How To Fix A Sagging Headliner (5 Quick Methods)

A sagging headliner can distract you from your driving experience. To avoid this, you need to know how to fix a sagging headliner, but you don’t want to remove it and have a new one reinstalled.

You can fix your headliner with glue. But, thumbtacks and pins are also options. Some people turn to staples and hairspray, while others will use carpenter’s tape. If those don’t work, steaming the headliner might bring the results you are looking for.

This guide will show you how to repair the headliner. Thankfully, you don’t have to remove it to ensure it is secure. 

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  1. What does the Headliner mean?
  2. Five Ways to Restore a Faint Headliner
    1. 1. Glue
    2. 2. Thumbtacks/Pins
    3. 3. Staples & Hairspray
    4. 4. Double-Sided Carpenter’s Tape
    5. 5. Steam
  3. How much does it cost to replace a headliner?

What does the Headliner mean?

The fabric material that runs on the vehicle’s interior roof is known as the headliner. The headliner can be stylish and functional, as well. The cabin is kept warm by the headliner. It can also reduce vibration, so there’s less noise while driving.

It is much more than just fabric. It is often constructed from multiple pieces. It starts with a piece of cardboard, fiberglass, or foam on the top. After this, there’s cloth, leather or vinyl that’s laid over the top of it. It is this part which can often become sagging on older vehicles.

Five Ways to Restore a Faint Headliner

1. Glue

Spray Glue

The most popular solution is to glue your headliner in place. However, this method isn’t always easy. The best chances of success are for you to repair your headliner before it begins to sink. 

The area where the headliner meets with the windshield on the roof top is usually the first to show signs of sagging. Because of UV radiation, this is the first area that will fail. It is easy to reattach this area using headliner adhesive available at your local auto parts store. 

2. Thumbtacks/Pins

Upholestry Pins

You can also secure the sagging headliner with some pins or thumbtacks, but this isn’t the most stylish option. This is a quick option if you need it fast.

Use your pins to attach the fabric onto the outer layer of the headliner. You can create a new design with tacks if you're feeling adventurous. 

You can also use special upholstery pins to improve the look. You can twist the pin to lock it down if you select one with a corkscrew.

3. Staples & Hairspray

Stapler Gun

This isn’t the most obvious solution, but it’s been used with a lot of success. Secure the headliner with a staple gun to secure it to the material below.

Apply hairspray to the headband and allow it to dry. After everything has dried, remove the staples and see what happens. 

4. Double-Sided Carpenter’s Tape


Most people have a roll of carpenter’s tape lying in the toolbox, so you might not have to go anywhere to get this fix completed. Take the tape that you are using and cut it off.

Take off the backing, and attach it to your roof. This can be done anywhere the roof is sagging. However, this method doesn’t work if only the middle of the headliner is sagging down because you need an edge to be free to use the tape. 

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5. Steam

Steam Headliner

Without removing the headliner, steam is likely to be the most effective and professional method of fixing a sagging one. You might be able activate the glue which secured the headliner onto the underside material by steaming. You can use a steamer to melt glue and increase adhesion.

Begin by starting with a very small area to determine if this is possible. If the glue has gotten too old, you won’t be able to activate it. The steamer should be used to run across the headliner as though you were rolling paint. Continue to press down on the headliner until it reaches the top layer. This will reduce wrinkles and creases. 

How much does it cost to replace a headliner?

If the methods of fixing the headliner don’t work, you might need to replace it. It is possible to replace a headliner for $200-$500 depending on what vehicle you have and where you live.

You might not be able to afford the investment if your vehicle is not in good condition. It is possible to remove the headliner from your car and still drive it.

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