Four Signs That Your ABS Ring Is Not Working (And How to Replace It)

Safety systems in automobile technology have improved to offer a more user-friendly experience.

The anti-lock brake system can be found in almost every modern vehicle. It is specifically designed to help you regulate your vehicle’s braking ability in an emergency.

You should address any problems with your braking system as soon as they occur.

We will be discussing the causes, whereabouts, functions, and cost of replacing an ABS relay ring.

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  1. 4 Signs of a Bad ABS Reluctor ring
    1. ABS Light On
    2. Low speeds Brake pedal Pulsating
    3. ABS is not available
    4. Sudden braking out of nowhere
  2. What does an ABS Reluctor Ring look like?
  3. ABS Location
  4. ABS Ring Replacement Price
  5. ABS Ring FAQs
    1. How can I verify my ABS ring's authenticity?
    2. You can drive with an ABS bad ring.
    3. What is the life expectancy of ABS rings?
    4. What can I do to replace the ABS tone ring?

4 Signs of a Bad ABS Reluctor ring

The most common symptom of a bad ABS reluctor ring is an ABS light on your car’s dashboard. Also, you may notice a pulse in your brake pedal.

An ABS reluctor ring that is not working properly or fails to function correctly can be characterized by the following symptoms:

Many strange symptoms can occur when an ABS ring starts to malfunction. Below is a list that explains the signs and symptoms of an ABS ring malfunction.

ABS Light On

Abs Light

The most obvious indication of a problem with the ABS system is that the ABS Light appears on your car’s dashboard. If the ABS Light is not accompanied by an indicator light that illuminates for the frame, it could be called a Check Engine Light.

The moment the light comes on is usually the main sign indicating that there could be a problem with your car’s ABS. It could be that there is a problem in one or more of the sensors, or with the ring.

Low speeds Brake pedal Pulsating

Brake Pedal Push

Your car’s brake pedal can sometimes pulsate at low speeds or make a popping sound, just like when driving on ice. Your ABS may be activated at low speeds unnecessarily. This indicates a problem with your ABS ring.

The ABS system does not consider a defective ABS ring a fault. This is why the ABS warning lamp doesn't light up immediately but turns on only after the system is completely turned off.

Sometimes, the ABS ring may go off and on several times. A faulty ABS ring provides a false signal, which causes the car’s electrical control unit to start the anti-lock braking system just before the car stops or even switch it off completely, reducing control of the car and extending the braking distance.

In most cases you only will need to replace the ABS rings. It isn't necessary to replace the entire driveshaft or the joints.

ABS is not available

Long Brake Distance

To reduce vehicle speed, ABS should always be engaged during braking emergencies. Simultaneously should the vehicle's speed be reduced or eliminated from skidding.

A faulty ABS could cause the vehicle to take longer to stop in extreme brake conditions. If it skids and looses traction you may have a problem with its ABS. The ABS could have a cracked ABS or excessive corrosion, which can send a fault pulse to the ABS controller unit and interrupt the ABS braking process.

It usually happens when the ABS light on your dashboard is dimmed. However, you should immediately repair it if possible.

Sudden braking out of nowhere

Abs Braking Test E1610157977877

BMW, for example, has an ABS control unit that also includes a braking function.

This brake system can make the car think it is skidding, if the ABS toner rings are defective. The car may think that the ABS toner ring is defective, and this can lead to the vehicle correcting the skidding. This could be dangerous if the car suddenly stops braking.

What does an ABS Reluctor Ring look like?

Broken Abs Ring

Anti-lock brake system is composed of a controller and a speed sensor.

The system maintains the traction of the tires on the road, and the brakes’ performance at high speeds is significantly improved.

ABS is the central component of the whole system. The ABS speed sensor ring is responsible for monitoring the wheel's speed and sending important signals electronically to alert the system.

When the brake is used heavily, it can force the wheels to lock using the brake disks. If this happens, the car can skid. The ABS ring functions can mitigate this danger.

The ring is used to detect the difference from the other wheels’ speed and generate a signal to the controller. Incorrect readings can result from a failed ABS ring.

ABS Location

Abs Ring Location

Most car models have the ABS rings around their driveshafts and wheel hubs.

If you drive a front-wheeled car, the front rings will be installed on your driveshafts. You will find them on the wheelshafts, or around wheel bearings.

Rear rings can be found on rear driveshafts in rear-wheel drive cars, and at the wheel bearing/wheelhub otherwise. Some rear-wheel drive cars have one ring instead of two.

Additionally, they are less durable than front rings. If you have a 4×4 car, you will most likely find the ABS rings on all drive shafts.

ABS Ring Replacement Price

The cost of replacing an ABS ring is typically between $60 to $300 depending on car make and labor costs. A ABS Ring can be purchased for $10-$50 and labor is $50-$250.

ABS rings can be very expensive. It can be difficult to buy or replace just the ABS rings. Some car models require the replacement of the driveshaft, wheel bearing, and hub. This will cost you more for certain models.

Sometimes labor costs can even exceed the cost of the part. This is because it requires the removal and reinstallation of other components, which can take a lot time. It also depends on what the technician will charge for this.


How can I verify my ABS ring's authenticity?

The ABS tone ring can be visually inspected on almost all car models. Take off the steering wheel, and inspect the ABS ring by turning it. If the ring is very rusty, you can use a wire brush to gently clean it. You must be careful not damaging the ring.

You can drive with an ABS bad ring.

You can still drive with an ABS ring that is defective, but it's not advised. If your ABS ring becomes worn, it will not be able to tell if your wheel spins. This can result in problems with your vehicle's brakes. This can cause ABS to stop working completely.

What is the life expectancy of ABS rings?

The life span of an ABS ring isn't fixed. ABS rings made out of metal are exposed to water, dirt and dust. This can lead to them going bad. The life expectancy of ABS rings depends on the location you live in and how you drive your vehicle.

What can I do to replace the ABS tone ring?

Many car models can make it difficult to replace the ABS tone ring. If you're not familiar with working on cars, this task can prove difficult. You can use a repair manual, but you should be aware that this is not an easy job.

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