How to Turn Off the Anti-Theft Device in Your Car

Today’s cars are harder to steal, thanks to the anti-theft systems that are installed. However, these electronic systems aren’t immune to problems. There’s likely going to be a time when the system acts up, whether it’s due to a dead key fob battery or issues with the keys. When these situations occur, you won’t be able to get the car started. To begin, learn how to turn off the anti theft system on your car.

Your key fob can be used to turn off the alarm system. However, if that doesn’t work, you must look at the key and cylinder. The key can be inserted into the door, or you may turn the ignition. If all fails, disconnect or remove the battery from the alarm fuse to reset it. 

When the anti theft system is malfunctioning, we will discuss the best ways to disarm it. Our guide also examines if it’s possible to circumvent the system entirely. 

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  1. Here are the steps to disable your car's anti-theft device
    1. 1. Make sure to use the Key Fob
    2. 2. Use Key to Open Door
    3. 3. Examine Key/Cylinder
    4. 4. Then, turn on the ignition
    5. 5. Disable Alarm Fuse
    6. 6. Remove Battery
  2. Are You able to bypass the Anti-Theft System

Here are the steps to disable your car's anti-theft device

1. Make sure to use the Key Fob

The key fob is the best way to bypass the anti-theft device. To turn it off, press the alarm button. This is the easiest and fastest way to get the system turned off. 

It could be that the key fob is not working. Sometimes, it won’t work if you aren’t close enough to your car. There may be interference if you are in close proximity to other vehicles. If you're closer, try again.

The key fob battery can fail. If the key fob battery is dead or there’s another malfunction, you might need to try one of the other steps instead.

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2. Use Key to Open Door

The alarm may not work if the fob is starting to fail. Still, you should be able to use the key until you get home to change the fob’s battery.

When you put the key into your driver’s side door lock, turn it and hold it in place for about twenty seconds. The key will be recognized by the vehicle, and the system will shut off. To get it to recognise the key, you might try to turn the key several times inside the lock. 

3. Examine Key/Cylinder

If the key in the door lock isn’t working, it’s possible you are using the wrong key. Take a closer look at it to ensure it’s the right match. Maybe you grabbed your spouse’s keys when you walked out the door this morning. 

The alarm can also go off if the door lock cylinder is damaged. If there’s damage, the system could inadvertently believe someone is trying to break in. It is an area that thieves often target when trying to get into cars. It is possible to fix the problem by replacing the door lock cylinder.

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4. Then, turn on the ignition

If you have gotten into the car, it’s possible to reset the system. It is possible to disable the alarm system by simply starting your car.

Obviously, the car isn’t going to start while the alarm is activated, but the same steps might help deactivate it. Turn the car ON if the anti-theft light is visible on its dash. This position activates accessories such as radios. 

The light will turn off if the system is reset. This could sometimes take several minutes. You should then be able start your vehicle normally once the light has gone out. There’s also the chance that the light went off because you drained the battery, which means you have another problem to think about. 

5. Disable Alarm Fuse

To get your alarm from sounding, you can remove the fuse. It will softly restart the immobilizer.

The alarm fuse can be found in the panel. Look in the owner’s manual to find the exact location of the fuse used by the security system. The car will not start if the fuse is removed. But, it is possible to reinstall the fuse and hopefully reset your alarm. 

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6. Remove Battery

If nothing else has worked, it’s time to disconnect the car battery. Disconnect the car battery cable if your alarm goes off and you don't want it to turn on. 

The computer will automatically reset after the battery is removed for at least a couple of minutes. Wait a few minutes before you reconnect it. If the system hasn’t reset and you still can’t get around the anti-theft system, it’s time to call for professional help. 

Are You able to bypass the Anti-Theft System

If your vehicle has a factory-installed anti-theft system on it, there’s likely no way of getting around it permanently. This system is designed to prevent thieves from taking your vehicle. It would not be easy to disable or bypass the system completely. The thieves would do it.

There are more advanced ways to get around this, however they can be tedious and time-consuming. These methods are not intended for everyday drivers. Anyone who wanted to steal cars could use the techniques to get more people to follow them.

You have more options if your aftermarket system is used. You can find the location of the wires in the installation instructions. These connections can be found and removed. The person that installed the system could be asked to remove it. There’s a lot more flexibility with these systems.

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