Do You Have the Ability to Sit on Your Car's Hood? But what about the Roof?

You use your car for much more than transportation. For convenience and visibility, it is possible to choose to sit under the hood of your car while you wait for someone. You might be able to use the car's hood, but will it cause any damage or inconvenience?

We will be looking at damage caused by sitting in the car's hood and roof. The guide also discusses other methods to prevent damage to the car body.

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  1. Do You Have the Ability to Sit On Your Car's Hood?
  2. Here are some reasons to avoid sitting on your car's hood
    1. 1. Lethal to your body
    2. 2. Skin burns
  3. Auto Hood Repair Costs
  4. Are You able to Sit on Your Car Roof?
  5. Protect your car body from damage
    1. 1. Make wise parking choices
    2. 2. Before washing the car, rinse it
    3. 3. After washing your car, hand dry it
    4. 4. Parking in Garage
    5. 5. Avoid Parking Under Trees

Do You Have the Ability to Sit On Your Car's Hood?

It’s never wise to sit on the hood of a car. While you probably won’t cause damage to the component under the hood because these are well-protected, you can dent or scratch the hood, leading to costly repairs. Some hoods have a lower resistance to damage.

Even if the vehicle is heavy, the engine, transmission and battery under the hood are safe. However, you expose the material and paint to damage that doesn’t need to occur. For these reasons alone, it’s best to find somewhere else to sit. 

Here are some reasons to avoid sitting on your car's hood

1. Lethal to your body

Every car hood has a weight rating that is specific to its ability to support different types of weight. The hood may be capable of supporting up to 500 pounds if you drive a big truck. Most stock car hoods can only hold 50 pounds of weight.

If the hood is fiberglass, it’s going to hold a lot less, even as little as 30 pounds. The hinges protect the interior parts of the hood, but you can easily damage them if you sit down on one. 

Also, your shoes and car keys could scratch the hood. An even a tiny button can leave a mark.

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2. Skin burns

Most car hoods can be made of some kind of metal. The hood heats up as the engine revs. The hood can retain heat by sitting in sunlight.

If you sit on the hood without knowing it’s hot, you can burn your skin. Even worse is the possibility of burning your skin if you're wearing shorts. This can be avoided if you cool off the car. If you haven’t run the engine in a little while, it should be cooler. 

Auto Hood Repair Costs

Dependent on the extent of damage, prices for repairing your car's hood will vary. The cost of repairing a car hood will be the lowest if the body shop is able to repair it with paintless (PDR) dent removal. A one-inch hole in the body can cost between $50 and $150. However, this price increases with larger dents or multiple dents.

You will be charged more if the dents exceed PDR size. You will pay more if you have your hood painted with special colors or multiple layers. 

You might need to spend anywhere from $100-$750 to replace a damaged car hood, depending on what kind of vehicle you have. You can file a claim against your insurance company, if you have complete coverage. While you are only responsible for your deductible with insurance, filing a claim can increase the premiums in the long-term. 

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Are You able to Sit on Your Car Roof?

It’s impossible to tell you the strength of every car roof, but most vehicles have been built with much more roof stability than a hood.

A car must have a roof that can support at least 4 times its weight before it collapsing to be eligible for the Good rating in the Roof Strength Test by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This support allows one or two people to sit comfortably on the roof and not cause major damage.

You should still be careful when you sit on top of the roof. There are still scratches that can be left on the roof. This would require an auto body repair. It’s also possible to dent the roof with an excessive amount of weight. 

Protect your car body from damage

1. Make wise parking choices

It’s tempting to park right out front of a store, so you can avoid walking too far. It might not be as convenient to do auto body repairs than to get a bit of exercise. 

Traffic will be more frequent near your car the closer you get to it. As cars come in and out, there’s a higher chance that a door will hit the side of your car. There’s also a higher probability that a cart will make a getaway and roll right into the vehicle. 

2. Before washing the car, rinse it

Regular car washing is crucial. The car wash gets rid of dirt and other debris which can cause paint scratches. Be careful when you clean your vehicle. You don’t want to simply start with a soapy sponge.

Instead, it’s important to rinse off the vehicle first. This will ensure that any remaining dirt and grime is removed before you start wiping the vehicle with your sponge. You can get a sandpaper effect from dirt and debris on paint, if they stick to your sponge. 

3. After washing your car, hand dry it

While the touchless drying machines at the automatic car washes are beneficial, the wash itself isn’t always the best option. Hand washing and drying the vehicle should be done if you have time.

Hand drying the vehicle is not recommended. Use a microfiber cloth instead to remove any dirt that may have gotten on the vehicle and scratch it.

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4. Parking in Garage

It is best to keep your car's body safe by parking it in an enclosed space. The best way to protect your vehicle is when you return from work.

This will not only keep your car safe from the elements but also make it easier to transport. If you can’t park in a garage, consider getting a soft cover to put over it. 

5. Avoid Parking Under Trees

You should choose your spot when you are parking out in open areas. Because of the dangers that UV radiation can cause, you may choose a shaded spot under a tree. But this shade can have its challenges.

You allow nuts, leaves and sap from the trees to touch your car. This can lead to damage. The birds will also contribute some of their feathers. It can be difficult to get rid of these droppings, particularly after they have been baked. Sometimes it makes sense to put your car out in the sunlight.

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