How To Convert Your Automobile AC R12 System To R134a (4 Steps)

In case you drive a automotive that was manufactured earlier than 1994, it’s doable that the air-con system remains to be utilizing R12. This refrigerant was deemed to be harmful to the surroundings and it should be changed with R134a as a substitute. Nevertheless, you won't know learn how to convert your automotive’s AC R12 system to R134a. 

On this information, we consider how to determine the suitable quantity of R134a so as to add. We additionally take a look at the steps to transform the system from R12 to R134a. 

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  1. Methods to Calculate How A lot R134a is Wanted
  2. Methods to Convert Automobile AC R12 to R134a
    1. 1. Discard R12
    2. 2. Retrofit the System
    3. 3. Hook up Gauges
    4. 4. Pump in R134a Refrigerant
  3. Price of Changing an R12 to the R134a System
  4. Incessantly Requested Questions
    1. What occurs should you put R134a in an R12 system?
    2. When did R12 change to R134a?
    3. Is R12 higher than r134a?
    4. Are you able to combine R134a with R12?

Methods to Calculate How A lot R134a is Wanted

R134a refrigerant is lighter than R12. To make sure the fitting cost, it's essential to fill the brand new system with between 75 and 85% of the factory-set capability for optimum cooling. 

To find the capability for refrigerant, you need to use the specs for the present system and multiply the R12 cost by 0.9 or 90%. Subtract ¼ or 0.25 kilos from this quantity.

Nevertheless, R134a isn’t going to chill the identical as R12. Even should you cost the system correctly, you may discover it doesn’t get as cool. Nonetheless, R134a is far more tolerant towards underneath and overcharging. 

Methods to Convert Automobile AC R12 to R134a

The information under is how one can convert your R12 to R134a in an older automotive. If you wish to make a correct conversion, additionally, you will want to exchange all of the O-rings, new accumulator, new filter and so forth. However we’re speaking a couple of $2000+ price, so it’s in all probability not price doing all this in case your automotive is previous.

For a lot of automotive fashions, there are particular conversion kits that include the required components for the conversion. In some fashions, you additionally want to exchange the stress switches.

Nevertheless, merely changing the fittings and filling it with the right amount of R134a will work effectively on most older automotive fashions, however will not be a everlasting consequence.

Changing your R12 AC system to R134A refrigerant with out changing the O-rings and different obligatory components could also be unlawful the place you reside. Lookup the legal guidelines and laws and make your personal determination if it’s price it or not. This data is for leisure solely.

1. Discard R12

Earlier than you do anything, that you must pump out the R12 refrigerant that's presently within the system. This could all the time be carried out by a licensed skilled as a result of it should be disposed of correctly. 

In case you launch R12 into the surroundings, you might get in hassle. Not solely is it dangerous for the surroundings, but it surely’s unlawful. 

2. Retrofit the System

You have to add new fittings to each the high and low facet service ports on the AC system. Flip the low facet becoming over the prevailing half. You will have a wrench to tighten it to manufacturing facility torque specs.

Put the excessive facet becoming over the previous connector. Use a wrench to tighten this to the suitable specs as effectively. You need to add the retrofit label on the connectors so different individuals who purchase the automotive after to make use of R134a.

You might use connectors like these under. That is an affiliate hyperlink, which means that for free of charge to you, we could obtain a small fee for qualifying purchases.

3. Hook up Gauges

All the valves on the manifold gauge needs to be closed. Join the low facet port to the blue hose and put the pink hose on the excessive facet port. The yellow hose goes to a vacuum pump.

Begin operating the pump and open each valves on the gauges. You need to vacuum down the system for at the very least an hour. As soon as you might be carried out, you shut the entire valves and switch the pump off.

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4. Pump in R134a Refrigerant

Use the yellow hose to connect with the R134a can. This refrigerant ought to already include oil. In any other case, you will want so as to add that individually. 

Flip the valve on the highest of the can. Begin the automotive engine and switch your air-con on as excessive as you may. You may place a thermometer within the vent to measure the temperatures blowing out.

With the blue hose linked to the low facet port, you need to open up the system so it could possibly draw the refrigerant from the can. Proceed including the R134a till you will have reached the suitable capability, which is lower than what was wanted with R12.

If you find yourself completed, shut the valves on the gauges and disconnect them. Put your gauges again into the carrying case, so they're shielded from injury.

Price of Changing an R12 to the R134a System

In case you have an expert convert the R12 to R134a, chances are you'll spend about $250 for your entire service. Nevertheless, that is far more cost-effective than changing your entire air-con system. 

In case you had been fascinated with getting an R134a system put in, your price could be round $2,000 to $4,000. Normally, it’s not price going this route, particularly when you may merely retrofit the prevailing gear.

Incessantly Requested Questions

What occurs should you put R134a in an R12 system?

In case you solely put R134a into your R12 refrigerant system with out changing the O-rings, there's a danger that the system will begin to leak. You might also discover that the R134a refrigerant won't cool in addition to R12.

When did R12 change to R134a?

Most automobiles constructed after the 12 months 1994 use R134a. The primary car air conditioners used R12 as a refrigerant. Nevertheless, resulting from environmental considerations, the manufacturing and use of R12 had been phased out and changed with R134a.

Is R12 higher than r134a?

The refrigerant R12 is barely extra environment friendly than R134a by way of cooling efficiency in smaller programs. However in relation to the surroundings, R134A is a lot better than R12.

Are you able to combine R134a with R12?

No, it's best to by no means combine R134A with R12 or vice versa. They're incompatible with one another and so they have totally different efficiency traits that may result in expensive system failures.

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