially those who work in the auto industry. Tom Ogle is one such pioneer. We plan to explain everything you need to know about the Tom Ogle engine and its effects on your life. 

This article will discuss Tom Ogle's life and his engine design. The engine's benefits and drawbacks will be discussed.

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  1. What exactly is the Tom Ogle Engine, you ask?
  2. Tom Ogle: Who are you?
  3. Tom Ogle Engine Pros
    1. 1. We emit fewer emissions
    2. 2. Cost-Effective
    3. 3. You will get a high resale value
  4. Tom Ogle Engine Cons
    1. 1. It's not as fashionable
    2. 2. But not as powerful
    3. 3. It is more expensive to repair
  5. What Has Happened To the Tom Ogle Engine

What exactly is the Tom Ogle Engine, you ask?

Tom Ogle invented the Tom Ogle engine in 1977. It is very efficient and fuel-efficient. According to the engine, it could achieve 100 mpg when operating at normal speed. That is pretty amazing.

The carburetor was an integral part of any engine built at that time. The simple carburetor works with the fuel system and keeps the engine running. The carburetor uses the engine’s vacuum to get air into all of the cylinders.

The Tom Ogle engine doesn’t use a carburetor. The system failed to perform at the beginning. The system was unable to achieve more than 20 mph, with an average fuel consumption of only 8 mpg. Tom discovered that the fuel tank had become frozen due to the water vapours. This was solved by adding heating coils to his fuel tank. After that, the car could achieve 100 MPG at normal speeds. 

Every investor wanted to own a piece after he had proven his idea. Tom Ogle's engine would be the next great thing. 

Tom Ogle: Who are you?

Tom Ogle

Tom Ogle’s full name is Thomas Hans Werner Peter Wolfgang Dinglestadt Ogle, but it’s probably best to keep it simple. Ogle, a mechanical engineer, accidentally discovered an incredible engine while working on his lawnmower. With a vacuum line, Ogle was able to operate the mower without the need for a carburetor. 

After this was done, the mower ran endlessly for up to 96 hours. That’s what sparked the idea to run an engine without a carburetor. 

Tom tried many different methods to start an engine with no carburetor for many years. However, many of these failed. Ogle, then 23, was only 23 when he created a tool that completely replaced the carburetor. He created a tool that completely replaced the vehicle’s carburetor. This setup also allows the engine to achieve 100 MPG. 

When the breakthrough was first revealed, the auto industry was skeptical. Criticism sought to minimize the accomplishment in any way possible. The time was wasted. Tom was well-known because of his incredible invention.  

Tom Ogle Engine Pros

1. We emit fewer emissions

The most significant benefit of the Tom Ogle engine's is its environmental benefits. You will also see fewer emissions due to the reduced fuel consumption.

The Tom Ogle engine is a great choice in the battle to discover the fuel-efficient, gas-powered car. Even hybrids were outclassed by the ratings. 

2. Cost-Effective

You can save money by using a Tom Ogle motor. The first is that you'd spend less on fuel, which makes it a fantastic commuter engine.

In addition, hybrid vehicles and those that are fuel efficient often qualify for tax credits. People could get more money if the Tom Ogle Engine is eligible for these incentives. 

3. You will get a high resale value

Tom Ogle engines are durable and reliable. With less servicing, it’s only natural that the resale value on these vehicles would rise.

Depreciation is a significant selling point for used cars, since it takes money out of every seller. People will pay more for a vehicle that is good for the environment. 

Tom Ogle Engine Cons

1. It's not as fashionable

A car's fuel efficiency is the main focus. The design is often an afterthought. It would probably be so with any Tom Ogle vehicle.

If manufacturers were focused on getting the full 100 mpg out of the motor, the focus wouldn’t be on making the car look great. It would instead be all about aerodynamics and weight. 

2. But not as powerful

You can expect the best speed and acceleration with a V8 supercharged or twin-turbo, V6 engine under your car's hood. However, that’s not the case with a fuel-efficient engine.

These engines, such as the Tom Ogle motor offer very little horsepower or torque. To maintain efficiency, the speeds will be controlled to ensure that they are as efficient as possible. 

3. It is more expensive to repair

Although there are many savings to be made with the Tom Ogle motor, you might not know about some of its hidden costs. Some parts for hybrid or alternative fuel engines may be more expensive than others.

Finding the best technicians can also be difficult. The majority of mechanics don't have the necessary training to work on the Tom Ogle engines, and you will be required to pay extra for all repairs. 

What Has Happened To the Tom Ogle Engine

The Tom Ogle engine was the focus of so many people in the 1980s and 1990s. When did this excitement fade away? Tom’s life became a mess when his wife left him and his career tanked. It was reported that an assassin attempted to kill Tom in 1981. However, the attack was unsuccessful. His new invention was not well-received by the big oil companies.

Ogle was still alive after the failed shooting attempt. That’s when the invention died with him. Even though there was plenty of money available to help him move forward, nothing ever came from his original idea. Imagine the changes that would have occurred if the Tom Ogle engine had been adopted in 1980.

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