Differences (& Which One Is Best?)

You've probably heard of AGM or GEL batteries. However, which is the best and what differences do they have?

You will make a better decision if you know more about each option.

Different people may be better off with one type than the other. This article will discuss both batteries.

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  1. GEL and AGM: Differences
    1. AGM batteries: What is it better?
    2. Why are GEL batteries better?
  2. AGM Batteries
  3. GEL Battery
  4. Similarities between AGM & GEL Batteries
  5. What should I choose between an AGM or GEL battery?

GEL and AGM: Differences

GEL and AGM batteries are different in that they contain different materials. AGM is made with an absorbed glass matrix and battery acid. GEL uses a silica type gel. GEL works better when there is a fast discharge, but AGM can handle a burst of AMPs.

  • AGM batteries are capable of producing a large burst, but the GEL batteries have a better capacity for slow-discharge applications.
  • AGM batteries do better in cold climates than GEL batteries.
  • AGM batteries are more efficient than GEL batteries in terms of output amps and internal resistance.
  • AGM batteries can be a bit more expensive than GEL batteries. AGM batteries are also more popular and sell for 10x more than GEL.
  • AGM Batteries are much more efficient than GEL batteries in terms of getting charged. To charge the GEL Battery, you need to use a specially designed charger. If you don't do this correctly, the battery will be destroyed.

AGM batteries: What is it better?

  • You need to get a lot of power at once.
  • Colder climates are better
  • Longer lifetime
  • Internal resistance low
  • GEL batteries are less expensive than GEL ones
  • Faster recharge
  • Doesn’t need a special charger like GEL batteries

Why are GEL batteries better?

  • AGM is better than AGM in slow-discharge applications
  • Better for deep cycling
  • It thrives in hot climates

AGM Batteries

Agm Batteries

Absorbed Glass Matte is a component of AGM batteries. This is why AGM batteries are also called AGM. Absorbed Glass Matte can absorb sulfuric acid. These mats only have enough liquid to keep them wet.

AGM batteries can be very strong and are ideal for use in vehicle applications. AGM batteries are inexpensive and can be used in most modern vehicles.

GEL Battery

Gel Batteries

GEL batteries can be used in place of AGM batteries. However, they are still considered to be a type of wet cell battery. GEL batteries contain a combination of sulfuric and fumed Silica, which results in a gel-like substance.

GEL batteries are mainly used in slow-discharge applications, such as solar-power.

Similarities between AGM & GEL Batteries

AGM batteries and GEL batteries are both sealed. They have several valves that regulate their operation. This eliminates the possibility of leakage that can occur with other battery types.

These batteries have pressure valves that retain toxic gases even after they're flooded. This means there is no need for maintenance, which is always good. The batteries can be used for daily, long-term use. They're also very durable.

What should I choose between an AGM or GEL battery?

Car Battery

It depends on how you intend to use the battery. AGM batteries work better than any other type of car battery.

GEL batteries can be used to slow-discharge applications such as solar power for warmer climates.

AGM batteries are a better choice than other types of car batteries. They are more affordable, have a longer life span, are easier to recharge, are faster starting and can be charged quickly.


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