How To Fix A Broken Seat Belt Buckle? (6 Steps)

Your safety in the car is best protected by wearing your seatbelt. In fact, it’s a law for you to wear your seat belt when driving. So, what do you do if the seat belt buckle isn’t working properly? How to replace a worn-out seat belt buckle

It is easy to fix a seat belt buckle by inspecting it and opening it up for damage. If these steps don’t work, you have no choice but to replace the buckle for your on-road protection. 

You can fix your buckle with just a few tools. The steps are explained and the basic concepts of the buckle for the seatbelt.

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  1. How to fix a broken seat belt buckle
    1. 1. The Belt:
    2. 2. The Female Part
    3. 3. Get rid of the Buckle
    4. 4. Open the Socket
    5. 5. The Internal Movement
    6. 6. The Buckle can be replaced
  2. What does the Seat Belt Buckle mean?
  3. Fix a Seat Belt Buckle That Won’t Release

How to fix a broken seat belt buckle

1. The Belt:

The belt may not require any repairs, but you can inspect it. If there is something stuck on the belt, it’s possible to remove it and restore the original function. Dirt, grime and other debris may build up in the seat belt over time.

You might be able, if you can see the substance stuck to your tongue without any further steps, to remove it. Goo Gone is a good choice if the substance seems extra sticky. 

2. The Female Part

Broken Seat Belt Buckle

If there is nothing on the male part of the buckle, it’s time to look inside the mechanism. There is a possibility that some object could have made its way inside the casing. 

A butter knife or another object can be used to insert the buckle. You can even use compressed air to clean the buckle. It is possible to proceed to the next step if the object you are trying to remove is very large.

Also, you should try other things WD-40 Or any other lubricant that is used in the buckle of your seatbelt.

3. Get rid of the Buckle

For a more detailed look, remove the female side of the buckle from the seat. You may only need to loosen the buckle in some cases. In other models, you might have to get the seat off.

Your service manual will contain the instructions for your vehicle. Either way, it’s the easiest way to get inside of the buckle itself.

4. Open the Socket

You will see the socket at the corners of the buckle once it is taken out. It is necessary to take out all the screws. You can remove it with a screwdriver's edge. 

You can remove the screws if there is no way to do so. Be gentle, as this could cause damage to internal components. 

5. The Internal Movement

You should see the inside mechanisms of the buckle once it is opened. You will be able to see the mechanism of the push button, as well as the cam and springs. You can push down the button to find out what happens next. You can remove anything that is preventing the movement of the button. 

However, there’s also the chance that the buckle isn’t working because of old parts. Although you can repair the buckle, it is best to move on to the next step. 

6. The Buckle can be replaced

Although some enjoy fixing up broken belt buckles, the process can be tedious. There are many kits that can be used to repair the belt but it is better to just replace it.

The entire belt might need to be replaced, as the rest is likely worn. Seat belt replacement kits cost anywhere from $25 to $100. If you can put it on yourself, there’s no need to pay any additional labor, which could add $100 to $200 onto your bill. 

What does the Seat Belt Buckle mean?

The buckle holds the tongue in place and releases it from the belt. The tongue is located at the end of the belt’s webbing material and it fits perfectly within the buckle.

If the buckle works as it should the tongue stays in place. It should take very little effort to unfasten or fasten the belt. 

Fix a Seat Belt Buckle That Won’t Release

These steps assume that your seatbelt has been removed from its buckle. Sometimes, however, you may find your seatbelt stuck, which can make it more difficult to repair. 

You will need to spray a grease agent in such cases WD-40Place the lubricant into the buckle of your seat belt. You can shake the buckle a bit to allow the lubricant inside the machine. You can release the buckle by pushing it again after a while.

If this doesn’t work, you can always apply more lubricant and an extra dose of pressure. You should lubricate the entire mechanism after it has been removed. To ensure that the seat belt is functioning properly, you will need to remove it from the buckle multiple times. 

If the buckle hasn’t been released at this point, you only have two more options. The ideal situation is to remove the buckle from the retractor and pull it out enough so you can get out. If you don't have a seatbelt cutter, it is possible to remove it from the retractor. You will have to replace your seatbelt if you choose this alternative. 

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