Extended Cab Vs. Crew Cab Pickup Truck

There are many configuration choices available if you're looking for a truck pickup. It is important to decide which engine you prefer, whether you require four-wheel drive or not. You also need to choose a size for your bed. You also need to know what size cab you are looking for, which leads you to ask – what’s the difference between an extended cab and crew cab pickup truck?

Two truck cabs can be different in size and type. Each type of truck cab has different options when it comes to bed choices. Prices for the trucks may vary slightly with the longer cab being generally slightly less expensive.

We will be comparing the truck bed options to help you make a decision about which is right for you. The standard or regular cab is also examined.

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  1. What's an extended-cab truck?
  2. What's a crew cab truck?
  3. There are differences between Extended and Regular Cabs Crew Cab 
    1. 1. Size
    2. 2. Capacity
    3. 3. Doors
    4. 4. Betts
    5. 5. Price
  4. What's a regular cab?
    1. Regular Cab Advantages
    2. Regular Cab Disadvantages

What's an extended-cab truck?

Extended cab trucks offer a middle-sized interior. It’s larger than the regular cab because it has another row of seats in the back. However, the extended cab is smaller than the crew cab and often doesn’t have full-size rear doors. 

The extended cab option is available on most top brands. It is possible to have this option with any Ford F-150, Ram 1500 or Chevy Silverado. 

What's a crew cab truck?

Crew cab trucks offer the most spacious interior. It’s a four-door truck with a full backseat. These trucks are designed for getting a job done but also ensure that there’s room for everyone to be comfortable.

All the major manufacturers offer a crew-cab model, just like the extended cab. It is by far the most sought-after configuration. 

There are differences between Extended and Regular Cabs Crew Cab 

1. Size

Extended Cabs are usually midsize options between regular and crew. While the crew cab has a larger interior, it's smaller than regular. Overall, the crew Cab offers the biggest interior among pickup trucks.

With that said, you must know that the extended cab isn’t always smaller overall than the crew cab. The size of your extended cab will depend on the type and use of your bed. If a larger bed is used, an extended cab may be bigger than the crew cabin. 

2. Capacity

The extended-cab truck has a front and back seat. These seats are usually three-person, but the back may hold only two. The crew cab will have two rows of seats with the capacity to carry up to six people.

One difference is the amount of space the passengers get. With the extended cab truck, there is a back seat, but it isn’t quite as roomy as the one found in a crew cab truck. You might consider the crew-cab model if there are a lot of passengers. 

3. Doors

They have different door arrangements. With the extended cab truck, you will have a way to get to the back seat, but it won’t be through full-size doors. You may need to remove the front seats from some models to get to the back. Other vehicles have smaller suicide doors which allow you quick access. However, there are a few models with larger back doors, although they still won’t be as large as those with a crew cab truck. 

Crew cab trucks have full-size back and front doors. Some of the doors open to the side of the front doors. 

4. Betts

An extended-cab truck will be smaller than a crew cab. The overall dimensions will be smaller if you use the same truck bed. Numerous companies offer larger beds with a smaller-sized cab. This gives you greater hauling capability. Most automakers assume that if you aren’t worried about passenger space, you are likely using the truck for work purposes.

Crew cabs offer the largest interior dimensions. This configuration has the smallest truck bed size. If you are focused on interior room for your passengers, it’s less likely that you are concerned with having a big bed for work purposes. Most automakers don’t offer the largest truck bed size with the crew cab simply because it would make the pickup too long overall. A pickup that is too long can make it difficult to maneuver and drive.  

You may end up getting a truck with a longer, extended cab than a crew car. All depends on the size of truck bed chosen. 

5. Price

While the extended cab may be more expensive than the regular one, it will still cost less than the crew. The price of an extended cab depends on what options you choose, which trim, and how big the truck bed is. The crew cab is more costly than an extended-cab truck if it has all the options. 

However, if price is your primary consideration, you can save money by choosing an extended-cab configuration. You can still reduce costs by not having the full-size doors and extra space in the interior. 

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What's a regular cab?

Another option for some trucks is to select a regular-cab configuration. The standard cab has the smallest interior options of any three. The standard cab has only two doors. There is a front passenger seat. There’s no back seat to hold passengers, so the capacity normally only reaches a maximum of three people. 

The standard cab comes in lower trim levels. However, there are some manufacturers that have eliminated the option completely. The regular cab truck is almost always available with the biggest bed provided by the manufacturer, which allows for greater hauling capabilities.

Regular Cab Advantages

If you compare apples-to-apples, then the price of a regular cab truck might be lower. You might choose the regular truck cab if you are looking for a way to accomplish difficult tasks but have limited funds. It only offers one row of seating in its cab so it is possible to have the biggest truck bed without having difficulty maneuvering or driving. 

Because the truck's cab is lighter, the regular cab offers the highest payload ratings. You might choose this option if your plan is to carry heavy loads. The lighter weight can also increase fuel economy numbers when you aren’t hauling goods. 

Regular Cab Disadvantages

The main disadvantage of a regular-cab truck is its lack of interior space. You might only use it for work. You might have to worry about the tight interior or lack of back seats if you need to transport others. 

A regular cab truck can sometimes be very difficult to find, as automakers are starting to abandon them. Extended cabs might offer the best compromise between capacity and passenger space.

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