How to Avoid car repossession.

If you’ve defaulted on your car loan, the repo man has every right to come and get your vehicle. Still, that won’t stop you from trying to learn how to hide your car from repossession. You might be able to temporarily avoid repossession of your car by using some loopholes in the law. 

We will discuss a number of ways that you can delay repossession. Also, we discuss how to stop repossession and the legality in the circumstances you are currently in.

There’s even an informative section showing you what the repossession company is allowed to do, so you gain a better understanding of the process. First let’s take a look at the legal part.

This article contains information that is intended to entertain and not provide legal advice. Always check the laws in your country or state. Also, we recommend that you do all you can to return the money you have borrowed.

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  1. Can I hide my car from repossession?
  2. How to Avoid Car Repossession
    1. 1. Stay Current With a Loan
    2. 2. Lenders can be negotiated
    3. 3. Refinance
    4. 4. Selling Your Vehicle
  3. There are several ways to protect your vehicle from being taken over by the police
    1. 1. Secure it Now
    2. 2. Exchanging with your loved one
    3. 3. Disable GPS Tracker
    4. 4. You can sell the car
  4. How can your vehicle be repossessed?

Can I hide my car from repossession?

Perhaps you think that hiding the vehicle from repossession is a way to get away with some crimes. While your hard work can help in the short term, it’s not going to provide a long-term solution to your problem.

Once the creditor can’t get their car back, papers will be filed with the local court. This will require you to hand the vehicle in to the company. 

Failure to follow this court ruling could land you in big trouble. In addition to possible fines and other penalties, you could also face theft charges on your records. This is far worse than simply dealing with repossession on your credit report, so don’t engage in illegal activities. It is possible to find another mode of transport. Even if you have to take a bus, it’s better than sitting in a jail cell.

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How to Avoid Car Repossession

1. Stay Current With a Loan

Stopping repossession of your vehicle is possible by staying current on your auto loan. Lenders will not repossess you if your payments are current.

Lenders will often reinstate loans because they save money. However, you should still check with them before making any decisions. There might be additional charges in certain cases. 

2. Lenders can be negotiated

If you can’t pay the bill up to date, you may still have some options. You might negotiate terms with your lender. This is why the lender might do it. Sometimes, the creditor saves money by not having to pay for repossession.

Some lenders will offer to extend the terms of the loan or lower your payments. You can always ask. 

3. Refinance

You might be eligible to refinance the loan, if you find the payment too high. An affordable arrangement could allow you to keep the vehicle.

In many cases, you can only refinance the car if you are up-to-date on payments, so don’t let it default if this is what you want to do. Refinancing may cause credit to be dingy, but not as severe as repossession. 

4. Selling Your Vehicle

Selling your vehicle is an option if it's possible to make more than the amount owed. While you won’t be able to keep the car with this option, it gets you out from underneath the control of the bank.

Use the remainder to pay the loan off and get into a more affordable option. You can avoid repossessions on your credit records by doing this. 

There are several ways to protect your vehicle from being taken over by the police

The car can be locked up in your garage, or you could exchange it with someone else. The GPS tracker may need to be removed from the vehicle. You can also sell it. However, if there’s a court order requiring you to surrender the vehicle, you can’t legally hide it from repossession. 

1. Secure it Now

The best way to ensure the repo man can’t get your car is to lock it away somewhere safe. You might choose to put it in your garage because they can’t get to it without breaking in, which is illegal. But, make sure that your garage door stays closed. 

If you don’t have a garage, you might have other options. The car can be stored in a secure area or behind a locked gate. Unless someone else gives the repossession company permission to come on the premises, they won’t be able to get to the car. 

2. Exchanging with your loved one

You might be able to trade vehicles with a family friend or relative if they are willing. Remember that repossession companies can track your vehicle using GPS, so it might be temporary.

If you don’t have a garage, you might prefer to swap vehicles with your neighbor. Perhaps they'll let you park in your neighbor's garage. 

3. Disable GPS Tracker

Most cars with newer technology come with a tracking device so that they are easily found, in the event of theft. The repossession company has access to the data to make it easier for the car to be found.

You must first find the GPS monitor if you feel confident about wanting to disable it. Look through the owner’s manual or search online based on what type of vehicle you drive. When the GPS tracker is gone, you need to ensure that your car is in a safe place. 

4. You can sell the car

If you can’t make the loan payment, but you don’t want the repossession on your record, consider selling the vehicle. When the sale brings enough money to pay off the loan, you can pay what’s owed and get out from under the repossession.

Even if you have to sell the car and put it in a little extra to get current, you will be happy that this isn’t on your record. Additionally, you’ll avoid any extra charges that come with repossession. 

How can your vehicle be repossessed?

You must be familiar with how repossession agents work if you want to conceal your vehicle from them. Agents must follow all state and local laws. These can differ depending on your location. For that reason, it’s best to research how things run in your region. Besides that, repossession agents are able to do this without the need for the law.

  • Watch your daily schedule to help you figure out the location of the vehicle.
  • Friends and relatives may offer to help you.
  • The vehicle can be taken from public locations, such as at work or in the store. 
  • Remove your car from the driveway, or any driveway where it has been parked.
  • Remove the vehicle from private property as long as no laws are broken and there aren’t any threats made. 

It is possible to hide your vehicle from creditors, and you will still need to surrender it. The judge may order that you turn the vehicle over to the agency if your creditor takes you to court. For this reason, you won’t be able to hide the car from repossession indefinitely. 

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