How to Fix Squeaky Windshield Blades and Replacement Cost

You expect to have a pleasant and relaxing ride when you set out on the roads. However, if it’s rainy, it could quickly turn into a nightmare if you have squeaky windshield wiper blades.

This article will explain why windshield wipers creak and provide solutions. The replacement costs of windshield wipers is also discussed.

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  1. What Causes Windshield Wipers to Squeak
    1. 1. Contamination
    2. 2. Bad Installation
    3. 3. Wear-Out Rubber
    4. 4. Defects
  2. How to replace squeaky wipers
    1. 1. Keep the blade clean
    2. 2. Use Windshield washer fluid
    3. 3. Wet the blade
    4. 4. Get rid of wax coating
    5. 5. Wiper Assembly
    6. 6. Wiper Blades Need to Be ReplacedS
  3. Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement Cost

What Causes Windshield Wipers to Squeak

1. Contamination

Your car’s windshield is going to collect dust and road debris as you drive. Even when you can’t see these contaminants on the windshield, they are there. 

This can lead to the windshield wipers dragging or jumping across the glass when you activate them. Also, the debris could cause damage to your wipers.

2. Bad Installation

If you have the guys at the auto parts store put your wipers on, there’s a chance it won’t be done right. While it’s a great way to avoid doing the job yourself, not everyone has the basic knowledge needed to finish the installation right.

They aren't trained mechanics working in an auto parts shop. It might be worth hiring professionals to handle complex parts like wiper assemblies. 

3. Wear-Out Rubber

The rubber on your wiper blades can become worn out even if they are well maintained. If you drive in dirty or dusty driving conditions, the rubber on your wiper blades can wear out more quickly. 

The rubber may crack in time. The rubber can crack over time, causing a loud squeaking sound and streaking. 

4. Defects

If you haven’t bought wipers from a reputable manufacturer, they could have defects. It is possible that the cause of the squeaking wipers was not apparent from the beginning. 

Sometimes the wipers are too old and have hardened. While other times, they are simply cheap wipers that can’t get the job done. 

Replace Windshield Wipers

How to replace squeaky wipers

How can you eliminate the annoying squeaky sound from your wiper blades There are 6 methods to repair squeaky blades.

1. Keep the blade clean

Clean the blades. You will see the windshield wiper accumulate dirt and other debris over time. To clean your windshield wiper, there are only a few household items you can use. 
Begin by wiping down the windshield using a glass cleaner. You can remove the cleaner streak-free with a squeegee. 
The cleaner can be applied to the blade of your wiper. You can wipe off the cleaner with a damp cloth along the length of your blade. You can also check the condition of your blade while you are doing this.

2. Use Windshield washer fluid

If there’s not enough lubrication on the windshield, you might hear some extra noises while the blades move. This can be corrected by making sure there's enough windshield washer fluid in your reservoir.
Find the reservoir beneath the hood, and use a funnel to fill it. After it has filled, spray some lubricant on the windshield to see if this helps. 

3. Wet the blade

It could have become harder if the blade was sitting. It isn’t difficult to soften the blade up a little with some finesse.
Rub alcohol or WD-40 on a piece of paper and rub it onto the blade. Dry the blade with a clean cloth because you don’t want either of these substances on your windshield. 

4. Get rid of wax coating

Rain-X and similar products may have been applied to windshields after you've washed it. You might want to take off some. Dampen a clean cloth, ensuring that it isn’t soaking wet. The windshield should be gently wiped clean. 
Use a bit of glass polish to gently rub the windshield. You should treat the whole windshield. Use water to rinse the windshield. 

5. Wiper Assembly

It’s possible that the wiper assembly tightness needs to be adjusted. The assembly could become looser or more tighter over time. 
You can use a socket, flathead screwdriver and ratchet to adjust the bolt and nut that hold the wiper in place. You will need to experiment with the firmness you want.

6. Wiper Blades Need to Be ReplacedS

Replace the wiper blades when they become worn, damaged or ripped. The rough edges aren’t going to glide across the glass the way they should. 
The wiper arm can be lifted up to replace the blade. Take the blade off and replace with a brand new one. You can either lock the blade in place, or use the included retaining clips. 

Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement Cost

For a pair, windshield wiper blades cost approximately $50. The price of a pair may go up slightly if your vehicle is larger or more luxurious. To save labor costs, the wiper blades can be installed at home or purchased from an auto parts shop. You might consider hiring a professional to replace your windshield wipers if you have an intricate assembly. This could cost you between $25-$40.

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