How much does it cost to replace a Tesla Battery?

There’s no question that the Tesla brand rules the EV world. If you have one of these electric cars, you’ve probably pondered the cost of ownership. One of the most costly aspects of an electric car is its battery replacement. How much is it to replace a Tesla Battery?

This guide will show you how much it costs to replace a Tesla battery. It can help you budget. The article also covers the most common symptoms of a battery failure and explains whether warranty coverage is available for replacement. Our article also discusses the possibility of transfer of the Tesla battery warranty. This will allow you to get coverage if you buy a second-hand model. 

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  1. What is the cost to replace a Tesla battery?
  2. What is the Life Expectancy of Tesla Battery Batteries?
  3. Why does the Tesla Battery Die?
  4. Is it possible to replace a Tesla battery at home?
  5. Tesla Batteries Need to be Changed
    1. 1. Reduce the driving range
    2. 2. Inability To Hold Charge
    3. 3. Tesla notification
  6. What Warranty is there for the Tesla Battery Replacement?
  7. Can the Tesla Battery Warranty be transferred?

What is the cost to replace a Tesla battery?

It’s difficult to estimate the Tesla battery replacement cost because it depends on what model you have. For most Tesla models, the cost of replacing a battery will be between $10,000 to $20,000. For larger vehicles, such as the Tesla Model 3, the cost of replacing a battery may be higher.

You may also need additional wiring and connectors to install the battery. The labor costs could run up to $175 per hour. You will need to see a Tesla-engine specialist, so the labor fee is usually higher than for those who work with gasoline-powered engines. 

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What is the Life Expectancy of Tesla Battery Batteries?

If you’ve just purchased a brand-new Tesla, you won’t need to think about a battery replacement for several years, but it still makes sense to budget accordingly. Tesla claims that both the Model S & Model X have a ninety percent battery capacity, even after they reach 200,000 miles.

It could take 15 years for you to reach this goal if you travel an average amount. The battery may never need to be replaced if the Tesla is not being used.

Why does the Tesla Battery Die?

Each module makes up the Tesla battery pack. If there’s an issue with one module within the pack, the entire thing needs to be replaced.

Problems with the voltage, fuse and other electrical components can lead to battery pack failure. The voltage between all the batteries modules must be the same. A battery pack that has a different voltage will eventually die. 

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Is it possible to replace a Tesla battery at home?

You might feel inclined to repair the Tesla's battery yourself if you have some mechanical skills. This is a common practice that we do not advise. Sure, it would save you some money on the labor costs, but this isn’t a job for someone without EV battery experience. It is also extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

It is important to understand how the car works and what the battery does. For the cost paid for a new battery pack, you don’t want to mess anything up and ruin the investment. 

Additionally, Tesla doesn’t make it easy to get the schematics and diagrams needed to finish the job. Unless you already have this information and you regularly work on Tesla vehicles, it’s best to find someone else for the job. 

If you're still determined, there are many YouTube videos that can help you replace your car battery. Remember that high-voltage equipment can prove deadly. 

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Tesla Batteries Need to be Changed

1. Reduce the driving range

Tesla batteries were designed to outlive the EV. For this reason, the driving range shouldn’t ever really see a dramatic decrease. However, there are still flaws in this design.

Here are some steps to test for any battery degrading:

  • Fully charge the battery.
  • Start your vehicle, and check the approximate range. 
  • Divide the range by your original battery range. 
  • This amount can be multiplied by 100 to get the total capacity.

You should have your battery checked if you notice a sudden drop in driving range. To identify a potential problem, keep track how far your battery can go per charge. 

2. Inability To Hold Charge

The battery should last at most for the length of your regular driving range when you unplug it. However, when there’s a fault, it might not keep a charge at all.

While we’ve already talked about a diminishing range, you must also be aware that the charge could fail completely. If you can’t get the battery to charge or hold it after it’s unplugged, you should have it looked at.

3. Tesla notification

Tesla vehicles are a highly-tech vehicle. It’s constantly being monitored by the company and regularly gets over-the-air updates.

If something goes wrong or there’s a recall existing, the manufacturer might contact you directly. Get notified immediately and schedule service. 

What Warranty is there for the Tesla Battery Replacement?

You may be trying to reduce the cost of replacing a Tesla's battery by looking at its price. You might be wondering whether the warranty will cover the replacement.

Tesla currently provides a 8-year/150,000-mile warranty on its battery. It’s void as soon as one of these milestones is met. The warranty does not cover manufacturing defects. Tesla will pay for the labor and parts if the battery or high-voltage cable fails. In some cases, you may also qualify for reimbursement for related expenses such as towing costs or loaner vehicles. 

There are some limitations to this battery warranty. Pre-2020 Model X and Model S models are eligible for a battery warranty of 8 years or unlimited mileage. If the vehicle contains either a 40 or 60 kWh battery, however, it is covered by an 8-year/125,000 mile warranty.

There’s also a clause with the warranty that covers the replacement if it’s due to degradation. If the battery has less than 30% of its original capacity, it is eligible for warranty replacement. This exception is only for the Tesla Roadster. However, these first models aren't covered under warranty. 

Can the Tesla Battery Warranty be transferred?

You should know the battery warranty that comes with your Tesla pre-owned. There are good options. New Vehicle Limited Warranty No matter the owner, everyone should follow their vehicle. However, this doesn’t happen automatically, so you don’t want to miss out because of negligence.

To get the full warranty coverage, transfer ownership to Tesla. With this warranty in place, there’s more value added to many used Tesla models, especially if you don’t need to think about paying for a new battery any time soon.

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