Five Easy Steps to Remove a Stuck Wheel from Your Car

A flat tire is on your car. You jack it up, but the wheel refuses to turn. You wonder what could have been?

Although it shouldn't take too much effort to replace a tire, there are times when rust can build up. Corrosion can form between the hub of the wheel.

It is difficult to take off the wheel as it feels permanent welded to your hub.

Here are some tire-removal tips for those who can't do it themselves.

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  1. How can wheels get stuck?
  2. How to get rid of a tire or wheel stuck in the ground
    1. Take your time and loosen the nuts.
    2. Spray Rust Penetrant on hub & bolts
    3. Heavy Hammer and Lumber
    4. Crowbar zwischen Rim und Hub
    5. Bring your car to a service station
  3. Conclusion

How can wheels get stuck?

Change Car Wheel

When you park your car outside, road salt or snow can build up on your aluminum alloy wheel rims. cause corrosion. This corrosive element binds your tire to the hub making it nearly impossible to change a tire.

This problem isn't limited to aluminum wheels. It can also happen with steel wheels in all climates.

To prevent the problem, we recommend applying synthetic grease to your wheel hubs and rims. This can be done immediately after you buy a car, or when your first wheel is replaced.

So let’s find out the best methods of removing a stuck wheel.

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How to get rid of a tire or wheel stuck in the ground

Here are a few tips from me which I’m usually using myself to remove stuck wheels. If you're unsure, always use safety equipment. These steps will help you remove a stuck steering wheel.

Total time: 10 minutes

  1. Take your time and loosen the nuts.

    Loosen Wheel Nut

    You can remove the wheel from your vehicle by following this easy trick if you're near a shop or garage. You can loosen the nuts, but not completely remove them. Move the car forward and back a little. Continue this procedure on level ground. Take the nuts out of the car by jacking it up.
    Now, you can remove the wheel. You should ensure that you don't drive the car so fast that any nuts fall out.

  2. Spray Rust Penetrant on hub & bolts

    Rust Spray

    You have a high likelihood of the wheel becoming corroded or rusty if it is made from aluminum alloys. To loosen the wheel, you can apply a rust-removing lubricant. First, take off the wheel cap. Next, spray the wheel nuts with a rust removal lubricant. You may use PB Blazer or other lubricants. Liquid Wrench.
    After you have sprayed the studs spray in the areas where the wheel meets the hub. Allow the spray to dry for about 15 minutes. Then, try to make the wheel move again with a punch or kick.

  3. Kick Tire

    Once the car is jacked up, take out all bolts and nuts from wheels except for one. You can use your foot to strike the tire when it's off the ground. You should make sure that your vehicle is securely on the jack stands. Turn the wheel, and then give it a second kick. Continue to work until the wheel separates from the hub. After unscrewing all bolts, you will be able to remove the wheel easily.
    This way of getting rid of stuck wheels is more efficient than using the hammer. You can break the wheel rims and bolts with a hammer. Use sandpaper after you remove the tire. Use anti-seize when you next reinstall your wheel.

  4. Heavy Hammer and Lumber


    Although this isn't a safe technique, it is possible to use it if your options are limited and you still have a spare wheel. You will first need to lift the vehicle. Be sure to secure the car on the jack stand before proceeding. Place 2x4 inch lumber between the tire and wheel.
    Get a heavy-duty, long-handled hammer. Then get underneath the car. Use your hammer and place the lumber on the tire and wheel. You can now remove the wheel from the hub by lifting it up. It is important to remember that this can pose a danger as you will be working under the car. Your jack stands could fail and the car can collapse upon you. This will cause instant death. To operate the hammer, you must also be strong.

  5. Crowbar zwischen Rim und Hub


    This is the method I’m using myself and has solved this problem thousands of times. Use lubricant to spray around bolts and hubs of the wheel. You can then protect the rim where the crowbar is.
    A long crowbar can be used to put between the wheel spindle and rim. See the above image.
    This technique can cause damage to the rim so be careful. This is a highly effective technique that always works.

  6. Bring your car to a service station

    Tire Station

    You may have to bring your tire to a service station if you've tried everything and still can't get it moving. You can do this instead of hitting your wheels with a hammer, destroying the hub and bolts. Be honest with them and let them know that your wheel is stuck.


Having a wheel stuck on the tire is not a pleasant affair – especially when you are in a hurry. A wheel sticking to the tire can be caused by corrosion in the space between the hub of the rim. This corrosion acts as strong glue that can lead to problems when removing the wheel.

There are many ways to get rid of the tire. Each solution has its pros and cons. It is easiest to use a lubricant on the tire. The rust will be dissolved by this lubricant. The car can be jacked up with one bolt left on it.

You can use your leg and hit the wheel with your foot until it loosens. To dislodge stuck tires, some people may use a torch or heavy hammer to do so. However this could cause serious damage to the wheels. This requires some effort.

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