How to remove the dealer sticker from your car

You might have gotten a great deal on a used or new car, but it’s always annoying dealing with that sticker or decal that the dealership puts on the back. If you don’t know how to remove the dealer sticker from your car, you will continue driving around with it on the back. 

We will explain how to take the sticker off your car. Also, we will show you how to take off the stickers from your back. The processes for both are almost the same, but there are distinct differences when it comes to removing vinyl stickers and decal plates. 

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  1. How to remove the decal sticker from your car
    1. Collect Materials
    2. Maintain a Clean Surface
    3. Heat Sticker
    4. Sticker to Scrape
    5. Remove adhesive
    6. Dry & Wax Car
  2. How to take the sticker plate off your car
    1. 1. Clean the Area
    2. 2. Use Heat
    3. 3. It's easy to do it loose
    4. 4. Adhesive that is clean
    5. 5. Keep the Environment Clean and Protected

How to remove the decal sticker from your car

Gather your supplies and scrub the surface of the car with soapy water to get rid of the sticker. Before you heat the sticker, it is possible to scrape it. After the sticker is removed, wipe away any adhesive left behind. 

  1. Collect Materials

    A few supplies are needed to get vinyl sheets and adhesive from your car. Use warm soapy hot water to clean the vinyl sheets.

    Also, you will need a lint free rag and a scraper to get rid of the adhesive. A hair dryer or heat gun are also essential. 

  2. Maintain a Clean Surface

    It doesn't matter what kind of material you want to get rid of, it is important to first clean up the affected area. You should avoid any dirt, dust, or mud from scratching your car's body while trying to remove the sticker.

    Use your bucket of soapy, warm water to gently scrub the surface with your clean, lint-free towel. Dish soap is not recommended as it could damage the protective coating. Use car washes with special formulas, which have received rave reviews. When you are satisfied with the cleanliness of your vehicle, clean it and dry it. 

  3. Heat Sticker

    To make it as simple as possible, heat the sticker before you start. The adhesive will be easier to use if it is heated. It can also be heated with a heat gun or hairdryer. You can grasp onto the sticker and remove it with ease by heating it. 

    Keep the heat source at least six inches away from the surface to allow it to warm the decal. You should move the heat source in a circular rotation, so it doesn’t damage the car paint. 

  4. Sticker to Scrape

    A scraper with a clear plastic edge will allow you to lift off the sticker easily. Use a scraper that has a plastic edge to lift up the sticker. Additionally, you don’t need to scrape the entire sticker away from the surface. The amount you need to grasp it is all that's required.

    After lifting a section, take it with you and work it off of your car paint. If you don’t have a scraper and can’t get one, try using the edge of your credit card instead. You should be able peel back the sticker in one smooth motion. If the sticker has a long life, you might find it is easier to peel back in smaller pieces. 

  5. Remove adhesive

    The sticker may still have some adhesive left behind after it is removed. There will likely be a small patch left, and it is important to take it off before the residue builds up. Spray the adhesive on the patch and leave it to dry for one minute.

    Once the adhesive has softened, you can wipe it off with a lint-free towel. To remove stubborn residue, use the plastic Scraper. 

  6. Dry & Wax Car

    After the glue has dried, clean the surface and protect your paint. You can wash the surface with soapy water once more and then dry it thoroughly. Verify that no adhesive remains.
    Additional protection will be required for the area covered by stickers. It probably doesn’t have any protectant on the surface. Use a waxed or clear coating product on the affected area. 

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How to take the sticker plate off your car

1. Clean the Area

Working with the decal plates isn’t too much different from trying to remove stickers. It is important to clean the entire area surrounding the decal. The entire decal area can be cleaned with soapy warm water. 

Dry the affected area after removing all dirt and grime. You don’t want any dirt getting into the plastic or metal decal area or it could scratch up the paint during removal. 

2. Use Heat

Heat will be used to remove the adhesive from the decal. But the decal may require more heat or time than the sticker to melt.

Don’t turn up the heat too high. It is important to take your time, use a slow heat setting and be patient. You could endanger the paintwork and your body. 

3. It's easy to do it loose

You can start removing the decal once it feels warm to your touch. Apply adhesive remover to the decal and check if it comes off. The plastic scraper can be used to remove the decal. You can heat the spot again if it becomes cold. 

You may be lucky and your decal will pop off when it has warmed enough. This is most possible when the decal is newer and it hasn’t been baked on over time.

There’s a little trick that not a lot of people know about and it only involves some dental floss. For the removal of adhesive you can use a length of dental floss in front of the decal. You can keep your paint intact without any damage. 

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4. Adhesive that is clean

There will still be adhesive residue after the decal is removed. Use your adhesive removal product to clean the affected area. 

If the adhesive is not easy to remove, you can use your scraper. If the adhesive is not easy to remove, you can leave the cleaner on the surface for several minutes. After the adhesive has become pliable you can use your cloth to remove it. 

5. Keep the Environment Clean and Protected

Paint that has been removed from the decal will need protection. These will need to be repaired if there are any cracks in the panel. This is important to prevent corrosion and rust from forming, as this will only lead to more serious problems.

You can remove any holes and wax the car to protect it. To ensure that your car looks neat and clean, wax it as well.

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