How Rubber Ducks Appear on Jeeps

Jeep owners have long had a special wave to share their camaraderie with one another, but that wasn’t enough. Enthusiasts needed to take it a step further by creating a game with rubber ducks. How did rubber ducks become an iconic part of the SUV-owners' lives?

This guide will answer all your questions. This guide will not only tell you what ducks do on Jeeps; it also shows you how to participate in the game. You will also find out how and why the game started. 

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  1. How do Duck, Duck and Jeep differ?
  2. What was the beginning of Jeep ducking?
  3. Duck Jeep: How to Play Duck
    1. 1. Ducks on Sale
    2. 2. Mark Ducks
    3. 3. Duck in a Jeep
    4. 4. Post Pictures Online
    5. 5. Enjoy a Good Time
  4. FAQs about Jeep Ducking
    1. Does any Jeep allow for duck duck Jeeps?
    2. What should I write on my Jeep duck label?
    3. Jeep ducking is Jeep doing it for the Wranglers only?
    4. What can I do to get my Jeep dumped?

How do Duck, Duck and Jeep differ?

Jeep Ducking results in rubber ducks being placed on other peoples’ Jeep vehicles. There aren’t many rules to the game, other than you need to place rubber ducks on other Jeeps. You want to make another Jeep owner smile.

You will need to bring a bag full of ducks and put them on other jeeps. This game can be played in many different ways. Check out local Jeep forums or Facebook for more ideas. 

It is designed to bring together the Jeep community. It can also be used to advertise your business to Jeep owners. There are many advertising options that you could use to promote your small rubber ducks. 

What was the beginning of Jeep ducking?

The Jeep Wave has been around since WW2, when soldiers would give each other a “V,” standing for victory. Jeep Ducking allows for more connection, taking the traditional wave to a new level.

Allison Parliament was a COVID-19 participant and she decided to return to Canada to spend time with her family. It was June 2020 when she drove the 20-hour journey home. Before arriving, she had to fill up on fuel. 

Unidentified man spotted her license plate from the United States and attacked her. Allison was grabbed by a man and forced to her Jeep. This caused severe trauma. She chose not to stay stuck and instead decided to use the experience to motivate Jeep owners. 

A bag full of rubber ducks was found by her when she visited a nearby shop. At first, she planned to use the ducks by leaving them around her cousin’s house to torture him. On her way out, however, she noticed another Jeep. She wrote a “nice Jeep” note on a duck and left it on the SUV. 

Allison was captured by the stranger, and both of them had a lot of fun laughing about the whole thing. Allison realized that this was a great opportunity to increase the number of Jeeps she hit. 

Allison created an a by July 2020 Duck Duck Jeep Insta PageAs well as the Official Ducking Jeeps Facebook page. These social media pages gained over 10,000 followers in a month. This shows that people are interested sharing joy. 

The Facebook page has more than 50.000 members. The only one actively involved with Jeep is this page, and you should not follow any other pages. There are plenty of fakes. 

The Jeep Ducking movement has spread worldwide and Jeep owners are focusing on acts of kindness. What’s most impressive is how Allison turns the small profit she receives into blessings. All the proceeds from her social media accounts went to charity, which supplies classroom teachers with equipment. She seems like a remarkable young woman who is constantly thinking of others. 

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Duck Jeep: How to Play Duck

1. Ducks on Sale

You need plenty of ducks before you start. Most retailers sell rubber ducks, even the ones at a dollar store. These rubber ducks can also be bought in bulk online through sites like Amazon.

You can have fun choosing the ducks that you like, and you will be different from other traditional ducks. It might be worth branding them with the information of your company if you have one. If not, you can put a cheerful slogan on your ducks. 

2. Mark Ducks

For social media exposure, label your ducks. Two hashtag tags are used.

They should be tagged with #duckingjeeps Also, don’t forget to use #duckduckjeep too. You can also use these hashtags to inform the duck's recipient on how to upload the images to social media. 

3. Duck in a Jeep

You need to take care where your duck is placed when it comes time to put it down. Look for responsible locations when you are looking to purchase a Jeep.

It should be visible from the owner. However, the rubber ducks could melt in extreme temperatures, so don’t place them anywhere that’s subject to engine heat. 

4. Post Pictures Online

Take a few photos of the rubber duck mounted to the Jeep. If it’s your Jeep, you want to share these pictures online to encourage others.

They can be placed in any of the above groups. Make sure to use the hashtag for everyone's convenience. 

5. Enjoy a Good Time

Above all else, it’s important to have a good time while you do it. This was created to make the game fun and connect you with Jeep owners all across the country. 

It’s important not to take yourself too seriously. Do not be angry if you're a little bit off. You should see this as a kind gesture. Someone took time from their hectic schedule to support and encourage you. It is a way to show your appreciation by sending out more ducks to fellow Jeep owners.

FAQs about Jeep Ducking

Does any Jeep allow for duck duck Jeeps?

Jeep Ducking has no rules, so you can play with any Jeep model. However, people with Jeep Wranglers are more likely to “duck” other Wranglers, so it’s definitely easier to join if you have a Jeep Wrangler.

What should I write on my Jeep duck label?

Although you can put whatever you wish on the duck duck jelly tag, you should include #duckduckjeeps. If you wish, you can leave a message for the owner.

Jeep ducking is Jeep doing it for the Wranglers only?

Jeep Ducking can now be performed for any Jeep model, although it is most well-known among Wranglers. You don't have to follow any rules when Jeep Ducking is done.

What can I do to get my Jeep dumped?

You can't get your Jeep dumped. Jeep Wranglers tend to be more likely to get ducked. To increase your chance, you should have one. Also, you should park in large areas that have the game.

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